Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (Book Review)

simonSixteen-year-old and not-so-openly gay Simon Spier prefers to save his drama for the school musical. But when an email falls into the wrong hands, his secret is at risk of being thrust into the spotlight. Now Simon is actually being blackmailed: if he doesn’t play wingman for class clown Martin, his sexual identity will become everyone’s business. Worse, the privacy of Blue, the pen name of the boy he’s been emailing, will be compromised.
With some messy dynamics emerging in his once tight-knit group of friends, and his email correspondence with Blue growing more flirtatious every day, Simon’s junior year has suddenly gotten all kinds of complicated. Now, change-averse Simon has to find a way to step out of his comfort zone before he’s pushed out—without alienating his friends, compromising himself, or fumbling a shot at happiness with the most confusing, adorable guy he’s never met.

Publisher: Penguin
Page Count:

So, I went a little off the rails and didn’t stick to my crazy initial TBR. But reading a lot of Fantasy with complex worlds and a gazillion different characters one book after the other gets a difficult after a while. So, instead I decided I needed a break and chose a book I was most likely going to like. Seriously, people have been pushing me to read this for a long time now and I never had a reason not to. Except for maybe lack of time and money. I have read increasingly less Contemporaries lately, which is weird, because I love them. The whole point of this rambling, I am glad I finally got to read it!

Simon is an incredibly fun character! I can’t say that I always related to him 100%, but he made some incredibly good points. So many topics, that could easily weigh a story down, were touched upon in such a natural way that it just seemed to flow right with the story. We had everything from sexuality, bullying, the complexity of friendship and family as well as skin colour. And speaking of family, that’s another thing I am very fond of. So many YA books barely feature parents (mainly because the MC probably wouldn’t be able to experience all the adventure he/she does with them around …), but they were a part of the story here, without being overpowering.

I couldn’t quite follow Simon’s logic on finding out about Blue though. Obviously I get that he wanted to find out who he was, but I am talking about his real life identity. I am happy to say that I guessed it right, but it was very well played, with not a lot of clues to go by. Still, I feel like Simon was very far off the truth sometimes, more seeing what he wanted to see. Then again, that is something so typically human, I can’t really argue with it being realistic. And they were so adorable in general! I was really always looking forward to their mails, which were awesomely getting bolder and bolder, as if I were getting them myself!

In the end, I think the only reason I am not giving this 5 stars is because I’ve heard so much about the book and the pressure was definitely on when I read it. I don’t like it, I tried to ignore it, but when I got to certain quotes and I remembered them from other people’s posts, it just didn’t have the same effect it would have had if I had gone into this blind. It doesn’t change the fact that this was a great, heartfelt, adorable, hearts-in-the-eyes-kind-of story. Definitely recommendable!

Fazit: 4.5/5 stars! I am still all warm and giggly inside from this read! It was a fantastic ride and exactly what I needed!


So, since I am one of the few people in the bookish community who hadn’t read it yet, hit me with your thoughts on it! Did you love it too? Or was I not as alone as I thought and are still people who don’t know about Simon’s awesomeness out there? 

48 thoughts on “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (Book Review)

  1. I’m so glad you liked this book! And I get why you couldn’t put 5 stars. The quotes have been all around the blogosphere, and it kind of eliminates the surprise and the feelings you get when you read the book for the first time, really. I have that with some books I’ve already read quotes of,and the feeling of THIS IS SO PRETTY and everything, just isn’t the same as the first time. ANYWAY ahah,so happy you liked it, this book made me smile like an idiot all the time, ahah.

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  2. AHHHH I’m so happy to hear you loved it, it’s my favourite contemporary so I always get so excited when I read positive reviews! It’s a shame you already read some of the quotes but good thing it didn’t spoil the whole book for you! Nice review!

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  3. I’m glad you liked it! I really enjoyed this book and found myself also wondering away from my TBR to pick this up. I loved it. It left me feeling so….happy. I figured out who Blue was as well with one little tiny clue that I thought was cleverly thrown in there.

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  4. I finished this book last year and it definitely filled me with the warm and fuzzies. Just so light-hearted and so good, with wonderful characterisation on pretty much everyone’s part. Can’t wait for Albertalli’s next book, and I’m super glad you enjoyed this one!

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  5. You’ve made me want to read this. It reminds me of this great Canadian one-man show called… oh, I can’t remember. Anyway, the internet is a strange and sometimes scary place and I’m interested in reading anything about cyber-bullying, which it sounds like this touches on. Great review.

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      • Lol thanks for the warning. There’s nothing worse than starting a book that you think is about cyber-bullying only to find out there’s only a little cyber-bullying. I’m still really interested in this book.
        Thanks again. 🙂


      • I hate it when I have really set expectations and they aren’t met afterwards. Sometimes it can end up being better that way, but mostly that’s not the case.


  6. Wonderful review, Kat! Agreed, there’s just so much to love about this book. And I’m sorry the hype affected the surprise element! Usually when I read reviews I tend to skip parts that recap the events or use quotes-I like to just know the reader’s opinions only-for that reason. I agree, books like these need to be experienced at random and for the first time to heighten the impact!

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    • Thank you, Summer! I don’t even know where I read all the quotes. It wasn’t just in reviews, also in quote challenges and the likes. I didn’t even realise how much of it was from Simon vs. until I read the book myself.

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  7. This book was definitely one of the most adorable books I have ever read! I loved Simon and Blue so much 😀 Wonderful review Kat ❤

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  8. Yay, I’m glad you enjoyed this one too Kat! I think I was really moody when I picked this up and I really thought that I wouldn’t like it. But I loved it; it melted my angry mood (I was probably hangry haha) and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    I happened to guess who Blue was. I think I’ve watched too many mysteries or crimes, lol. :c (Though when it was revealed I was soo happy, hahaha!)

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