Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 4-10)


I made this post in a little bit of a rush, so there aren’t as many trailers as per usual, but I think I found some really good ones nonetheless!


Rogue One

SO EXCITED! Not a massive fan of part of the music or noise in the last third of the trailer, but mostly it looks great!

Mothers and Daughters

I love how this year there are actually a couple of movies focusing on mother-daughter-relationships – that’s so cute!


I think it looks good. I haven’t read the book as a kid, I have really nothing to compare it to, but somehow I can see myself watching it.

Swiss Army Man

I don’t even know what to say. Who came up with that crazy idea?

TV Shows

Legends of Tomorrow

I know, I know. Not even that many of you are watching it, but they are introducing Jonah Hex now and I think that’s cool!

What are you going to watch? And how was your week? Tell me all about it!

47 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 4-10)

  1. Ahah, I just need to tell you, when I saw this post on my reader, I said “YAY, MORE TRAILERS”. Like, out loud. To myself. I felt like that needed to be shared with the world. Okay, moving on, haha. Rogue One looks great, but, I don’t know, this trailer reminded me of Mockingjay, or is it just me? I don’t know, where are the light sabers? I missed that ahah.

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  2. I kept forgetting to watch the new Rogue One trailer. Lol So thanks for posting it again so I can finally see it.
    I like it 🙂
    Whiney men on the Internet can keep crying about a woman leading the film. But nothing is going to change so they can sit in a corner. >:)

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    • No problem! That’s what this feature is all about 😉
      Oh yes, they just all need to shut up. I think RO looks awesome and they should wait with their judgment until AFTER the movie is actually out in cinemas.


  3. This post is great – I’d only heard of one or two of the movies. I’m quite interesting in watching “Mothers and Daughters” when it comes out. Also, I remember reading “The BFG” as a kid, so I’m excited to watch the adaptation and compare with the book!

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  4. Rogue One and The BFG definitely look like a lot of fun.
    By the way, I’ve made a lot of progress in Golden Son. And can I just say one thing: Poor Quinn! Poor Roque! Poor Sevro! They just can’t catch a break, those three. They’ve already suffered so much.

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  5. I must admit I always seem to forget about Legends of Tomorrow, even though I do love Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. I just feel like I’m all superhero’d out with The Flash and Arrow. I will get to that show soon, maybe in the summer when i go through my withdrawals haha.

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  6. I know I say this every time, but I love this feature so much. I cried my face off for the Mother’s and Daughter’s trailer. OMG, I think being a young mom made me take that one too close to home, lol. Oh and the Daniel Radcliff movie looks crazy!!! Like, IDK, he’s supposed to be that crazy dude’s toy or something!?! I laughed so hard through the whole trailer! >.<

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  7. I am not sure what to say about Swiss Army Man. I am literally speechless which doesn’t happen often hahaha.
    The other BFG movie (the animated version) is very dear to my heart so I’m not really amazed by the new trailer.

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