TTT: Things Books Made Me Want to Do


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week it’s all about the things books made us or inspired us to want to do/learn. I don’t really know if only realistic things are meant by this (like learning to play the guitar) or more impossible stuff as well (like shapeshifting). I think we are pretty free to interpret the theme whichever way we like to, but I want to stay more in the realm of what’s actual possible.

Learn Archery (Hunger Games/TMI/ACOTAR/TWATD)

What’s up with that? Can someone explain the appeal of archery to me, because every dystopian/fantasy heroine ever seems to be a pro at it. Granted, most had training or had to learn it out of necessity, but still … how are there so many? I’ve done archery before, not professionally or anything like that, but I can more or less hit a target with bow and arrow – yay! But all those books, they made me want to pick it up as a series hobby … which I still never did. I always keep saying that I might do it one day though.

Get Enchanted at the Circus (The Night Circus/Water for Elephants)

The circus has always had a certain appeal to me. I was the first to point out a poster when they came to town and I always made my mum go with me when I had the chance. I even wanted to work at a circus at some point in my life … you know, before I understood the whole animal cruelty aspect of it and my utter lack of gymnastic or magical expertise that would have qualified me as some other kind of artist. Still, I love the idea of the circus and those books always rekindle that.

Ride a Motorcycle (Nowhere But Here)

I am a complete wuss, okay? I got my driver’s license super late and I absolutely hate driving fast with it. However, there is something appealing about motor cycles. Maybe I wouldn’t even want to drive it myself, but rather hold on tightly to the driver? That’s a nice image, right? Then again, it would probably be more badass to drive yourself.

Go on an Adventure with a Stranger (Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares)

There’s something incredibly tempting about striking up a conversation with a stranger. The thing is, I can’t actually imagine something like that ever happening in real life, meeting a person and getting so randomly tangled up in each other’s lives. Well, I did meet a complete stranger on my way home once and he keeps popping up all the time. It took us like five encounters to even find out each other’s names, even though I knew a bunch of other (weirdly not very credible but actually true) stuff. At first I thought that was cool, but now he has become one of the most annoying people in my life and I try to avoid him if possible. See … that’s what I would probably be afraid of by making this a real life situation.

Live Boldly (The Serpent King/Me Before You)

Life throws you curveballs all the time and you mostly have no or very little control about what’s happening to you. However, you do have a say in the way you handle things. I want to be able to handle things in stride, to not give so much thought to everyone else and to just live my life the way I want to. To take a risk more often and to use all the amazing chances that I get, instead of claiming that I am too tired.

Write a Book (The Unexpected Everything)

Possibly with the help of others? Just start a story with a friend and then spin and spin it into something way bigger. Also, I always wanted to be this young and famous author, but I don’t actually have the commitment. I am terrible that way. The Unexpected Everything just reminded me of how much of a dream job that would be.


Go on a Trip to Find Myself (Eat, Pray, Love/Wild)

I think these things and instantly all my responsibilities and duties come flooding into mind. Very often when I wish I were rich, I don’t even want to buy all that many things (except for books, there’d be so many books), but the money would allow me to have the time as well as the means to go anywhere I want to. I don’t actually think that money is all that big of an issue for me, but time … I don’t know how people just up and go for months. I want to do that, but how? I’ve been drilled at how important jobs are my entire life and I like working, but sometimes I just wish I had a little time and change of scenery to really come clear about some things concerning me.

Learn to Play the Cello (If I Stay)

There’s something about that instrument that just makes me swoon so much. I have never shown any kind of capability with music, but this is an instrument I would love to learn how to play. That and the violin. I don’t even know why, but string music just makes me feel all the feels sometimes.

Road Trip! (Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour/How to Be Bad)

Kind of similar to the travel point above, but majorly different in so many ways, because you don’t just road trip alone. I guess you could … but wouldn’t it be so much more fun with friends? Imagine all the playlists and fun photos. All the different snacks and weird occurrences that only ever seem to happen on the road. If I could just be a passenger and not drive, I would be so in.

Find that Person/Group of Friends That Just Gets Me (Every Book Ever)

I’ve found some lovely people here in the blogging community that I adore and am so glad to have in my life. Yet, there is something different about seeing people in person every day. Whenever I pick up a book, I am baffled at the friendships that have lasted for years and years. The people are always so close knit, they can walk into each other’s homes and the parents treat them like their own kids. And not just the amazing circles of friends, but also the love interests. It may sound silly, but I have never felt a connection like that with “real” people and I am not sure if it’s because I am closing myself off to that or because there was just no one there. Point being, somehow I would have liked that in my years as a kid and younger teen.

