Anything You Want by Geoff Herbach (Book Review)


Taco’s mom always said, “Today is the best day of your life, and tomorrow will be even better.” That was hard to believe the day she died of cancer and when Taco’s dad had to move up north for work, but he sure did believe it when Maggie Corrigan agreed to go with him to junior prom. Taco loves Maggie- even more than the tacos that earned him his nickname. And she loves him right back.

Except all that love? It gets Maggie pregnant. Everyone else may be freaking out, but Taco can’t wait to have a real family again. He just has to figure out what it means to be a dad and how to pass calculus. And then there’s getting Maggie’s parents to like him. Because it would be so much easier for them to be together if he didn’t have to climb the side of the Corrigans’ house to see her…

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Page Count:
Publishing Date: May 3, 2016

**I was provided with an eArc by the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review**

I am still not quite sure what I expected to get from this book, but it definitely exceeded everything that I thought it might be. I read it together with Cristina @My Tiny Obessians and Sara @Freadom Library and we had some really different opinions in the beginning, but in the end the book convinced us all. Make sure to check back on their blogs to read their review in the near future!

This book started out absolutely hilarious, with Taco being a one of a kind protagonist. He is both, smart and incredibly delusional. Funny and witty and still so very naive. Honest and ever optimistic, it is almost impossible to not like him. That’s at least my opinion, but I can see how he may not be everyone’s type of person, but he reminded me of someone I once knew that made me like him instantly. But soon Taco doesn’t just get himself into a harmless jam because he is climbing his girlfriend’s house to meet her, instead his life is turned completely upside down, while we simultaneously learn that it hasn’t been alright for a while now.

At first the story may have seemed like a romance, but it turned out to be something completely different and in my opinion even better. It was a real life lesson. It had me laughing out loud at first, but I was sobbing in the end. This boy’s life was just incredibly hard, even though he tried to do the right things so much. I was heartbroken over his fate and about how unfair life could be. There were so many people in his life that should have taken care of him or at least be there, but none of them were really able to do so. Especially Maggie was a real pain for me. THAT GIRL! She drove me crazy and I think she and her family could have needed some help just as much as Taco.

I liked one quote which came fairly in the end that I would like to mention at the end of this review now:

“I want rules. I want someone to tell me what to do.”

And I think that is a completely legitimate thing to want at the age of 16 or 17. We don’t have to have it all figured out yet, but sometimes life doesn’t stop to ask us if we are ready and then we just have to act. It wasn’t easy and that book had me so emotional, but Taco was a person who definitely lived his best day every day, simply because he always gave his all.

Fazit: 5/5 stars! This book has everything and you should treat yourself to Taco’s journey for sure, dingus!


What’s the last book that truly touched you in real way? Could this one maybe be the right one for you?

23 thoughts on “Anything You Want by Geoff Herbach (Book Review)

  1. yes yes and yes. you know how i felt about this book… it made me an emotional mess. Maggie’s parents could have been there for Taco too, instead of turning their backs on him – before the “do it recreationally” incident.

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    • I am not sure that it’s a book that appeals to everyone, especially because the main character’s POV is very special. Sara really had troubles getting into it at first, my guess is that she was overthinking it hahaha


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