June “Royalty” OwlCrate Unboxing!


As I’ve mentioned in the previous month, I have finally ordered my very first OwlCrate box. If you have no idea what that means, OwlCrate is a monthly book subscription box. You neither know which book you are going to get, nor which 2-3 awesome goodies it will include. There is a different theme for each month, but you can find out more details by clicking here. Now, I hope no one considers themselves spoiled by this post, but I think the 1st of July is a legit day to do the unboxing.

The Book

The book is *drum rolls* My Lady Jane and I absolutely adore it already. It’s an alternative historical YA Fantasy novel, changing the life of Lady Jane Grey completely. The authors wrote quite the stunning and also funny letter for all the OwlCrate recipients and even included a paper crown – I felt so royal. I didn’t know much about the book going in though and I don’t really want to give away anything now either, so just let me tell you that it’s hysterical. I laughed out loud several times while being on public transport, which caused strangers to glare at me, but I didn’t even care. This book is bound to life your spirits!

The Goodies

You’ll see the pictures of everything at the end of the post, but here is some info on the content of the box.

  • Magnetic bookmarks by craftedvan – which are absolutely adorable. They were made exclusively for the box and are a king, queen and carriage!
  • A bracelet by RichShoppeLove – it’s a quote from the Lunar Chronicles, which makes me want to pick up the books even more!
  • A print by Evie Bookish – inspired by Red Queen, it fit the theme perfectly
  • Funko Mystery Mini – I was SO excited about them, because I have a slight obsession with mystery minis. The suspense of which one you are going to get is just the greatest. They were all part of the Disney Princess mystery minis and I got Tiana from Princess and the Frog, which makes me happy, because I was already considering buying her as a pop figure. SHE IS SO ADORABLE!
  • Sneak Peek card for next month! I am not going say what it said on the back, but it’s commonly known that the theme for July is Good vs. Evil. For the first time ever, there will be two different boxes inspired by heroes and villains, namely from Harry Potter, Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland. I AM SO EXCITED! (Yes, that means I will get it again!)

So, as mentioned above, the July box will be “Good vs. Evil”-themed. There are only very few spots left and the biggest excitement is that no one will know which of the two possible boxes they will get. So, if you want to order one before it is too late, just click here and don’t forget to use the code WELCOME15 to get 15% off your first order!

What do you think? Would you want a box as well? Have you ordered one before?

36 thoughts on “June “Royalty” OwlCrate Unboxing!

  1. This box looks so good, the bookmarks are so cute.
    My Lady Jane as well, ah! Super excited to see what you think of that, I need to get it especially as now you have intrigued me saying its hysterical!
    Great Post Kat 🙂

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  2. The Funko Mini is SO CUTE! Tiana is my favorite Disney princess. I’ve heard awesome things about My Lady Jane, so I hope that you enjoy it! I’ve never done an OwlCrate box myself; Uppercase Box is where my heart lies ❤ but maybe someday. It looks like a ton of fun. (:

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    • Tiana is the best! I wouldn’t have minded getting Merida, Ariel or Jasmin. And Target or Hot Topic or whatever, they had Poccahontas and Mulan. They would have been awesome too. You see .. I just love all of them.
      I want to try so many subscription boxes, but they are so expensive with the shipping costs to my country. I can only do one at a time.

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  3. What a grrrrrrreat bookish box you have going on here, Kat 😀

    I am seriously jealous, My Lady Jane is rocking goodreads and I am in need of getting it 🙂 I have never gotten an owlcrate and always envy bloggers who do. One day I’ll definitely get one.

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    • I spent my entire book budget on the box last month and didn’t buy any other ones! :O That was not easy. But I decided to get the July one as well, because I just like getting surprise boxes hahaha (and it has a full size funko pop)

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      • I am seriously running low on books now and it’s making me anxious. EVERYTHING IS MAKING ME ANXIOUS! So, I try not to give a fudge … and just do what makes me happy. Book boxes are a big part of that 🙂

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  4. The box envy I feel whenever I read these, yet the satisfaction because they’re always so damn fine XD This box seems PERFECT – one day I tell myself, one day! 😉 Great post by the way, I love the photos! 🙂

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