April 2016 Wrap-Up


I was one busy bookworm this month and have reached my new personal best of 9 books in one month – YAY!

Books that weren’t on my TBR:

Library of Souls (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, #3)   Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1)   Nowhere But Here (Thunder Road, #1)   26760138   Tone Deaf   With Malice   In the Hope of Memories   Second Chance Summer   Thanks for the Trouble

As always, click on the titles above to get to the reviews (or on the name of the people I read the books with, to get to their reviews if they are up yet) and on the covers to be redirected to Goodreads!


There is not really all that much to say about this month. Work has been work. Reading has been reading (although it went quite splendidly). The only thing out of the ordinary was that I went to my second concert of the year – Florence and the Machine! It was a weird, sort of religious experience. Florence never fails to give a great performance!

Another little highlight of mine was that I’ve written more than 500 posts now – wohooo! I think that’s an accomplishment that deserves a bit of recognition as well.





How was your month? Did you do something exciting? How are you faring with your reading?

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson (Book Review)


Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Page Count:

I read this book (sort of) together with Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane Books. Our schedules didn’t work in our favour all that much this time, but we at least read it in the same week – yay to us! It’s always a blast to read with her and it’s even greater to have her to discuss ideas and theories about the book with. Make sure to check out her review in the near future!

I am a declared Morgan Matson fan, so before the new release of her latest book (The Unexpected Everything) I just HAD TO read Second Chance Summer and I do not regret that choice. The premise is fairly straight-forward, so I had a rain-cloud hanging over my head ever since page one. This is a book that had me in a sobbing mess by the end, but I am getting ahead of myself.

The book is, as the title suggests, about second chances, but in more than one way since it’s actually “split” into two stories. On the one hand, you have the family plot, with Taylor having that last summer to spend with her father yet also growing closer with the rest of her family. It was my absolute favourite part of the book! It is so very rare in YA fiction that parents or siblings play such an important role, that you get to know them just as much as you would the MC’s best friend or love interest in any other story. So, I am glad Matson made this about a topic that doesn’t get addressed much, even if it was completely heartbreaking. Up until the end I was hoping for some kind of miracle solution … just thinking about it gets me all upset again.

Then there is the other storyline, revolving around Taylor not wanting to come back to their summer house, because she had a fall out with her best friend and boyfriend there five years ago (when she was only twelve). As you can maybe already tell by my tone, I was not entirely convinced by that story. There is some animosity and in the beginning the suspense is incredible – you just need to know what happened! Yet when we finally found out, I thought that it was rather silly to have such a big fight over something like this, especially since they were still so young. I definitely wouldn’t have held the grudge for years like some people here did.

In the end, the friendship and love-parts were a good balance in terms of making the story lighter. I don’t think I could have bared all those glum feelings all the time. It was such a heartfelt story with great lessons of facing your fears and making the best of the time you get with the people you love – and of course about second chances!

Fazit: 4/5 stars! An emotional read to get you ready for summer!


Have you read Second Chance Summer? Did you enjoy it as much as me?

This or That … Book Tag!


I am STILL so behind on my tags, but I shall catch up. One tag at a time! Thanks to Keira over @Signing On for tagging me on the This or That … Book Tag! Never been a fan of making tough decisions, but now I shall do just that.

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Reading on the Sofa or on the Bed?

My bed has a metal frame, so when I want to sit half-upright, it’s not all that comfy … so, I guess I have to say sofa.

Male or Female main character?

I don’t really care, but if I look at my shelf, I guess there are more female POVs than male ones. Doesn’t necessarily mean I like them better though.

Sweet snacks or Salty snacks when reading?

That is SO dependent on my mood! But I hate it when my hands get greasy from salty food like chips, because then I am scared of touching the pages. Same with chocolate … but gummy bears or pistachios work. Hmmm … I didn’t give a proper answer to that at all … either way, snacks in general are necessary.

Trilogies or Quartets?

I like the number 3, so I am going to say trilogies.

First Person or Third Person Point of View?

Tough one, but I’d say third person POV … for no particular reason. Maybe only the same one as above … just kidding!

Reading at Night or in the Morning?

I like to let the day end on a good note. Reading at night is awesome and has kept me from going to school or work well rested as well …

Libraries or Bookshops?

Bookshops. Owning is awesome and libraries here don’t have all that many English copies, especially not new releases.

Books that make you Laugh or make you Cry?

Cry. The more intense the more likely it is going to stay in my memory.

Black or White book covers?

