New TV Shows You Might Have Missed … (FOX)


I told you those trailers would just be rolling in now! FOX doesn’t have the best track record of keeping the shows that I liked, but they renewed Lucifer for a second season – which was unexpected but I am super happy about! I would have been so mad if they had ended it on a cliffhanger. But here are the new things that FOX wants us to watch:

Making History

Adam Pally AND Leighton Meester – no matter how silly this looks, I AM GOING TO WATCH IT!


I love the idea of this! Sports dramas are getting more popular, so I am looking forward to a woman being at the center of it.


Considering that this was made by the same people as Empire, I am optimistic.

Shots Fired

I watched this and was wondering how it could be anything more than a mini-series and then the words “Event-Series” grazed the screen and I felt so proud for being able to deduce that from the beginning hahaha

Prison Break

WTF? After 8 years they are continuing the show??? I never expected that to happen to be honest. I wonder how that’s going to to affect their gig on Legends of Tomorrow …

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

If this works, it’s going to be amazing. But I will hold of judgement until I actually see an episode.

Lethal Weapon

I am not sure it was necessary to make this into a show. Why are they making everything into a show these days?

24: Legacy

I couldn’t even stomach the final couple of seasons of 24, so I doubt that I’ll be into a remake.


The concept of a privatized police kind of scares me. Am I the only one?

The Mick

I have no words. This looks like such a mess!

Son of Zorn

Just nope. Comedies are getting weirder and weirder this season … I wonder how they shot that though. Was their a dude in motion-sensor-suit? Or did they just act with nothing?

The Exorcist

Guess who’s not going to watch this because she’s a wuss – ME! THAT’S RIGHT!

How about today? Any shows you might want to check out?

16 thoughts on “New TV Shows You Might Have Missed … (FOX)

  1. I love these posts you’re doing! I’m so happy, because it keeps me up to date with shows I need to keep my eye on. I love the trailer for Pitch, so I definitely have to watch that. I’m excited for Prison Break too, because let’s be real. It’s Prison Break. APB sounds great too, but privatized police? I don’t see how that would turn out well. I want to try to watch the Exorcist too, but it looks terrifying. I don’t believe in any of it -like ghosts or supernatural beings- yet it looks terrifying.

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    • Again, SO HAPPY TO HEAR IT!
      Yes, Pitch! I need to watch it! And so I do with Prison Break and APB. I am kind of amazed at how many shows with potential they are going to start. Downside to that, they definitely won’t keep them all.

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  2. Well, I will be watching The Exorcist, even if it turns out to be terrible, because THE POWER OF HORROR COMPELS ME! THE POWER OF HORROR COMPELS ME!
    Also, glad to hear the Rocky remake is a TV movie, because I doubt that would have done well as a theatrical release. Still, I wonder that it’s going to be on network TV. Then again, we’re a lot more liberal with what we allow on TV these days, so who knows?


  3. The one that looks the best on this list is Pitch- but I might not even watch that, cos like you said about “Lethal Weapon”- why does everything have to be a show? A movie about the same story I might have watched- but a show that has lord-knows how many episodes- probably not :/ And there is no way I’m watching the Exorcist- cos like you I’m a wuss!!

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  4. Making History and Pitch look amazing. I want to watch both. Not sure how Pitch will work as a full fledged series, but we’ll see.
    Star looks good, and it has amazing actors.
    Shots Fired is probably the best trailer of them all, this limited show should be spectacular.
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show will actually be a show? or is it an event?
    you’re right about them making movies into shows… what’s up with that? still, Lethal Weapon looks kind of good, though I’m not 100% sold on the actors.
    The concept of APB is interesting, though I’m not sure how it would work. I’ll watch the pilot of that one either way.
    The Mick looks weird and hilarious, and so over the top that there are no words… i might have to watch it.
    I’m not even seeing the trailer of the exorcist.
    The Prison Break trailer actually looks good! I read that it wouldn’t interfere at all with Legends

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    • I am not sure about Pitch as a series either. Maybe it will be an event series too in the end?
      I did poor research on Rocky Horror hahaha it’s a TV movie.
      I think most shows look really great but there are too many. They can’t keep them all.
      Well … concerning Legends … at least one person isn’t really an issue anymore I guess.

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