Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 30 – June 5)


As per usual it is TRAILER SUNDAY! I don’t have a lot to offer this week, but there are some nice/funny/interesting things in there, so enjoy:


Monster Truck

This looks ridiculous but also hilarious. They are like squishy transformers.


NEED. TO. SEE. THIS! I am afraid they once again show too much in the trailer. If they stopped around 1:2o it would have been fine too.


So, what is this? A modern day, violent and devoid of colour Robin Hood tale?

The Fundamentals of Caring

I love the look of this! Netflix can do (almost) no wrong!

TV Shows

The Arrangement (E!)

I am beyond excited to watch this. Back in the day, I couldn’t take E! seriously, but ever since The Royals, I have trust in them that they can come up with some seriously addicting shows. People say this one seems like the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise/Scientology story and I can’t argue with it seeming “inspired” by it. Cannot wait!

UnREAL Season 2

SOON!!!! Like June 6th kind of soon. I AM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!

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