White covers are SO gorgeous, while I am super scared to get them dirty at the same time. It’s a struggle.

Character or Plot driven stories?

Definitely character-driven! What good is it to me if there is a ton of action going on, we are wooshing from one event to the other, but I am not connecting to anyone?

Are those the same choices you would have made? Tell me all about it!


Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, if you want to know more about it, you can just click on the name! The theme for this week is Bookworm Delights and because it’s just as easy as it sounds, let’s get started!

1. Bookish Smells! 

For one, there is just simple magic in the smell of a book. The scent of paper with ink on it, almost as if it were fresh from the press – heaven! But there is also something else I am talking about. Have you ever walked in a crowd and suddenly you smelled a scent that distinguished itself from the others and your first thought came to a specific character or book? I swear that is one of the most magnificent things to happen. If I could track down that person, I would want to be friends with them just for that.

2. When a Character Has Your Name

I guess this one is tricky, because it really depends on the character. But it’s really rare that anyone is called Katja, especially spelled like that, so it is a delight whenever it does happen.

3. Someone Reads and Likes a Book You Recommended

This just makes my heart glow! You ramble on and on about a book you like, but tastes differ, so you can’t really be mad at anyone who doesn’t like the same things you do. So, I am always nervous when I recommend something, but then there is that gem of a person who is able to fangirl along with you and the world is just alright again.

4. Matching Covers

You’d think that is a given, but publishers are weird and do horrible things to readers by changing covers mid-season or making books different heights. Even if it’s just a few millimeters, that will forever bother me when I look at my shelf now. Therefore I am grateful for all the covers that match!

5. Book Mail! 

Getting something, really anything other than ads and bills, in the mail is just THE. BEST! And then, if it’s a book, the day can only get better.

6. Bookish Dreams

Most of you people know that I dream quite frequently and mostly really weird stuff. Well, sometimes I get lucky and it’s something related to a book I am currently reading or one that I finished recently. I feel so immersed in the world, it’s like you are one of the MCs of the story!

7. Finishing a Book in One Day

I am far from being a slow reader, but I am also not a speed reader. I am somewhere inbetween. Yet, every now and then you come across that one book that you simply cannot put down and it’s one of the best feelings!

8. Discovering a Hidden Gem

There are so many books being released all the time, I can’t keep up. There is some major hype around some and barely a whisper around others. It’s a shame that some stories go unnoticed, but that’s what you are here for. When you find such a gem, cherish it and then spread the word!

9. Browsing Bookstores for Hours 

It’s fascinating how easily one can forget time when surrounded by books. I step into the shop, only wanting to take a look at the new releases and suddenly it’s three hours later and I’ve spent all the cash I had with me.

10. Having More Money/Time Than Expected

AND SPENDING IT ALL ON BOOKS! Let’s face it: reading is a way more money and time-consuming hobby than most people would like to admit. So, whenever I have the opportunity to read, I do so! Adulting is too busy anyway, everyone needs a break from all the multi-tasking.

So, what are some of your bookish delights? How does your TTT look like?

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 18-24)


I’ve been lacking a little bit in the TV show department, but today there are some really exciting promos for one of my all time favourite show. But don’t you worry! I have plenty of movie trailers for you as well!


The Girl on the Train

I have not read the book! I feel like I should before the movie comes out though, even if I am not a thriller-kind-of-girl. Can anyone who’s read it tell me what they thought of the book? Is it worth the hype?

The Magnificent Seven

Looks good? I like the casting choice, but despite the era they are in, this doesn’t exactly scream “Let’s go see a Western” to me.


I think this looks magnificent. AURORA’s music, beautiful imagery, Nicholas Hoult and in this case, I think the role will work for Kristen too. Everyone always complained about her being not very expressive, that could be good in this kind of society, right?

Jason Bourne

I am not a massive fan of the movie franchise, but ALICIA VIKANDER! There wasn’t nearly enough of her in the trailer, so I will have to watch the whole thing.

The Founder

It’s the McDonald’s origin story! I am kind of sad to say that I learned about this in school, but reality is I did.

Café Society

I love old, glamorous Hollywood movies and then there’s Jesse Eisenberg too? Count me in!

Independence Day: Resurgence

I don’t know what to say here. Either you are into that kind of stuff or not, I guess.

TV Shows

Doctor Who: New Companion

I have never seen that actress before, but I like her. She already seems funny and clueless, as they should be in the beginning. Maybe she could have a kind of Donna-vibe? I would definitely like that!


