Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 2-8)


Wow, with work and mother’s day mayhem, I almost forgot about Trailer Sunday *insert shocked face here*, but worry not, you shall get your weekly fix! First things first though – Happy Mother’s Day to all you fierce mama bears out there! Hope you had/have a wonderful day! Where would we be without you? (Other than probably not even alive)


Bad Moms

I don’t have words for this right now. I think it’s funny that it was the first trailer that came up when I recapped what I saw this week.

Fathers and Daughters

Why only honour mothers today? I’ve heard about this movie months ago, but apparently it’s really just getting out there now. I think it looks lovely and heartbreaking/warming.

No Stranger Than Love

I LOVE Alison Brie, I really, really do, BUT that movie looks ridiculous … not sure it’s in a good way. The voice of the narrator is terrible and … what is that whole? I am laughing, but I am not sure I should be.

Welcome to Happiness

Do I get what this movie is really about? No, but I do like some nice Indie flick on a rainy day with a cup of tea. This might just be something I’d turn to, just because of some of the cast members.

The Last King

No one (except for the narrator) talks in this trailer! They all just grunt or moan. How? Is the movie going to be that way as well? Whatever, all I could think of was that one of the dudes is from Game of Thrones.

TV Shows

Animal Kingdom (TNT)

If you are into cartel/family-drama this might be the right thing for you.

Dead of Summer (Freemform)

Now that I’ve seen the whole trailer, I don’t think this is my kind of jam. Why is Freeform taking such a dark route?

New Girl Season 5 Finale

I am going to need tissues for this Schmece episode. It’s going to be beautiful!

Did anything catch your eye? What would you like to watch?

32 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 2-8)

  1. Mila Kunis as a mum! I love her and I think I will love Bad Moms, haha. And Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate… looks like a winning cast, though the trailer looks a bit tacky imho. 😛

    And Alison Brie is doing a lot of romcoms, I feel. I’ve watched Sleeping With Other People and didn’t like it, and I’d agree that the trailer for No Stranger Than Love is a bit ????. WHAT IS THAT HOLE? What does it DO? I’ll probably still watch it though because I just love romcoms in general. 😛

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    • Yep, the cast for Bad Moms looks promising, even though the trailer doesn’t have me all that excited just yet.
      I actually liked Sleeping with Other People. I think Brie and Sudeikis work together really well. That whole is majorly confusing though. I think I’ll watch it to find out what that’s all about hahaha


  2. It’s funny, it’s Mother’s Day everywhere and, per usual, us French have to do differently, and it’s not that day ’til the end of the month ahha. It’s so weird. I needed to say this, ahah.
    Bad Moms sounds like such a fun movie, ahah I feel like I’m going to watch it.
    NEW GIRL! I am excited to see that episode, finally! ❤

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  3. Bad Moms looks HILARIOUS. Just the trailer had me cracking up, I can’t wait to watch the movie.
    Fathers and Daughters is definitely one I’m looking forward too.
    And don’t even get me started on that No stranger than love hahahhaa. Please tell me it is supposed to be caricatural, it must be done on purpose, right? RIGHT? They can’t be all that serious with that voice and that hole and that ridiculousness.
    THAT NEW GIRL TRAILER HAS ME FEELING ALL THE EMOTIONS ! I can’t waait for the episod to air.

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    • Bad Moms has a bit of blunt humour, but I think it could be great. And Fathers and Daughters just looks lovely imho.
      No Stranger Than Love HAS to be some sort of satire thing. It looks way too ridiculous to be for real.

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  4. Bad Moms sounds hilarious, and I love that cast. Fathers and Daughters seems heartbreaking, I was already sniffing in the trailer… the movie itself will kill me. No Stranger than Love looks really weird, but hey, it’s the guy from Shameless so I’m in! The Last King… what is that?! Why don’t they talk? I’m confused!

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