Thirteen (TV Review)


You know me, when I like something I tend to go full on fangirl-mode. It’s a little weird to do this for this show, considering what it is about. But I didn’t plan for this, I simply did not expect to love this show so much. It is not in my typical genre, being very twisted and dark, but Thirteen completely captured my heart. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s clear some things up first.

I’ve actually briefly mentioned the show before in one of my Trailer posts, and back then I said I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to watch it or not. I don’t think that this show will ever be one that appeals to the masses, you sort of have to be in the right mood for it, however, it is extremely captivating and chilling, so I can only recommend it … obviously!

Ivy Moxam is a 26-year-old woman who just escaped her cellar-prison she has lived in the past 13 years. The police and her family are shocked at the discovery that she is still alive, never having dealt with a case like this before. Reconnecting with her past life isn’t the only difficult thing she has to deal with though, as everything is getting complicated when Ivy’s accounts don’t add up and another girl is being abducted.

Cast: Jodie Comer, Aneurin Barnard, Richard Rankin, Valene Kane, Natasha Little, Stuart Graham, Joe Layton, Katherine Rose Morley, Eleanor Wyld, Nicholas Farrell, …
Episode Order: 5
Running Time: 60 minutes

I think my biggest hesitation with the show was the general topic. There was an actual real-life case with something like that in Austria, just a couple years back. Somehow it felt a little disrespectful and tasteless to turn it into a show, but I am not saying that there is any connection between the two. From what I read it is not based off that case, it just feels similar to me. But then I was too curious, especially because I adored Jodie Comer on My Mad Fat Diary and am I glad I checked it out!

Having watched 2 episodes so far, therefore almost being at the half-way point, I can only tell you that I love the show. Jodie Comer‘s performance is riveting and disturbing. She portrays Ivy in a way that you empathize with her and are confused at the same time. Honestly, I don’t know what is really going on most of the time and that is probably one of the parts I like most. Usually I want to be in the know about everything, but here it just opens up for so many possibilities the story could go in the end.

Comer‘s Ivy is not the only stand-out character on the show though. Sharing a second place in awesomeness are Aneurin Barnard, who plays Tim, a childhood friend of Ivy’s, and Richard Rankin, as the protective D.I. Elliott. Especially as the police is getting more pressing and suspecting of Ivy (which I hate – just thought I’d throw that in there), it is interesting to watch her dynamic with those two. I could go on about the other characters, but I think it’s best you discover the rest for yourself.

This is exactly the kind of drama I want to see on TV. It is real and it is gripping. The actors and actresses are amazing and the music is getting better by the episode. I don’t like all the characters, but I am infinitely intrigued by them. 

Enough fangirling for today. Let me know if you’ve seen the show in the comments below and what you think about it!

50 thoughts on “Thirteen (TV Review)

    • That’s just one question hahaha
      I haven’t watched The Family, so I can only say things based on the promo. I think they have the common topic but that’s it. There’s a difference between a boy and a girl being upducted. The Family looks like they have way more superficial drama rather than the real kind and from what I gathered there’s the question if the boy is really their son. Also, as the title suggests, I think it focuses much more on the family, while Thirteen is a mix between the cop perspecrive, the family and Ivy. Also, Ivy is front and center, while I think that in The Family the thing isn’t told from the boy’s perspective. Does that make sense?

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  1. thank you for introducing me to this, as a fellow-austrian, the story seemed familiar of course. but first I thought this was about the movie “thirteen” from 2003, have you checked that out? haven’t seen it in a while, but remember it was definitely worth a watch! have a lovely day!

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  2. So it’s just a 5 episodes show? I could definitely find the time to check it out and even if I don’t end up liking it, it’s not like I’ve invested a bunch of time. Sounds interesting though, thanks for talking about it because I hadn’t even heard of it until now 🙂 #commenting365

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  3. Jodie Comer gives me the creeps, she is that effective as Ivy. I’m torn in the middle, really. I’m half convinced Ivy’s innocent by I’m also suspicious of her story. The chemistry between Ivy and Elliot is so good too. What I really love about this drama – and what breaks my heart – is Ivy’s relationship with each member of her family. I can understand her desire to be left alone and not have her mother hounding her all the time, but I can also see the fear and the desperation of her mum. So love this drama, wish it’s longer ❤ Have you tried Night Manager yet? 🙂

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    • She is doing such a great job, I am in awe of her. But yes, I think she’s innocent too, but there is something she isn’t telling.
      Elliot and Ivy – I kind of ship that. But I love Tim too. All the relationships, family or not, are so intriguing to me. It’s a messed up show but suhc a good one!

