TV Obsessions: Twisted Edition


Have you missed my TV posts? Because I sure have! It looks like all I do is read, but maaaan, are you wrong! I can’t even start the day with a happy face without having watched one or one gazillion shows first. I want to use today to talk about my latest discoveries, which are all a bit twisted and/or dark in their own way. It’s weird, because those are not series I would usually seek out, being the carefree and happy person that I am *cough* not *cough*, but those have all captured me and I can’t get over how great they are!

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is based on the Australian movie of the same title, but has now been adapted for TV and is set in California. I have to say I never watched the film, but I have heard mixed opinions about the show from people who have. I am not afflicted that, so I can only tell you that I love it!

I never intended to watch it, but then I saw a promo with the guy who plays Kalf on Vikings and I was like “I NEED TO SEE THIS!” and I haven’t regretted it since. There is this weird incestuous vibe about the criminal family and while it’s strange, it is done so well, I could not look away. You wonder about the nature of everyone’s relationship all the time. There are no real good guys either, which just seems wrong, but makes it so beautifully twisted. I definitely love the visuals and there are already memes with drinking games for the show, e.g. whenever someone is just running around naked or cries on their mother’s lap!

The Last Tycoon

I can’t really show you a proper trailer for this one, but you have to trust me that it’s amazing. Lily Collins and Matt Bomer are already pretty great indications for the awesomeness of the show, but you can check out the pilot on Amazon yourself to see the glory that is The Last Tycoon. It’s based on the unfortunately unfinished novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and takes place during the 30s in Hollywood, which is just a brilliant era for a setting anyway.

When I watched it, it was slow and visually gorgeous and took some unexpected turns. There is a darkness and twistedness to it, but also so much idealism. The casting is superb and I truly hope to see more of it soon.

American Gothic

Do you want to know why I started watching this? I saw Elliot Knight and just started swooning and saying “Oh, it’s Ely from Dreamer” and then I realised that virtually no one would know what that means. That’s what happens when you get really intense about the casting of your own WIP but you haven’t shared it enough with the world for people to actually know about it. Either way, he is cool and that family is majorly twisted. Also, tricky to tell who is good and who is just purely evil. I like it a lot!

Would you watch any of those shows? What are your current summer TV obsessions?

21 thoughts on “TV Obsessions: Twisted Edition

  1. Still watching Gilmore Girls! I had to stop for a while because there was just no time, but I miss them! I just started season 4.
    Whenever I spend time in front of the TV, I feel like I’m cheating on my books 😦

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  2. Oo I want to watch The Last Tycoon! I love Lily Collins, I saw an advert on Amazon so I need to go over to Amazon Prime and check it out. Is it an episode which you vote on to see if they should make it into their next series? (I think I read that it was)

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  3. American Gothic looks cool. When does that come out?
    Also, since most of my shows are off for the summer, and Teen Wolf is delayed till…what? November?…I’ve been pretty obsessed with Scream. They’ve had a pretty good season so far. And I’m having a lot of trouble picking out the killer, because everyone who would be a suspect is either too big to be the killer, or has an alibi for when the killer attacks! God, those writers are good.


  4. Hey Kat! Just wanted to say hi, and propose a fun idea. I’m thinking of starting an collaborative fiction blog project in the near future with 8-10 bloggers – something like an interactive grand adventure story novel type thing. If you’re interested/intrigued, let me know here or on my blog!


    • I feel very honored that you thought of me for this project! Thank you so much! However, I am afraid that I barely have time for anything these days and I am not sure I could take on another responsibility. I will gladly check out the project when it’s up though!


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