New TV Shows You Might Have Missed … (CBS)


So, I messed up last time. I thought I posted CBS trailers, but in truth, they were all NBC ones (except Star Trek). So, if you want to see NBC’s line-up, you can check it out here. There are so many new shows coming, even I get confused. But here’s what CBS has to offer for real now:


Well, I guess this is what Tony left NCIS for … I like shows about body language and detecting lies and so on. It just reminds me of my love for Lie to Me.

The Great Indoors

Definitely going to watch this! Joel McHale AND Stephen Fry – awesome!


Not sure how I feel about Lucas’ long hair or the show itself. I guess it could be fun, but why couldn’t they be more original?

Pure Genius

This feels weirdly utopian and it makes me sad and hopeful. As I said … weird.

Training Day

Another show that is based on a movie. I am not strictly against it, but I also don’t think that every movie is suitable for a long-running format. This might work, but ugh … another cop show …

Man with a Plan

I didn’t find it all that funny, which makes me sad because it’s Matt Leblanc …

Kevin Can Wait

Maybe I am just not that much into comedies anymore? This also isn’t really for me I guess.

So, something in there for you? Tell me about it in the comments!

10 thoughts on “New TV Shows You Might Have Missed … (CBS)

    • Preacher is already starting next week, so it won’t be on any of my lists. And it’s AMC. I don’t think I’ll have enough promos from that network to make it a separate post hahaha but I heard a lot of hype too. I really like Dominic Cooper and Joseph Gilgun, so it could be cool!


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