T5W – Fictional Items I Want


It’s Top 5 Wednesday, a meme hosted by booktuber Lainey aka gingereadslainey for which you can join on the Goodreads page here. I’ve been pretty lazy with TTT, but somehow finding 5 things is just way easier than 10. So, this week we are going to talk a little about Fictional Items I Want!

Willstones (Worldwalker series)

Bonding with your willstone sounds kind of painful to be honest, but then you have that external brain. Something that channels your powers, memorises everything for you and lets you share mindspeak, memories and feelings with other people. I have to say that seems kind of worth it for me, at least in some instances. And I am greedy, I don’t want just one stone too.

Stele (Shadowhunter series)

I guess I am not too keen on getting burnt by a crystal or something, but the runes look so cool and in some instances I feel like a Stele could be priceless. Wanna be invisible? Sure! Soundless? Of course! There’s so many useful things to do with it!

Josh’s comic (Isla and the Happily Ever After)

With Cristina reading the series, it just reminded me of how much I want someone to make Josh’s comic for real! That totally counts as a fictional item, right?

Magical Button (The Magicians Series)

A button that can virtually take you anywhere, to any world possible? You just have to find it! Sounds like it would be the gateway to an adventure of a lifetime. (And yes, I am ignoring the danger of maybe never finding back home again)

Sonic Screwdriver (Doctor Who)

Why only stick to books, huh? I would love to have a sonic screwdriver, preferably one that also works on wood.

What are some items you would truly want to have in real life? Tell me all about it in the comments and don’t hesitate to leave a link to your T5W as well!

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