R.I.P. It or Ship It! TV Edition (Pt. 2)


I should be doing a TTT post, but somehow my brain won’t work in that department right now. So instead, as promised last week, here comes the TV Edition of R.I.P. It or Ship It! Part 2 with more teenage aged characters (You can check out Part 1 here). I guess most of those could be seen as adults though … I don’t know. I went on a nostalgia train with this one and even wanted to use even more characters, but 16 rounds seemed more than enough. I was a lot more liberal with shipping this time around as well, so this should be interesting. As always, the offer stands that you can go ahead and do the tag too if you want to – CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED! 


I drew the two names and I think it clicked instantly for me. Summer is a lot like Lydia, so I could definitely see Stiles falling for him. And Stiles is a lot like Cohen, so Summer should be into him as well. It’s a weird crossover, but one that definitely works for me. I SO SHIP IT!



YES! I mean I am obviously a hardcore Wil and Amberle shipper on the show, but they do have a really weird love triangle with Eretria where I think that everyone cares about everyone in a very deep way. So, I would definitely give this a shot!



I don’t have that good of an explanation as to why I am into those two as a couple, but Emma is so sweet and Max is cute and kind. So, somehow I thought that they’d be adorable together.



This is just a big nope for me! I guess they were both misunderstood misfits at some point, so maybe they’d get along as friends? But as a couple – NO!



Okay, uhm, how do I start this? Remember that one time when Lydia fell for the younger ghost version of Peter? I thought that was kind of awesome and now I could see her with Bandon, even though he’s gone over to the dark side. Does this make sense? This was probably a mistake.



There’s not much to say, I can’t even picture it. But for the record, I wanted Thayer in this before he went and got all psycho. I liked him … still not cool that the show was just cancelled like that.



It’s like Taylor and Ryan – I really liked them together and Liam is totally like Ryan. The bad boy with a good heart! Simple as that! Not sure it is going to work on the long run, but … that’s a whole different issue.



Spencer and Jess would probably fight a lot and it would take forever until she’d let her guard down, but … they are both really smart and they could keep up with each other on an intellectual level. I don’t know, somehow I’d at least like to see them try.



Another couple that simply does NOT work! I think while I always could picture Blair with other guys, there was never anyone I liked for Chuck other than her. Aria definitely would be the wrong choice.



The only way this could work is if it were like with Alec and Lydia Branwell. Some sort of agreement, but not a romantic relationship and since I don’t want that for either one of them, I will sink that ship as fast as I can.



No, no, no, no, no! They are having a hard time just being friends sometimes so … that would not be an option, better work on the platonic part of their relationship.



How would they even meet? I … I can’t conjure up an image with the two of them in it.



They’d be adorable together! Just imagine it! Dorky and nerdy Seth, meeting sweet and smart and adorable Rory? I would so ship them … and I will ignore the fact that Adam Brody actually starred in Gilmore Girls and dated Lane. That didn’t happen, okay?



I’ve forgotten why I shipped them. I guess it’s because I didn’t find anything speaking against them being together? Not the best reason … But Melissa was one of my favourites on the Secret Circle and Wil is just darn fine looking … so, why not?



NOPE! Not gonna happen! They would get into so many fights, and I am not even talking about verbal fights, more like fists flying, rolling on the ground with anger kind of fighting.



Okay, so Crash was definitely Carter’s best boyfriend throughout the short span of the show. He went through such a great development and became a really decent and good guy. Who would have thought? Now, the only question is whether Carter actually deserves him. Probably not …

What are your thoughts on my couples? Who was the best? Who was the worst? Which shows do you or did you watch?

25 thoughts on “R.I.P. It or Ship It! TV Edition (Pt. 2)

  1. You shipped so many people this time. I love that Summer and Stiles got together in this one because I always thought of Stydia as Seth and Summer 2.0 XD
    Also, Eritria and Amberle are very shippable. I completly agree with your explanation.
    I’m still not okay with the cancelations of The Secret Circle and The Lying Game. I loved those shows and it’s not okay to leave us with that cliffhangers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, I said I was more liberal, shipping people that didn’t necessarily needed to be shipped but I thought, why not?
      I thought the same think about Stydia! That’s why I liked the idea of Stiles and Summer as well 😀
      I am still not okay with them just ending the Secret Circle and the Lying Game either … especially since they ruined Thayer and I liked him …
      Thanks for agreeing on Eretria and Amberle.

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  2. Wow, SO many ships here, I don’t even know where to start. I just want to say that I love all of the shows you chose, and almost watch everything this time, haha :p Summer and Seth are my favorite, I love them so, so much. I know, it’s off topic, but I had to say this ahah :p And Taylor and Ryan were so cute together, I never really liked Marissa anyway -but still forever cried like a baby at the end of season 4 ….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh Stiles and Summer- ship that for sure! And I thought Eretria and Amberle would work too! haha no simon and Tony would not work- good choice! haha wouldn’t ship anyone with Bandon though- he seemed like a psycho from the moment he appeared! Yes to Spencer and Jess! And I agree about Chuck and Aria too- Chuck needs someone very specific (aka Blair) Diana and Alec wouldn’t work! But you’re right, Will and Melissa would!
    PS As I was doing this, I realised we watch/watched a lot of the same shows 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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