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      • Yeah! Right now, I don’t know what to believe. I think she was let out on purpose but I don’t know why. I’m using all the knowledge Criminal Minds taught me to analyze this plot, lol.
        I love Tim and Ivy too, but that other girl (and Tim’s commitment) might be an issue.So true! I can’t wait to watch the next episode. ❤

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      • I don’t know what to believe either. I am thinking of all the real life cases I have seen in this. And the captives did develop a relationship with their captor. It only makes sense after such a long time. They have this hate-love-relationship. And then I have the movie Room in my head, and wonder if Ivy ever got pregnant. That would have made her not want to leave. But I am totally getting ahead of everything here …
        Tim is so adorable when he’s with Ivy, but it’s just not cool seen as he is married. I do not support that part of the plot, but when they listen to the music. SO ADORABLE! I am sad there are only 3 more episodes now.

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      • Was this based on a book or a true story? I can see what you mean, and Ivy stayed with him for so long, a lot of things have happened during that time…and getting pregnant too! That really sly remark she made about having sex made me roll over. XD

        Oh that was such a tender moment for them, and dancing in her room was awkward at first but felt right after a while ❤ I wish they didn't have to make their relationship so complicated 😦

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      • I don’t think it’s based on the real life case I am thinking of, but there was a girl in my country who was held for a similar amount of years. The captor wanted to groom her into his dream girlfriend or something twisted as that. There was no pregnancy though, I just thought of that when she said “this was ours” back in the cellar.
        I wish Tim and Ivy could have these “normal” and carefree moments without the complications too.

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  4. I actually started watching this yesterday and finished episode 1 this morning…it is soo good! I’m really think Ivy is innocent but then again…i’m not sure…ugh! Loved this tv review!
    -Hafsa 😀

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      • oh god no- she drove me crazy- she was the one bit I didn’t get. Every time she said something like “she’s acting so weird” or “she’s not telling the truth”- I wanted to scream SHE WAS FREAKIN’ LOCKED UP FOR THIRTEEN YEARS- WHAT DO YOU EXPECT???? Also whenever she went on about her having feelings for her kidnapper I was thinking “seriously, you’re a police officer and you’ve lived in the world- have you never heard of stockholm syndrome?”

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      • THANK THE LORD! I hated her!! Why was she so hostile towards Ivy? It was like she didn’t get the whole being abducted and brainwashed at all. And I didn’t want her to die of course, but I hate that Elliott is even more tied to her now.

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      • I know right!!! What was her problem??? And when it turned out she was lying cos she’d seen her kidnapper murder someone she was a bit like “SEE”. I really didn’t like how she suddenly got into a relationship with Elliot- cos it seemed sudden and didn’t fit- plus Elliot was much too nice for her!

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      • Elliott and Lisa are just mismatched beyond anything. And what was up with her always flirting with that dude who got the most miraculous clues!? Like how was he the only one who ever discovered that shit?
        In a weird way I shipped Elliott and Ivy way more than him and Lisa.

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      • They definitely are! I didn’t get that at all- it made me assume nothing was going on with Elliott and when it suddenly did I just thought “whatt????” And that guy just existed to hand over miraculous clues that appeared out of nowhere (cos detectives don’t have to do any work- they just get to gossip about kidnap victims- while some randomer hands them all the leads and then they can take the credit :/ )I actually did too! Especially cos Tim already had a wife- which was sad, but I liked how Elle pointed out that he wasn’t really in love with her, he was in love with an idea of her that didn’t really exist anymore

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      • RIGHT? Why were they even the leads on the case? They did virtually nothing other than show up whenever someone else discovered a new sign. Or in case they had to intimidate Ivy again.
        Totally get what you mean with Tim. I adore the guy, but those lingering feelings, the wanting to protect Ivy, that did not mean he actually loved her now-version. Elliott’s affection for Ivy was also skewed, but still, I kind of wanted that to happen. Remember that one episode when Ivy tells him she sees him as a detective now and not as a friend and he basically follows her through the entire police station and she has the tiniest of smiles because it shows that he cares about her so much? Oh my … I definitely interpreted a lot into that scene hahaha

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      • haha totally- and why was their job to intimidate Ivy- after the initial blood test came back positive they should’ve just realised she was the victim. I mean the main argument against her was “maybe she wasn’t kidnapped, maybe she was groomed”- I mean ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME- how is that not just as bad?
        Yeah exactly- I got that he cared about her, but it was more about how much he loved her as a child tangled up with how he felt when she vanished. Yeah so did I- I saw them together so much more- he actually understood her now version. Yeah- so did I- I mean he just seemed like he liked her so much more than as a friend!

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