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I am STILL so behind on my tags, but I shall catch up. One tag at a time! Thanks to Keira over @Signing On for tagging me on the This or That … Book Tag! Never been a fan of making tough decisions, but now I shall do just that.

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Reading on the Sofa or on the Bed?

My bed has a metal frame, so when I want to sit half-upright, it’s not all that comfy … so, I guess I have to say sofa.

Male or Female main character?

I don’t really care, but if I look at my shelf, I guess there are more female POVs than male ones. Doesn’t necessarily mean I like them better though.

Sweet snacks or Salty snacks when reading?

That is SO dependent on my mood! But I hate it when my hands get greasy from salty food like chips, because then I am scared of touching the pages. Same with chocolate … but gummy bears or pistachios work. Hmmm … I didn’t give a proper answer to that at all … either way, snacks in general are necessary.

Trilogies or Quartets?

I like the number 3, so I am going to say trilogies.

First Person or Third Person Point of View?

Tough one, but I’d say third person POV … for no particular reason. Maybe only the same one as above … just kidding!

Reading at Night or in the Morning?

I like to let the day end on a good note. Reading at night is awesome and has kept me from going to school or work well rested as well …

Libraries or Bookshops?

Bookshops. Owning is awesome and libraries here don’t have all that many English copies, especially not new releases.

Books that make you Laugh or make you Cry?

Cry. The more intense the more likely it is going to stay in my memory.

Black or White book covers?

White covers are SO gorgeous, while I am super scared to get them dirty at the same time. It’s a struggle.

Character or Plot driven stories?

Definitely character-driven! What good is it to me if there is a ton of action going on, we are wooshing from one event to the other, but I am not connecting to anyone?

Are those the same choices you would have made? Tell me all about it!


23 thoughts on “This or That … Book Tag!

  1. Don’t worry, I am so, so late on my tags as well, haha. I’m glad you get the struggle of NOT finding your books in bookshops, it annoys me so, much, especially since I love spending hours in bookshops, well, I can’t ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I prefer the third POV as well, I’m not sure why, but I do. And YES for crying… (I feel like I’m going to cry when I can finish reading SCS…) I love a great intense book, even if I feel broken afterwards, ahah!

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  2. Loved your answers! I had the same issue with my bed, I was so relieved and happy when we moved and got a new one. Now it’s all comfy. But I still prefer to read on the couch because my couch is giant and means the world to me (there is not enough couch love). Couldn’t agree more on bookstores and libraries. My library mainly has classics and I am not a big fan. Moreover, I don’t want to return a book if I’ve loved it.

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  3. “I am STILL so behind on my tags” that my friend is the story of my life ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I prefer 3rd person as well because I feel like sometimes with first person we get stuck in the MC’s head and I don’t like it when it’s overshadowing the actual plot.
    As for books that make me cry, well I don’t cry that much (There’s something wrong with me I swear ๐Ÿ˜‚) but I laugh a lot and I love when a book manages to snatch a giggle out of me.

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  4. You are the very first person I’ve seen who talks about the difficulty with eating and reading! I so watch to eat chips but then I don’t have a hand to turn the pages and I tried eating chocolate and reading and I got a piece of chocolate on the book and when I tried to get it off, it just smudged! UGH. Awesome gifs.

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  5. Catching up on tags is the hardest! I also prefer trilogies and CRYING for sure… It is so very rare that a book would have enough impact on me to make me cry ๐Ÿ˜›

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    • I am easily entertained, so I will laugh at the most stupid jokes ever. But I need something with real impact to make me cry. I shed one tear easily as well I guess, but like real crying – that has to be special.

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