Video Rage by Rami Ungar (Book Review)


**I  was provided with a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review!**

Some of you may remember me reading the first part of the series, Reborn City, by my friend and fellow blogger Rami Ungar last year. I am still not entirely on board with the covers, but I am happy to see that a lot more effort went into this one. Also, having read the story it really makes sense and that’s definitely important.

Now, in Video Rage, we jump right back into the story. I was glad that the Hydras way of talking wasn’t as distracting as it was in the last book, probably because they were in a different kind of environment where their slang wasn’t really needed so much. I still can’t believe that the main character, Zahara, is only 15 years old though. Somehow that just doesn’t feel completely right, even though she can still be naive sometimes.

I am a little torn when it comes to the personal relationships of the members of the Hydras. On the one hand, I feel like Rami tried to show the connections between all the members, but on the other hand I felt that they were much more present in the previous book. That’s probably also why I felt a little less connected this time around. It was all written there, but it simply didn’t click. Everything just seemed to fall into place a little too nicely sometimes.

Nevertheless, the book was fast paced and had a great villain in 011. He was wicked and cruel and I actually didn’t want to read the sequences where he made his symphony sometimes. This book gave him a couple more layers, which was great, although it would have been interesting to find out something about his life before he became who he came to be. I think it would generally be intriguing if the people with superpowers could remember their past or maybe suddenly had someone from their past pop up.

Finally, Rami has a certain talent for ending a story. His epilogue always makes you wonder what will happen next and that’s basically what keeps you hooked in a book.

Fazit: 3/5 stars! Unfortunately I didn’t feel as connected with the characters or story as I did in the first book, but I still would like to know how the series wraps up!


Could you see yourself picking up Video Rage or the Reborn City series in general?

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