Thanks for the Trouble by Tommy Wallach (Book Review)


Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Page Count
: 276

I’ve read Tommy Wallach‘s first novel We All Looked Up last year, so there was no way around me wanting to check out Thanks for the Trouble as well. There were some mixed reviews swirling around already when I finally got to the book and I’d like to think that they didn’t affect me, but it was unfortunately only a mediocre read for me. This will be a quick and short review for a quick read – let me explain!

From the get-go the writing style is very fun, easy-flowing and relatable. Parker has his own voice, chronicling the events of what happened in journal-like fashion and throwing in short stories he made up himself in between. I definitely enjoyed those, no matter how morbid or sad they ended up being. Yet I never really connected with him. I heard what he “said” and knew he was hurting, but I never felt with him. Now – enter Zelda.

That girl was trouble from the get go. I don’t want to give away what’s so special about her, but I thought that her behaviour didn’t fit at all to her life story. I wanted to compare Zelda to the immature version of a certain movie character that came to mind, but that would be a dead giveaway and you won’t get any Spoilers from me. But she was rash, quirky and encouraging bad behaviour in every way. She was bold and brazen, which are good things, but I didn’t think she had any right to intervene the way she sometimes did.

So, while the book had it’s highlights it never really clicked with me, which makes me a little sad. The story had some great themes about loss, love and when it is time to move on. It also really questioned your belief in what is possible, leaving you with a bit of an open end that wasn’t just really tragic but which you could interpret either way. It wasn’t terrible at all, but it wasn’t mindblowingly good either.

Fazit: 3/5 stars! A nice read for inbetween, but definitely not for everyone.


Have you heard of this book? Sorry for being so vague, but if you do pick it up, you should not know everything about it ;)!

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