TTT: Facts about Me, Myself and I


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week they want us to talk about ourselves … ten whole new facts about me … that’s not going to be easy, but here we go!

I don’t have Pokemon Go

I feel like that’s the most important topic at the moment and I also know that you are probably being like “Whaaaat?” and I get it. How did I escape the frenzy? Well, it’s not out in my country yet, so I am not saying I will never get it, but I can’t right now. But even after that, I would probably only be able to play it outside 2 days of the month, because by then I’d be all out of mobile data. How do people just run around all month long with that?

When I was younger I preferred big books …

I obviously don’t anymore or what else would this statement be about? With my busy reading schedule and all the new releases and sequels and whatnot, I just start groaning whenever a book is more than 350 pages long. I am not saying that long books are bad, not at all! Yet, I can’t help but want to get through it quickly, even when I adore a story.

I’m obsessed with obsessing

Whenever I truly like something, I am ALL IN! Mostly I can’t stop thinking about it and then I need to express that somehow. I have been known to crochet or sow figures that looked like characters from shows. Or I just paint them … that’s also an option, although not one I have been using lately. Here’s a look at my little Sherlock:


I don’t use bookmarks

I like how they look and  I would definitely collect them, but I don’t like to use them while reading. I much prefer post its or index cards, because then I can randomly take notes (of the book or something else entirely).

Love/Hate relationship with Hardcovers

I LOVE how hardcovers look, but lets face it, they are super impractical to take to work or wherever else you need to go. They are heavy, don’t tend to be very flexible and I am like immensely scared to destroy their beauty somehow. Also, major con is that they are way more expensive than paperbacks. Still, I am kind of double happy whenever I do receive a hardcover.

If I could meet any author …

… who wouldn’t have guessed that it’d be Pierce Brown? I am so very predictable in that regard. However, all my fangirling aside, if for whatever unrealistic reason (since this is just a dream scenario anyway), he wouldn’t be available, I’d like to meet either Morgan Matson, Cassandra Clare, Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, Rainbow Rowell, Sarah J Maas, David Levithan or John Green … Did I mention that I was also really bad at making decisions? They all seem like such cool people, but sometimes I am not even sure Pierce is real … just look at him!


I want to be a writer, but …

… but I suck at staying consequent when it comes to writing and editing. It’s not even that I doubt my skills (well, only half the time), but TIME! BRAIN CELLS! I don’t seem to have those very crucial things. I don’t know how others do it. I seem to have no organisational skills whatsoever when it comes to my private life.

I love getting mail!

Any kind of mail! (Except for bills and advertisement) My close friends know this and remember to send me postcards or letters whenever they are away. I tried to bombard my American friends with them after leaving from my exchange semester, but I never really got anything back. People either aren’t patient enough or they don’t want to pay for the 2 dollar stamp … I don’t know and I am not even saying that I am very good at writing letters. But man, do I love to receive it and therefore I try.

I collect notebooks

I love them so much! They are always so pretty and then I HAVE TO HAVE THEM! But … I am always scared of writing in them, because what if I don’t like what I wrote and then the notebook is messed up? However, I do have a Little Prince journal and a TARDIS dream journal (because people will confirm that I have the weirdest dreams).

I never expected to love blogging so much!

This may sound stupid and like I am running out of ideas … which I am, but lets not stray from the topic. I started blogging and in my mind I was only going to do it for a couple of weeks or months max and now we are here, three years later and I can’t even imagine life without it. Sure, sometimes there is the not so nice pressure, but generally I just love it and most of all because of the people I met here. I talk to so many of you on a daily basis and not just about books either, but about life happening. It’s such a comfort to have you all! ❤

Now, did you do your own TTT? Link back here and I will happily check it out!

67 thoughts on “TTT: Facts about Me, Myself and I

  1. I have the same strange relationship with hardcovers. I like them, a lot, and let’s be honest they are GORGEOOUS, but so unpractical and I’m always scared to ruin their beauty somehow 😦
    I love notebooks as well, even if I probably don’t own that many, I tend to, well…buy them and then not write in them because I don’t know why hahha.

