R.I.P. It or Ship It! TV Edition (Pt. 1)


Last week I did a bookish version of the R.I.P. It or Ship It tag (click here to check it out!) and despite a lot of very, very terrible outcomes on that one, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun this would be with TV characters. As you may have noticed in the title, this is Part 1. There are 2 reasons for that. First, I could think of so many characters and this tag is already very long and I didn’t want to make it even longer. And second, this is like the “adult” version of the tag, because I thought it would just be wrong if teens got paired with savage pirates (Black Sails sort of took over …). Well, I hope you have fun and if you want to do this as well – CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED! 

round1tv - Kopie

I thought about this for a while, because there is obvious chemistry between Rip and Sara on Legends of Tomorrow (but Sara has chemistry with everyone) and in my mind Lagertha is a lot like Sara Lance – tough, smart and badass! Also, Rip is a Timemaster, so he could totally travel to the time when Vikings still roamed the planet. But, in the end it just didn’t feel right … so a no on our first couple.


round2tv - Kopie

I don’t actually know why I think that this would work. When I saw their names together, I just thought “sure, why not?”. She could definitely handle him and she looks a little like his ex … so, let’s give that a try.


round3tv - Kopie

YAAAAAAAAAS! This was totally not rigged or sabotaged or anything else! My two favourite schemers got together through fate alone. I shipped them on the show already, so of course I am going to ship them now!


round4tv - Kopie

Eleanor can only ever belong to her one true love … Jasper! Also, when I imagine Sara and Eleanor next to each other, I have to think of Mandy/Samantha and “Let It Go” by James Bay stars playing in my head and I get super sad and I just don’t want to go to that place.


round5tv - Kopie

I would TOTALLY ship them as friends. They’d be really good study buddies or something like that, both being perfectionists and stuff like that, but I just CANNOT picture them as a couple. My mind is unable to picture it.


round6tv - Kopie

Can you imagine it? Because I totally can! Lucifer is fun and charming. Michael is secretive and calm and rational, the opposite of Lucifer. And you know, opposites attract, but they have something in common: they are both tormented by their Father’s actions and the fate He has decided for them. I guess they are technically brothers … but aren’t all angels? I am just going to overlook that bit. And fun fact! Lucifer’s wings are white and Michael’s are black – uuuuh!


round7tv - Kopie

Anne Bonny does like women, but this is just a big nope! These worlds were not supposed to collide! Sally is so bubbly and Anne … just no!


round8tv - Kopie



round9tv - Kopie

Only FitzSimmons and Logan & Veronica work. This is just a terrible mix up!!!


round10tv - Kopie

I know that Nick does not really care about the gender of his partner. He is so wonderfully charming and sexy. But Jack can be just as much of a sweet-talker. Somehow I don’t think those two would get along. I rather see them clash more than get along …


round11tv - Kopie

Hahaha I do realise that this one is a little strange and a lot of people probably won’t agree, BUT hear me out! They are both aliens, look sort of like they are the same age, while being older and they are dead set on protecting Earth. That’s a lot of things to have in common! I am probably deluding myself with this, but WHATEVER! I CAN SHIP WHOEVER I WANT TO SHIP!


round12tv - Kopie

Clara is always flirting with everyone and making me ship her with side characters whenever and wherever they land, so just picture them landing during Viking-times and her running into Rollo. He’s almost twice as tall as she is. They’d look adorable next to each other. Feisty Clara and strong Rollo. And while she’s at it, she could help him be a better man, or at least better at strategising against his brother.



Thinking about it now, I don’t know why I even put Claire and Jamie in there. They don’t work with anyone else but each other. Then she got drawn with Elijah and I think of him kind of being like Frank and my conviction wavered for a second. Could this maybe work? Yes, it might, but in the end that tiny voice in my head wasn’t strong enough. I denied their ship the passage and sank it right away.



Ugh, no! I love Ander – he deserves someone way less vicious and vengeful. Also, Klaus would probably try to steal Ander’s throne or something like that. It’s just not cool!



Try to imagine it! I dare you! Do it! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. I like them individually, but once again, their paths were not meant to cross with each other!


So what do you think of my couples? Who was the best? Who was the worst? Which shows do you watch?

50 thoughts on “R.I.P. It or Ship It! TV Edition (Pt. 1)

  1. I LOVE Cassandra and Caroline, but I agree that study buddies/ friends would work best. This is great! I look forward to part 2 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I ship Elijah with… MYSELF!! ❤ Yep, not even sorry about it.

    But I have to admit I would ship him with Claire, just because of their accents. Imagine their children, they would have the most bloody fantastic british accent *says while sipping tea with pinky up*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, you’re gonna have to share 😛 Because Elijah is totally my bae as well!!!
      But I can SO see where you are coming from with the accent. I am swooning just thinking about it now.


  3. You know, I base a lot of characters from my stories on characters from my favorite books and shows, so maybe I might want to try this. Not sure if I have the time, given everything going on in my life, But still, it might be fun. Tenth Doctor and Elsa from Frozen, perhaps…


  4. Why did you have to bring up Mandy/Samantha and “Let It Go”?? Now I’m sad.
    Now you see why I took Jamie and Claire from my last RIP it or Ship it. I couldn’t ship them with anyone else. It wouldn’t work. Also, I don’t watch The Originals but I still know that Ander deserves better than Klaus 😛

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  5. Kara and the Doctor is awesome! I never would’ve thought of it- but once you say it, it just fits so well! (particularly the 11th doctor- was that Matt Smith?) Also Klaus with anyone would be bad- and I’ve just started watching the Shannara chronicles and agree that would be dreadful- he’s so nice and Klaus would just be mean to him :/ so no, just no

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAS! Another person who will sail the Eleven-Kara-ship with me! I am slowly convincing everyone. And yep, Matt Smith was the 11th Doctor. I thought I should probably choose a specific version of him and not just all his faces. That would be so confusing.
      Klaus loves intensely when he loves someone for real, but that happens so rarely and he’s willing to stab anyone in the back (or the heart, if it’s a vampire and he has a dagger). Ander is the best! He deserves someone good !

      Liked by 1 person

      • Excellent!! Now *that* would be an awesome crossover. Yeah definitely- and since they have different personalities I don’t think they’d all suit the same people. (Incidentally I’d prefer if Kara was with a more quirky character anyway- I don’t actually think she suits James too much- I’d have preferred her with Winn)
        He does- but he’s also totally nuts- I haven’t seen if he’s changed in later series of the Originals cos I stopped watching, but from what I’ve seen he’s always taking revenge and punishing people for everything. Yeah I really like Ander from what I’ve seen!

        Liked by 1 person

      • OMG! I like her better wit Winn too! James is cool, but he fits with someone like Lucy. I get Kara’s crush on him, but I don’t want them together 😦
        Klaus is pretty psychotic hahaha I can’t really say that he’s gotten less vengeful, because the birth of his baby girl didn’t really mellow him out hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah exactly!! I don’t know why they keep trying to force those two together- it doesn’t work! Me too!!
        haha yeah! haha oh dear- no I could see that from what I watched. I kind of lost my patience with it in the end.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve always liked Klaus with Caroline from TVD though, so I harbored the hope that they’d get together at some point. Then he had Cami as his lousy Caroline replacment and it annoyed me. I still watch it though, but I fast forward whenever I am bored.

        Liked by 1 person

      • oh yeah I totally wanted that to happen- I’m so disappointed it didn’t. Yeah exactly- she’s nothing like Caroline, she’s just blond- it’s just cos of that that he’s interested in her. Ahh I’ve done that with programmes before :/

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