Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson (Book Review)


Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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I read this book (sort of) together with Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane Books. Our schedules didn’t work in our favour all that much this time, but we at least read it in the same week – yay to us! It’s always a blast to read with her and it’s even greater to have her to discuss ideas and theories about the book with. Make sure to check out her review in the near future!

I am a declared Morgan Matson fan, so before the new release of her latest book (The Unexpected Everything) I just HAD TO read Second Chance Summer and I do not regret that choice. The premise is fairly straight-forward, so I had a rain-cloud hanging over my head ever since page one. This is a book that had me in a sobbing mess by the end, but I am getting ahead of myself.

The book is, as the title suggests, about second chances, but in more than one way since it’s actually “split” into two stories. On the one hand, you have the family plot, with Taylor having that last summer to spend with her father yet also growing closer with the rest of her family. It was my absolute favourite part of the book! It is so very rare in YA fiction that parents or siblings play such an important role, that you get to know them just as much as you would the MC’s best friend or love interest in any other story. So, I am glad Matson made this about a topic that doesn’t get addressed much, even if it was completely heartbreaking. Up until the end I was hoping for some kind of miracle solution … just thinking about it gets me all upset again.

Then there is the other storyline, revolving around Taylor not wanting to come back to their summer house, because she had a fall out with her best friend and boyfriend there five years ago (when she was only twelve). As you can maybe already tell by my tone, I was not entirely convinced by that story. There is some animosity and in the beginning the suspense is incredible – you just need to know what happened! Yet when we finally found out, I thought that it was rather silly to have such a big fight over something like this, especially since they were still so young. I definitely wouldn’t have held the grudge for years like some people here did.

In the end, the friendship and love-parts were a good balance in terms of making the story lighter. I don’t think I could have bared all those glum feelings all the time. It was such a heartfelt story with great lessons of facing your fears and making the best of the time you get with the people you love – and of course about second chances!

Fazit: 4/5 stars! An emotional read to get you ready for summer!


Have you read Second Chance Summer? Did you enjoy it as much as me?

26 thoughts on “Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson (Book Review)

  1. Great review Kat. I need to read this book. It’s the only Morgan Matson book I have to read (this one and The Unexpected Everything) and you know how much I love heartbreaking books 😛
    And obviously, yay for the Alec Baewood gif XD

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  2. Ahah well yes, next time the schedule will work better, this week was just SO bothering. I’m always so happy to share my thoughts with you while I’m reading, though, and I can’t wait for our next buddy read! What should it be?! We have lots to read I think, ahah, Splintered, TWATD as well? 😀
    Your review was so great, and I think you summed up perfectly how I feel about this book! It was so heartbreaking, I wanted to sob all afternoon after finishing it, ahah. But yes, Taylor’s decisions and the fact that people held a grudge for SO long and for such a stupid thing…that was kind of stupid a bit, and it annoyed me.

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    • It was a busy week for us both. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to read much to and from work, so I used my day off :/ Splintered and TWATD are both an option. I kind of don’t want to start reading TWATD before I have the sequel in my hands as well hahaha I am probably going to get it next week. I’d like to read both of them in May though, so we will surely find a way.
      Thank you 😀 I wasn’t sure it made total sense. Sometimes I write my reviews when I am really tired and then I am not sure if they work hahaha
      The end WAS extremely sad, but in the end it didn’t feel right to give it 5 stars when I wasn’t on board with half the story hahaha

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  3. Great review! Glad you enjoyed this one 🙂 I remember being an absoloutely wreck after this one (my sister of whom found in fun to laugh in my face) and you’re right, overall it was an excellent balance 🙂

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  4. I absolutely loved Second Chance Summer!! My boyfriend (now I guess ex-boyfriend. He broke up with me two days ago. But that’s not the point) said the same thing about the reveal. He found it very dumb. He thought it was cheap. I mean I interpreted as people always make it worse than it seems when they are that age. I’ve done it before. And Henry and Lucy was just left on a hanger and then ignored. I would feel pretty bad. But maybe they went a bit overboard. But I sobbed so much at the ending and I loved her family so much! It’s one of my favorites this year!

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