Claire by Abigail Strom (Book Review)


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I was provided with an ecopy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review!

Claire is the second installment in the Hart University series by Abgail Strom. If you want to check out my thoughts on Rikki, just click here. It turned out that I had forgotten quite a bit since last year, but I was still excited when Abigail Strom contacted me and asked whether I wanted to read the sequel. The only thing I knew for sure was that I enjoyed Rikki quite a bit (except for that one thing Sam did) and definitely wanted to read on.

In the second book, we are still within the same group of friends, but Claire and Will take center stage! They both have been pining for each other for a while now, but even though they are finally single, the timing doesn’t seem right. So, it was obviously a little frustrating that they always drew the wrong conclusions about their feelings for each other, but at the same time they had a hilarious, adorable and very enjoyable friendship. Don’t get me wrong, their was still typical NA steaminess, yet there was also focus on other topics. I really liked the side-themes of exploring who you are by yourself and how to cope when life throws you an unexpected curveball, because they gave the story a lot more depth. It was just as much about friendship as it was about love in the end.

The whole book is written in double POV and I was so glad about that, because we got to see WHY each one of the two did or said what they thought was right. Usually I get really frustrated or annoyed with one party because I cannot comprehend their actions, but this way I got insight into both their thought processes.

Finally, I think that Claire was a really fun and quick read that makes me want to continue on with the series. I feel like Claire and Will’s story didn’t leave as much room for other side-characters the way Rikki‘s did, but I am looking forward to exploring them more in the sequels!

Fazit: 4/5 stars! Such a fun read about friends turned lovers!


Did you read Rikki? Do you want to read Claire?

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    • NA stands for New Adult. So contrary to Young Adult books, it has protagonists from 18 to their 20s, being confronted mostly with college and being on their own. Also more mature stuff and they definitely don’t skim on sex.


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