Splintered by A.G. Howard (Book Review)


Publisher: Amulet Books
Page Count
: 370

I’ve read Splintered together with Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane Books and man, am I glad I had her to talk with. Give her a little bit of time and then definitely check out her review, as it will be full of her wonderful thoughts about the book.

I don’t know if you knew it, but I am a massive Alice in Wonderland fan. I am not sure I would say that it has always been that way though. When I was little I used to watch the Disney version of the movie all the time, but some things just freaked me out – like the flowers or the walrus eating the adorable little clams. Thinking about it, Alice is quite the disturbing tale and therefore I shouldn’t have been surprised with the amount of creepiness in this re-imagining, yet somehow I still was. I know that everyone told me so beforehand, but I still really wasn’t ready.

Alyssa’s hobby of making art out of dead bugs and generally the amount of zombie-ish/decayed-looking things and beings scared me off a little. It just really wasn’t my kind of style and I doubt it ever will be. I prefer happy things and alive ones, however, that was the only major thing that really bothered me, so it was nothing I could not handle on the long-run (even though it still freaked me out a lot. I swear, this book did not help with my fears! But I am going to pretend I was fine with all that anyway).

But on to the story! I thought Splintered was a really unique re-telling and that seems to be fairly rare these days. Alyssa was a (head-)strong protagonist that didn’t need any saving. I think a lot of the time she would have preferred it if either one of her very different and just as intriguing suitors simply hadn’t shown up. But both of the guys have odd names and a lot of affection for Alyssa, so they needed to be part of the story. Jeb and Morpheus are definitely necessary, but I think there is more to their story still. I liked them both in their own rights, but right now Morpheus has more mystery to him and therefore more of my attention at hand.

That last paragraph made it sound like it was basically just a love story, which it definitely wasn’t. It had a lot of twists and turns, some more and others less predictable – just as it should be.

The book ended on a fairly closed note (even though I am still not okay with something happening because I think it doesn’t make sense) with a possibility for sequel (which exist as we know), but I quite liked the ending of Splintered as it was. The whole thing could have stopped just like that as well and it would have been okay, so I just hope the other books hold up. Now, I will continue with the rest of the series, not just because I already have the books at home, but also because it has a weirdly addicting quality to it. I can sort of see why Al would have to return to Wonderland, but my mind doesn’t really picture more than that at all.

Fazit: 3.5/5 stars! A very unique spin on the Alice in Wonderland theme!


Have you read the series? What did you think of it?

26 thoughts on “Splintered by A.G. Howard (Book Review)

  1. I’m a big Alice in Wonderland fan too, and more than a few potential stories have been inspired by Lewis Caroll’s tale. Hopefully I’ll be able to write one or two of them in the future. And maybe I’ll get you to read one of them (though I won’t hold my breath on it).

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  2. I’ve seen this book around – probably on Marie’s blog as well – but I’m kind of iffy on the cover for some reason so I never bothered to read the blurb or actually find out what it’s about.

    I’m REALLY not into bugs though – dead or alive, just stay out of my way and DON’T TOUCH ME, JUST DON’T. So I think I’ll be just a bit scared like you. Really glad to hear that you like it, though – and also that the two guy characters are actually necessary. That’s always a plus. 😛

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    • The covers are so bright and have tons of insects on them. I don’t like the insects either. They make my skin crawl and then in the middle of reading about talking insects, one of them landed on my page, I FREAKED OUT SO BAD! If I hadn’t been in public, it would have been a disaster.


      • My mum and pretty much everyone I know makes fun of me so much because of my insect phobia, so I try to make it seem like I don’t care when I am in public. I just freeze most of the time anyway, so it’s not even that difficult hahaha


  3. Yay! Glad to hear that you enjoyed this. Howard’s Splintered series is one of my favourite retellings of Alice in Wonderland!! It just got better and better. And I also get a bit creeped out by the Disney version!

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  4. Great review! I am SO GLAD we read this together, I think I would have been way more freaked reading this alone, ahah. The bugs kind of bothered me they were SO weird, but I have to admit it was such a brilliant world-buildiing, I loved that part of the story. Oh, that and Jeb obviously 😛 I don’t trust Morpheus and don’t really like him so far, but I’mcurious to see where it all goes next 🙂

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