New TV Shows You Might Have Missed … (ABC)


I guess most of you know my weekly feature where I present movie trailers and TV promos that I’ve found during the week. Well, it’s that time of the year where a bunch of new shows pop up at once and I think those posts would get way too long. So, I’ve decided to concentrate on movies on the Sunday posts and split up the TV portion into the different networks and channels. I already showed a bunch of teasers for ABC’s shows, but I now present to you the whole trailers for possible new TV addictions:

Time After Time

So, the first sentence of the trailer is also what I would say to you!

Still Star-Crossed

It looks pretty good. Different than what I thought it would be, but still intriguing. I pictured something more along the lines of several generations actually being cursed, but whatever.


This is for all the Hayley Atwell fans out there. It’s really different from her last show, but she’s still playing a bold character, so here’s to that.


Live TV is difficult and the life of a producer of such a show is so stressful. I think I might like it.

Imaginary Mary

I remain of the opinion that this looks weirdly hilarious while I wonder if I can stand that imaginary something for a whole season.

Downward Dog



I didn’t really know what to think about it when I saw the short promo, but I am kind of digging this.

American Housewife

Yeah, that’s one too many comedies for ABC. They can’t all survive.

Designated Survivor

I am afraid this is not my cup of tea, but for completion’s sake I’ll still show you the trailer. Then again, Maggie Q is good in conspiracy stuff …

Is there something in there for you? What do you want to watch?

34 thoughts on “New TV Shows You Might Have Missed … (ABC)

  1. I’ll probably give Notorious a try but unfortunately for the show, it will have to suffer the comparison to The Newsroom. You can’t show me a news producer without my mind racing to my favorite TV show ever. As nothing can be as good, I’ll try not to be narrow-minded. That’s another show I’m adding to the list of things I’m gonna watch because of you, along with Gilmore Girls and Conviction xD

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  2. Designated Survivor looks so good (even if it reminds me of something I’ve written). I can’t wait to see it. And speaking of Hayley Atwell, did you know there’s a petition going around online to get Agent Carter moved to Netflix for a third season?


  3. Time After Time looks incredibly good. I’m not sure how they’ll have material for more than 13 episodes, but I’m kind of excited for the concept.
    I’ll give Conviction a try, because I love those kind of shows, and hello… Hayley Atwell!
    Notorious is not really my thing, though I love Piper Perabo.
    Imaginary Mary is a NO for me. I love Jenna Elfman, but the concept is weird, and the imaginary friend is even weirder.
    Downward Dog… what even is that? It’s funny, sure, but way to out there for me.
    Speechless YES! oh wow, this one seems so different and interesting.
    I like the concept of American Housewife, the actress is gorgeous, though her voice is a tiny bit on the annoying side.
    Ultimatly, Designated Survivor seems very interesting. It looks like a mix of 24, the white house and quantico.

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  4. I really-really (really) love your blog. I’ve been trying to find some new TV shows to watch in… forever now. Now I have so many I MUST watch! And also a lot of book tags I would love to do on my blog, so… yes, I love this blog (:


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