This is the new Doctor Who spin-off and the cast has already been shown, but we have yet to wait for a proper trailer. This bit is a little pointless, sorry!

What are you going to watch? How was your week? Tell me all about it!

The OTP Book Tag


Okay, I am terribly behind on my tags and I am sorry for that, so it has occurred that I wasn’t just tagged by one person, but by two people to do The OTP Book Tag! Thanks to Jordyn @J. Bookish and Cristina @My Tiny Obsessions for giving me the chance to talk some more about bookish love! ❤


So difficult! I can’t believe I am even saying this after Glass Sword, but Mare and Maven? I wouldn’t even know how to explain it and it’s not that I don’t like Cal, because I do, but … Maven. I think I might need help …


Well, I definitely couldn’t see what all the fuss about Juliette and Warner was when I first started the Shatter Me series. By the end I most certainly got it and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! Go Warner!


Is that a thing? Do people really hate couples? … hmm, I know something! Whichever poor chap ends up with Eadlyn Schreave from The Heir has my pity. She’s more than just a piece of work.


Almost every book couple ever? Well, Lila and Kell from the Shades of Magic series sure are taking their time. We are on book two and they are clearly meant for each other but they are nowhere near that stage of getting together. I wouldn’t say it’s frustrating, but it definitely would be easier to just see them happy together.


The Magicians are very different in their book-form than they are on TV, but then they are very similar again as well. I’m probably not making much sense to you right now. I just feel like Eliot loves Q more in the books and I kind of shipped them in a weird way, even though I know Q never really considered it. Doesn’t mean I can’t, right?


Ugh, my answers are so darn repetitive. I am going to think of someone other than Will and Jem from TID. I CAN DO THIS!

*15-30 minutes of thinking later* AAAAH! Why didn’t I think of that faster? Darrow and Sevro from the Red Rising trilogy belong together forever. They are bros for life and probably even after that, because let’s face it, not even death could really sever their connection.


I wouldn’t say I “adored” Clace during The Mortal Instruments, but I liked them. Obviously! They were the main characters and I stuck with them through 6 books. However, they don’t really work on Shadowhunters for me. Both, Dom’s and Kat’s acting improved over the season, but they are still not there for me. The looks they give each other and whenever they kiss … I am just scared that Kat is going to smear Dom’s runes because they look like bad make-up to me.


Totally have to steal Jordyn’s answer here, but I simply don’t feel Emma and Jacob from the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children at all. They were children, that wasn’t love! It was just ridiculous. And the fact that she already unsuccessfully dated his grandfather should have been a serious red flag as well.


I hope you are not getting bored of this answer, but it is still Malec. Those two just have the biggest room in my heart and they will stay there for a whole lot longer.


That’s like asking me to choose a favourite child and I don’t even have children! Currently reading Lady Midnight makes me really like Emma and Jules together, but to say they are my favourite of ALL TIME would be the overstatement of the year.


This tag has been around for a couple of months and I have lost track of who has done it or not. That means, I tag EVERYONE who hasn’t done it yet!

T5W: Intimidating Books!


It’s time for Top 5 Wednesdays, a weekly meme created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to know more or join as well, just go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. This week is all about intimidating books and there are a lot of those. It could be because of hype, size or topic. All reasoning is valid over here and so, without further ado, here are my choices:


  1. A Dance With Dragons by George RR Martin
    Ugh, I have read four books in the Song of Ice and Fire series, so I have no idea why this one is vexxing me so much. I just can’t get into it and I am barely interested in any of the POVs at all anymore. You all know me, I need at least a little bit of Sansa …
  2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
    I LOVE THE SHOW! However, the book is so detailed and really well written, but also majorly time consuming and in my case written in a tiny font. It seems like a tricky one.
  3. The Beautiful and the Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald
    I’ve read quite a couple of Fitzgerald books now and still this one is kind of scary. Maybe because it is like double the size of the others? Also, me and classics don’t mix so well.
  4. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
    I’ve talked about this before. I have real high expectations for this book. BUT I CAN’T GET OVER THE FIRST PARAGRAPH!
  5. Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain
    Other than the books above, this one is the real accounts of a woman who actually lived. That’s scary! That was her life! This is basically close to her diaries (if they were super neatly written out). It’s a lot to take in the majority of someone’s life in just shy over 800 pages.

What are some books that intimidate you? Are classics also a little difficult for you? 

Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Made Me Laugh


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, if you want to know more about it, you can just click on the name! This week’s theme is about books that made me laugh (or at least chuckle). I thought that this would be way easier, but nope! I’ve read books that made me laugh, but none where I thought “Yes, this is such a funny book!”. Well, here are some random books (surprisingly with a lot of contemporaries mixed in) that made me laugh.


1. The Martian by Andy Weir
Mark Watney – enough said!

2. Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn
It’s just full of snark and hilarity, even if it’s meant as a Christmas book and I read it in summer.

3. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
Everyone who has read this will understand why I think it’s funny.

4. Austenland by Shannon Hale
I may be thinking more of the movie than the book right now, but I thought both were downright funny!

5. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
This one is not meant to be a funny book, but big families and the chaos that ensues can do that sometimes.

6. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Anna’s awkwardness made me laugh more than once.

7. Anything You Want by Geoff Herbach
I am reading this right now and am only at 25%, but I have laughed so much already. It’s a silly kind of humour and quite naive and dumb sometimes, but still worth laughing over.

8. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
There are so many books where I just don’t feel like I need or even can explain why they are funny.

9. Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella
This was hilarious! Turns out I read more adult fiction when I was younger than I do now though.

10. Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
I find Shakespeare’s comedies actually funny, okay!? (especially some of the new interpretations)

What are some books that really made you laugh? Tell me all about it!

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 11-17)


It’s that time of the week again where I present to you some of the latest trailers and promos. Well … Trailers today. I didn’t find anything in the TV-sphere worth mentioning. It happens! What’s really sad on the other hand is that I keep forgetting which month we are in.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

So this shows a couple of new things, but it’s still only a teaser. I want something full-length magical! Not that this doesn’t look awesome and the music, oh how I missed hearing those couple notes.

Doctor Strange

I was expecting everyone to rave about this all week long, but no? I don’t want to be a downer here, because it looks cinematically really good, but the story is still too confusing for me. Like I don’t really know what the story of the film is about other than Cumbi becoming Doctor Strange, there has to be a villain or something, right?
However, I really do like the Inception-esque folding of the city. That will look so awesome on the big screen!

Suicide Squad

I’ve shown Suicide Squad trailers before, but each one looks SO AWESOME! And if the actual soundtrack is half as good as the music for the trailers I am going to be one happy blogger.

The Birth of a Nation

This is incredible heartbreaking to watch.

The Secret Life of Pets

I swear, there can’t be enough trailers for this movie, even if I feel if seen half of it already.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Still only feeling meh about it … but then there’s Amell in it and I am wavering …

No Men Beyond This Border

It’s a mockumentary!

Being Charlie

I am so not sure about this one. Probably one that I’d happily watch on a lazy Sunday at home but not in the movie theater.

What are you going to watch? Any favourites?

The Love Tag


Remember back around the time of Valentine’s Day when all the love-related tags swarmed the blogosphere? Well, that’s when Lashaan and Trang @bookidote tagged me for The Love Tag and I can’t believe that it has been sitting around in my drafts until now. Sorry for taking so long and thank you so much for tagging me, here we finally go (better late than never)!

Books Other People Love But You Haven’t Gotten Around to Read

I feel like someone is going to punch me for this answer, but I still haven’t yet read the Harry Potter books and I don’t think I will anytime soon. However, I am not saying it won’t ever happen. Maybe … someday …

A Book That You Love But No One Else Talks About

I still feel like not enough people talk about Trial by Fire or the Worldwalker series in general. What’s up with that? It has a super intriguing world, an interesting love story, humour and magic! Like elemental, kind-of-scientifically-explained-magic! Read it!

Stand Alone Books You Love

There are way too many books for that category … here are just a few:


Favourite Book Couple

MALEC! Okay, I am not even sure that’s true. I love them to bits, but I’ve been heavily reminded of my love for them because of Shadowhunters, because otherwise I am not sure I really would have chosen them. There are just so many great couples out there in the bookish world, but just look at that gif …

Series That You Love

I can never choose just one … it’s just way too difficult!


The Perfect Song

There is no such thing as perfection! I am just going to share one of the latest songs on my never ending earworm list:

A Cute DIY

Wow! This is hard! I used some leftover felt bits to make these little minions. I guess if you don’t make them 3-dimensional and flat instead, you’d get some monster-y bookmarks? So in the end it’s just cutting and gluing some felt … I am sorry, that was terrible! Just be glad I don’t have anything like a tutorial channel!


*If you’ve done this already or don’t feel like doing it, just ignore that I tagged you!*