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So, I saw Stephanie @Adventures of a Bibliophile do the Outlander Book Tag and even though I wasn’t tagged (she basically tagged everyone though), I could not resist doing this myself. I hope you enjoy!

Side Note: only rule to this tag is to not answer with Outlander!

You touch some standing stones, and you get transported back in time. What year would you end up in? 

*fingers crossed it’s not too far in the past* As romantic and fantastic as it would be to go back in time to see something like Austrian monarchy in full bloom, I don’t think I want to go further than the 1920s. So, let’s just say that. At least they had the technology to already make selfies already (I am totally kidding, okay!).

Claire is a good nurse. But what type of skill would you want that a fictional character excels at?

I want to say some kind of  superpower, but I am going to try and stay in the realm of realism. I would love to have Marguerite’s (Firebird series) painting and drawing skills, capturing a person’s essence. I am not sure how helpful that would be if I ever get sent back in time, but who knows? Maybe I’ll draw a portray of someone important and that will give me an in to the it crowd.

Jamie and Claire are the ultimate relationship goals. Who is your favorite fictional couple?

That’s a bit of a tough one, there are so many great fictional couples. I think I am not going wrong with choosing Cath and Levi from Fangirl though. Those two are adorbs!

The ending of Outlander was shocking. What is one book that you read that totally blew your mind? 

Again, I just have to say the Red Rising trilogy. I still can’t cope with some of the things that have happened.

Scotland has lots of castles and we see a few in Outlander. What fictional kingdom would you want to live in?

So, this is not just visiting, this is living? I would love to see the different courts from A Court of Thorns and Roses. Not sure which one of them I would like to live in, because I still haven’t read A Court of Mist and Fury. But I could visit them all and then make my decision.

Outlander has some very steamy scenes. What is your favorite romance novel?

Picking a favourite is always so difficult. Let’s say it is not my number one, but it is definitely high up there – My Life Next Door (even though it doesn’t have steamy scenes as far as I can remember). If I had to go for steamy … hmmm … the last one I read and really liked was Nowhere But Here.

The Jacobite Rebellion is a huge plot point in Outlander. What is one of your favourite battles from a book?

I don’t really read books with battle scenes, but the books in the Worldwalker series always lead to some sort of big stand off in the end that’s pretty epic!

Jamie and Claire get married very unexpectedly. What fictional character would you like to marry on a whim?

Julian Blackthorn. There – done! I made a decision and didn’t even think about it for hours on end. I know, I am surprised too, but Julian is smart and kind and strong and warm and lovable.

Scotland is a very beautiful place. What fictional world would you love to visit?

I am currently reading The Rose and the Dagger and I would really love to see Khorasan as it is described in the book. I have a feeling that it would be too hot there for me, but I still want to feel the sun, smell the roses and eat the food they are always describing and that makes me hungry.

If you could change the past, would you?

Not on purpose. Messing with time is dangerous, but I am also a big klutz and I wouldn’t be surprised if I did something by accident and that having some sort of ripple effect …


EVERYONE! I wasn’t officially tagged but I saw it and knew I wanted to take part, so if you feel the same, consider yourself tagged now!

12 thoughts on “The Outlander Book Tag

  1. This is so sad… but I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned in your answer (well aside from The Great Gatsby but I guess 1920s was your answer). But I really want to read My Life Next Door this summer because I’ve heard only fantastic things about that one. And possibly even Fangirl since I know so many Rainbow Rowell fans. 😉 Plus, fluffy contemporaries are the best. Anyway, great answers, Kat!

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