Myself in Five Characters Tag!


So, Astra @A Stranger’s Guide to Novels tagged me for this really fun tag called Myself in Five Characters! It’s really easy, all you have to do is name five characters that represent you in some way. I love Astra’s answers and can generally just advise you to take a look at her blog, because she is awesome! But here we go with some non-real people I can see parts of myself in:

Passion/Obsession – Elena from Kindred Spirits

You all know how much I can fangirl about something I love and I think Elena is the same. Quietly being sort of “normal” during the day, but upon entering into her world, you will be met with enthusiasm of the strongest kind for her fandom. I may not be as huge of a Star Wars buff as she is, but I definitely feel the same way about all too many other books, shows and movies.

Control Freak – Clara Oswald from Doctor Who

It didn’t strictly state that only book characters are allowed and Clara is the DW companion that is most like me. Kind of bossy and stubborn as hell and generally liking it when she has control over things, because otherwise everything is stressful like crazy and I totally get that. Although I could definitely do with a dose of her cocky confidence as well sometimes!

Responsible – Alec Lightwood from TMI

Much like Alec, I am probably the first one to voice my reservations should anyone ever have any kind of stupid or dangerous idea. It’s quite the issue to be honest, but I feel responsible for everything and everyone, even though I am definitely not. But acting more grown up than I am has worked quite alright for me so far.

Adventuring abroad – Anna from Anna and the French Kiss

When I was 15, I spent a semester at a High School in the US. And then when I was 16-17, I went to work in France for a couple months. It was all a very exciting and not always oh-so-great adventure, but I wouldn’t want to have missed it for the world. So, that is part of the reason why I love Anna’s POV so much, everything in that book reminds me of when I was abroad too.

Loving the Ocean – Khalen from The Siren

I am madly and utterly in love with the idea of the ocean. It’s vastness and how we can never be sure to have seen it all. The colours and species. The smell! Spending the day at some windy, low-key beach is just heaven for me. However, the reality can be different and I know that, but somehow I still love it either way.


Okay, so this was way more difficult than I thought. Assessing myself is never easy, but now I want to see some of my friends try, therefore I TAG:

Who are some characters you see yourself in?

69 thoughts on “Myself in Five Characters Tag!

  1. I spent way too much tine admiring that Alec gif… how could I not though XD I totally relate to Clara’s control freak side way to much. It’s just so stressful when you don’t know what’s going on >.<

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    • Of course not! The characters are supposed to represent you, but you should mention which trait of the characters you are talking about. Not everyone is an obsessive, control freak with responsibility issues, a knack for travelling and love for the sea. That is uniquely me 😀


      • True. Well then, I might do this tag.
        BTW, I’m now at the part in Golden Son where Darrow’s duel has basically started a huge battle between the ruling families and he’s trying to get the Augustus family to safety.

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      • Speaking of Golden Son, by the way, you lied to me! Eo was pregnant, but you said she wasn’t when I asked you. How could you? I thought we were friends! Now I know how Cassius feels.


      • I NEVER said she wasn’t pregnant. I said: “I cannot tell you, as I am not willing to give you any information on future occurrences at all.” I just didn’t confirm your suspicions because I would never spoil anything like that. And I seriously hope that no one who hasn’t read the books stumbles upon these comments.


  2. I love this tag! I agree with you about Elena, I tend to fangirl a lot over some shows (I think my recent obsession for Switched at Birth showed you that part of me, haha). And I really like having control over things, too. I think myself of a sort of Spencer Hastings at times… I’m basically crazy, haha. Thanks for the tag, can’t wait to do it! 🙂

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