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I am SUPER late on all tags and awards once more. I am trying my best to keep up, but sometimes it’s no use. So, I am grateful for everyone’s patience and especially for Savannah @The Book Prophet, Puput @Unboxing My Thoughts, Blanca @A Girl’s Voyage and Lisa @Nefarious Reader because they all nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Even though I might not respond to these posts immediately, I really appreciate each and every nomination!

The Rules:

– Thank the person who nominated you.
– Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions to answer.

Savannah’s Questions:

If you could go back in time to fix a mistake you’ve made or to change something, what would it be?

Oh … hmm … I don’t think I want to mess with time. What if me not making the mistake I made would change my life COMPLETELY. I know, that sounds like I am terribly full of myself but I quite like where I ended up, even if things aren’t perfect. And you learn from mistakes. They sort of make you who you are.

If you could pick a place in time to travel to, when and where?

Some cool party in the 1920s for sure! (That’s my standard time travel answer. I liked The Great Gatsby way too much)

Pick one fictional object you’d like to own.

Sonic Sunglasses – the most practical thing ever and they are way less conspicuous than a Sonic Screwdriver.

Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender? Totally random, because that changes every week to maybe even every day. But my dedication to those two remains and they are a couple, which is like double nice.

What is your current favorite TV show?

I just binged Hindsight and even though it would go a little far to say that it is my favourite show, it sure stuck in my mind.

Name three fandoms you are a part of.

Whovians, Sherlockians, Shadowhunters.

Favorite childhood character?

I just recently went on a nostalgia trip, looking at the intros to my favourite TV shows from my childhood. I really adored Scheherazade.

Favorite superhero movie?

Chronicle – ha! Bet you didn’t expect something so non-mainstream (but I simply couldn’t decide among those).

If a zombie apocalypse were to happen, pick your weapon of choice, food of choice, shelter of choice, and fictional character to bring along with you.

I want to have a bow and arrow, because I don’t think I would be good at face to face combat and guns freak me out. I want a lifetime ration of mac and cheese and Alec Lightwood with me. Let’s face it, I would just give him the bow and arrow and he’d be way better at the whole archery stuff to protect us, while giving off perfectly snarky comments. I’d love it.

Most anticipated book release of the year.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer is definitely a strong contender, because I love all things Alice.

If you could choose one book that you’d be able to adapt into a movie your way, what would it be and who would you cast, where would you shoot, who would write the script, etc?

Too many questions at once! I just know that I finally want The Night Circus to be turned into a movie. I have no proper answers for the rest of that question though – not yet! That needs like months more of thinking about.

Puput’s Questions:

Let’s start simple. What is your absolute, all-time favorite book?

Hahaha! Good one! HOW IS THAT EASY! I cannot choose – I refuse (sorry, but it’s probably Red Rising, The Martian, Inkheart, The Thief Lord or something like that).

What book caught your heart for the first time?

So many books! I was always a bookworm from a very young age on. I think Momo by Michael Ende was definitely up there somewhere.

What do you do to get over a book hangover?

Just not read for a little while. I know that might sound like weird advice, but I am equally addicted to TV shows, so I can always turn to that for a little while.

What do you think of love triangle in a book?

I know that’s controversial, but I like them. Believe it or not, they are not made up by authors, they do happen in real life and it’s definitely messy and not pretty. So, if a love triangle is done right, I am all on board.

Where’s your favorite place to read?

Any place that has lots of pillows and cushions and a surface where I could put a cup of tea without it falling over.

How do you organize your bookshelves?

I have mini-rainbows and then just chaos. I do not have the patience to truly organise it.

If you could pick one character from a book and live her/his life for one day, who would it be?

Reading ACOMAF makes me want to be Feyre for one day. But really only for that one day.

Who’s your favorite book reviewer?

Again, I am incapable of choosing so here are just a few of my favourite reviewers: CátiaCristina, Fadwa, Flo, JennaMarie, Reg, …

Aside from your blog & goodreads, to whom do you usually rave about books?

My cousin! She has to endure all my bookish talk, but she loves reading just as much, so I think she doesn’t mind it.

What do you think about book to movie adaptation?

There are really terrible ones and sometimes I like the movie better than the book. It happens! *cough*Me and Earl and the Dying Girl*cough*

Tell me three things you love as much as books and why.

  • TV shows, because they are just as much of an escapism as books
  • My family and friends, because life would be miserable had I to walk through it alone
  • Music, because it is the soundtrack and mood to everything I do

Blanca’s Questions:

Neon or pastel?

Pastel. I just like soft colours.

Sweet, savoury, sour or bitter?

Savoury for sure! (although I need something sweet or sour every now and then)

What are your main inspiration sources?

Random photos, songs, dreams.

Do you have any collections? If so, how large?

Don’t get me started on that one. I have quite a lot of Doctor Who merch and I collected autographs as well as Smurf figures. I also have Charmed trading cards and countless other stuff that I probably don’t need but can’t part with. I also have a feeling I will develop a Funko Pop obsession.


Three things that make you laugh

Buzzfeed, reading my old writing and Daniel Sloss.

Which are your favourite books? (see above)

What books are you looking forward to reading?

Let’s just take a look at my current June TBR for that.

Favourite  TV shows?

The Newsroom, UnREAL, The Royals, Younger, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, The Shannara Chronicles, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Misfits, Being Human, Our Girl, Torchwood, Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, Teen Wolf, The Magicians, iZombie, all the Chicago shows … Do you want me to go on? Because I am not even halfway through my list!

Top items on your bucket list.

  • Publish a book
  • Have a say in casting a big blockbuster/book adaptation (not my own, although that would be cool too)
  • Work in an English-speaking country

What would you like to see in a short story?

A conclusion that doesn’t leave me wanting more or needing answers. I am not that picky about the topic.

Lisa’s Questions:

At what age did you start reading for enjoyment?

Always! Seriously, for as long as I can remember, reading was just so much fun. I always wanted to do it.

What’s your favourite book-to-movie adaptation?

The Book Thief, P.S. I Love You, The Notebook, The Book Thief – just to mention a couple.

Which book did you hate so much you couldn’t finish it?

I honestly can’t remember ever truly hating a book. Maybe something for school? My mind is drawing up a blank.

Do you enjoy reading big books (500+ pages) or thinner books?

There’s definitely nothing wrong with longer books, but ever since I started reading like a gazillion books per month, I am more content with books about 300-350 pages long. You can just get to so much more during that time.

In what Hogwarts house have you been sorted?


What’s your second-favourite book?

Intriguing question, but since I couldn’t answer what my favourite is, I also cannot answer that.

What’s a very popular book that you have never read?

Not sure it counts, but I haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles yet, but I intend to do that soon!

Thanks for bearing with me through all those questions! Have a great weekend!

18 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. I feel your pain, I always seem to be behind on tags… And then they all want to know your favourite something, and I can never answer that! I list a hundred like you do 😛 I love your Pop vinyl – I know what you mean, they’re so cute, I want to be able to afford getting addicted to them too

    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s just so much in my drafts, as soon as I get one thing done, two new ones seem to be added hahaha
      I wish the Funko merch would be more affordable. I am so excited to get a mystery mini with my Owlcrate this month 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Can I come to the 1920s party too?? That would be awesome.
    I wouldn’t mind be Feyre for one day too… you know in one of her good days and with Rhys by her side if possible XD
    I know for sure you could had way more tv shows to that list. It’s you Kat, you love your tv shows 😀


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