Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, if you want to know more about it, you can just click on the name! The theme for this week is Bookworm Delights and because it’s just as easy as it sounds, let’s get started!

1. Bookish Smells! 

For one, there is just simple magic in the smell of a book. The scent of paper with ink on it, almost as if it were fresh from the press – heaven! But there is also something else I am talking about. Have you ever walked in a crowd and suddenly you smelled a scent that distinguished itself from the others and your first thought came to a specific character or book? I swear that is one of the most magnificent things to happen. If I could track down that person, I would want to be friends with them just for that.

2. When a Character Has Your Name

I guess this one is tricky, because it really depends on the character. But it’s really rare that anyone is called Katja, especially spelled like that, so it is a delight whenever it does happen.

3. Someone Reads and Likes a Book You Recommended

This just makes my heart glow! You ramble on and on about a book you like, but tastes differ, so you can’t really be mad at anyone who doesn’t like the same things you do. So, I am always nervous when I recommend something, but then there is that gem of a person who is able to fangirl along with you and the world is just alright again.

4. Matching Covers

You’d think that is a given, but publishers are weird and do horrible things to readers by changing covers mid-season or making books different heights. Even if it’s just a few millimeters, that will forever bother me when I look at my shelf now. Therefore I am grateful for all the covers that match!

5. Book Mail! 

Getting something, really anything other than ads and bills, in the mail is just THE. BEST! And then, if it’s a book, the day can only get better.

6. Bookish Dreams

Most of you people know that I dream quite frequently and mostly really weird stuff. Well, sometimes I get lucky and it’s something related to a book I am currently reading or one that I finished recently. I feel so immersed in the world, it’s like you are one of the MCs of the story!

7. Finishing a Book in One Day

I am far from being a slow reader, but I am also not a speed reader. I am somewhere inbetween. Yet, every now and then you come across that one book that you simply cannot put down and it’s one of the best feelings!

8. Discovering a Hidden Gem

There are so many books being released all the time, I can’t keep up. There is some major hype around some and barely a whisper around others. It’s a shame that some stories go unnoticed, but that’s what you are here for. When you find such a gem, cherish it and then spread the word!

9. Browsing Bookstores for Hours 

It’s fascinating how easily one can forget time when surrounded by books. I step into the shop, only wanting to take a look at the new releases and suddenly it’s three hours later and I’ve spent all the cash I had with me.

10. Having More Money/Time Than Expected

AND SPENDING IT ALL ON BOOKS! Let’s face it: reading is a way more money and time-consuming hobby than most people would like to admit. So, whenever I have the opportunity to read, I do so! Adulting is too busy anyway, everyone needs a break from all the multi-tasking.

So, what are some of your bookish delights? How does your TTT look like?