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  2. I love reading these posts.. and add my two cents!
    1. fellow-austrian here, waiting for pokemon go haha
    2. thank you for the index card/bookmark tip! taking notes is something I should have picked up a lot earlier while reading.. whoops.
    3. notebooks are REALLY pretty, I have a similar addiction with pocket calendars – and then I hardly use them.. meh.

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  3. Thank goodness you have escaped the Pokemon Go stupidity. Sorry, I am such a hater (the pre-teenager version of myself would be disappointed)

    PIERCE BROWN IS BAE ❤ Like, it's unreal how good looking and freaking funny he is (or seems after instagram stalking). Plus, he's a writer. Damn, that's like boyfriend for bookworms goals.

    And hardcovers? Yeah, I own only 2 or 3 because I am no friend of being smashed in the face when I fall asleep reading :/

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    • Don’t be offended! I was thinking more along the lines of what isn’t really possible or likely in my opinion. I don’t actually think it’s that impossible to meet up with the people I met through blogging in real life though. Does that make sense?


      • Very much. And don’t worry, I was just messing with you.
        By the way, I applaud you for not getting caught up in this Pokemon GO obsession. It’s a total waste of time, in my opinion, and has already led to lots of trouble: businesses and even a Holocaust museum telling people not to look for Pokemon on their premises, people using the game to commit robberies, and even one woman finding a corpse while searching for water Pokemon. I’m telling you, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed by being careless while playing the game.


      • I heard there were people falling off bridges and running into traffic … so I am surprised no one is dead yet. However, I do think that Pokemon Go is not useless. It gets people outside and engaging with each other and that is something very few games can achieve.


      • Speaking of which, I just read a Freshly Pressed (or “Discover,” as it’s now called) article about the game. The author says that after a couple of months, people will calm down a bit and the game will mostly be played by dedicated users. God, I hope that’s true! We’ve got bigger things to worry about than where we can find a Vulpix!

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  4. Receiving mail is the best thing ever!! My friend from college recently mailed me a postcard and I literally squealed with delight when I found it in the mailbox 😀 That’s definitely one of the bonuses of college– you receive a lot of mail and care packages! 🙂 Great list!

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  5. I just returned from vacation and the first thing I did when I got home was download Pokemon Go, HAHA. I’m worried about mobile data too because my plan is super shitty… and my battery too. I’ll probably end up buying a power bank to fuel my obsession.

    Also I’m not a huge author person but Pierce Brown looks hot. OMG is this appropriate, I don’t even know. But that’s seriously what crosses my mind whenever I see one of his pics. xD


  6. I think it’s not a surprise to anyone that you would love to meet Pierce XD
    I have same hate/love relationship with hardcovers. If I could I would have every book in hardcover but it would be impratical to read and carry around.
    And yeah, I can confirm that you have weird dreams… at least the ones you told me about are pretty weird and hilarious

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  7. Glad I’m not the only one that hasn’t taken that Pokemon Go plunge. I’ll probably end up getting it when it’s available in the UK but as of now I’m undecided.

    Pierce Brown. If I could sit around a campfire, drinking wine and chatting with him I think I’d be set for life haha.

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    • I bet the UK will have it before Austria. They probably just didn’t release it worldwide because their servers were already crashing like crazy when it was just the US.
      Pierce is goals on so many levels.

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  8. I am so glad that I have unlimited data on my phone, because I play Pokemon Go so much lol! Getting mail is always fun! Same with the blogging. I actually never expected to stick with it as long as I have. I usually star a blog and give up a week or so later.

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  9. I love getting mail as well. Especially when it’s book-related! Your little sherlock is so cute! I want one:) I fangirl so easily and get obsessed with things so easily as well. I’m just glad I’m not alone on this. When I read ‘I don’t use bookmarks’ for a split second I was so worried you were going to say that you dog-eared your pages. I was so relieved when you said you used something else. That’s like a deal-breaker for me. My mom was borrowing my harry potter book once and she dog-eared the page and I just looked at her with a stone-cold expression and when she saw me looking at her like that she said ‘what?’ and I just pointed my finger at the book and said ‘don’t do that again’. She never has…. I get kinda sad when I get a book that is 350 pages or less, especially when it’s a stand-alone because I know I will fall in love with the stories and characters and I want it to go on forever but I know it won’t so I get kinda sat about it being over so soon. Awesome post and sorry about the long comment:)

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  10. I don’t know if you’re subscribed to Uppercase Box, but they started doing a thing where you could sign up to exchange letters and/or postcards with other Uppercase Box members. It’s definitely had me writing more letters, and I forgot how much I loved doing it! I’ve been checking my mailbox every day to see if my pen pal has replied yet, haha.

    My TTT!

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  11. Great facts!
    I really don’t get the obsession with Pokemon Go. It isn’t even out in my country yet but one of my friends has already offered to send me a link so I can download it on my phone somehow!
    I am completely the same with notebooks; I actually went out and brought a new one this weekend because for some reason I needed a new notebook but had “forgetten” about the ten blank ones filling up spaces on my bookshevles! And I love blogging a lot more than I expected as well, which is good because it takes up a lot of my time now! Still I woulnd’t have it any other way! 😀

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    • Oh yeah, there are several ways to get the game “unofficially”. I am just not sure how well it would work.
      Hahaha I always buy more notebooks too. Some of them are full by now though, so I have that excuse.

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      • Yeah a lot of the people I work with have it ‘unofficially’ I just don’t get the craze, and I think if I ever did get the app it’d be something I’d use all the time for the first week or so and then not at all!
        I always have to have a notebook on hand, I pretty much have one for each of my handbags now just in case (I have a lot of handbags as well!)

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      • I totally get the urge to have a notebook nearby at all times. People always complain that my handbag is too heavy, but I NEED one or two notebooks and a book to read … that’s just the way it is.

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  12. If it makes you feel better I have Pokemon Go and I’ve probably played it a grand total of twice! My roommates boyfriend and his friends are around at our house a lot (we’re all just friends at this point) and they’ll disappear out of the apartment for like 40mins at a time and when they get back we’re like ‘where’d you go?’ and their answer will always be catching Pokemon. I also LOVE big books!!! The bigger the better! Great post!! I love getting to know other bloggers like this 🙂

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  13. I don’t have pokemon go either xD but I watch my brothers play and literally more than half of my university are obsessed with it. I feel the same way about hardcover books but if I did have to take a book with me, hardcovers are less likely to get ruined in my bag. I love getting mail! I’m always the one who checks it at my house but I never get any haha

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    • I don’t know what it is that I do, but someone I always end up with fingerprints on my hardcovers that I can’t ever remove. IT’S KILLING ME! I am seriously considering reading them with gloves.
      I always check the mail too! It’s so super rare that I get mail, but when I was younger I was determined to get some somehow. So, I went and wrote letters to actors and actresses and asked for autographs. More than half didn’t even come back, but I do have some awesome autographs now hahaha

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  14. Omg I have so many things in common with you! I want to be a writer but I don’t think I have the commitment. I’m also obsessed with obsessing (nice phrase) when I like something I get very intense about it. I constantly talk and talk about it to people around me to the point where I completely bore them haha I don’t play pokemon either! All my friends are playing it and I don’t even wanna try because I’m afraid I’m gonna be obsessed about it if I try 😛 Great post!

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    • I keep talking about things as well, up to the point where people get super annoyed and angry with me. It’s a bad habit, but I need to do it or the obsession will never go down.


  15. Girl, the struggle is real. I wish I had Pokemon Go as well, but sadly I don’t.

    On a side note, I had the wonderful opportunity in meeting Sarah J. Maas and she was all kinds of awesome.

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  16. I don’t have pokemon go either- in fact I hadn’t heard of it until a couple of days ago (I know, I know, I was living under a rock apparently) and I don’t have either the capability or the will to play it. Ah wow I love your little sherlock! I collect notebooks too- it’s becoming a problem. And who doesn’t want to meet Pierce Brown? 😉 Ah I also wasn’t expecting to love blogging this much- and we all love you too!! ❤

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  17. I hope you have Pokemon Go by now!! I know that it’s out in a lot of European countries now, but I didn’t really look at the list since I only searched for The Netherlands lol. Omg I hadn’t even thought about my data yet… I love getting mail too! The fun kind anyway haha. While I love email since it’s super convenient, sometimes I really wish we could go back to getting more mail!

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