Wow, this was all a lot more personal and even a tad therapeutic than I thought it would be, which was probably also the reason why it took me so long to write the post. What’s some stuff books made you want to do or be? Tell me all about it!

33 thoughts on “TTT: Things Books Made Me Want to Do

  1. Okay so we are basically on the same wave length with these ideas. I definitely feel like I’d be more suited holding onto the driver of the motorcycle than riding it myself.
    I would love and plan to do more traveling. I would definitely have to muster the courage to go traveling for months on end but I think the month in NZ will be a good start for me. Honestly the main reason I’d want to be rich would be so I could fund my traveling plans haha.

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  2. You did it 😀
    I want to learn to play the cello too and also because of If I Stay. Why couldn’t the orchestra I was in have cellos?? I would probably choose to learn it instead of a clarinet (I still love clarinets XD)
    I love that you got a way to have an Alec Baewood gif. I was missing him 😛

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  3. Archery has the opposite effect on me; I can’t see a bow and arrow without thinking of We Need to Talk About Kevin and then I have nightmares for approximately 7 months. It is weird how Katniss never remarks upon this.


  4. OMG I LOVE THE CELLO AND ARCHERY! And I can do both! I can hit the center of a target from a long ways away and I wasn’t great at the cello, but I didn’t practice much, so it makes sense why I wasn’t that good.

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  5. Archery is such a popular choice this week (and with YA heroines in general). I guess it’s useful, but also kind of elegant? Like there’s just something pretty about an arrow shooting through the wind, or something.

    Haha, I’d love to up and go as well but with responsibilities and life it’s just not possible… and I don’t think I’d like to go alone. I’ve tried it, and I’ve discovered that sharing with someone makes my trips that much better. 😛

    RE: “real” connection. Personally speaking that’s only something that came to me in my relationship after a few months – I basically just took a chance (i.e. “I think this person MIGHT be a person who gets me” instead of “this person GETS me right from the onset”) and it worked for me. I know that some people probably aren’t comfortable with that, though; I tend to be impulsive with my big life decisions and it shows in my relationship as well. With friends… I kind of feel like the connection is different to everyone, and there are definitely people who just CLICK with you and people who click with you but only in some things. I hope you get to experience that eventually. 🙂


    • I guess archery is just more graceful than hand to hand combat … and less bloody too? I don’t know.
      I like both, being alone for a prolonged time and sharing a special experience with someone. I think both have its merits.
      I know that it sometimes takes time to get to know people, but I have, on the rare occassion, met someone and thought “yes, oh my, we just really clicked”. It’s what comes afterwards – the how to stay in contact and the social aspect that I am not brilliant with. I am totally fine with people just clicking with me in some aspects, I think it might get boring if it were too well matched.


  6. I totally second you on learning to play cello! Mia was so good at it and I envy her. I envy everyone else with music talent. actually, it’s one of my biggest life regret not to learn music from early age. I also want to write a book and possibly get published but I’m too lazy to commit to it haha and unlike you, I love driving alone with my music so loud and snacks and everything! I’ve had several road trips visiting relatives but they were NEVER as fun as they seemed in books/movies. Most of the time there are BAD traffic jam and it sucks haha loved the list though 😀

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    • I’ve just always had this inherent fear of driving. I love being in the passenger seat, but it’s something about the responsibility and having to concentrate. I also got my driver’s license with 21 and that was very late and I was not that great of a student.

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  7. I totally agree that there are many characters that do archery and I really want to learn it as well! It would seriously be awesome to be able to do it! (Though I can be quiet clumsy and I have a feeling that I would manage to hurt myself instead of successfully learning it.)
    I adore the circus and I really want to go to one as soon as I can! Rereading The Night Circus definitely reminded me of how much I love them and how long I haven’t been to one. I seriously need to find out when I can go to one!
    I have always wanted to learn to play the piano – it is my favourite instrument after all. But, sadly, I’m not really musically talented so that wouldn’t really work out. XD

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    • Fun story, I hurt myself while doing archery before hahaha Somehow I managed to punch myself in the face when releasing the string … don’t ask how I did that … I don’t know. But you wouldn’t be the only clumsy person to try archery 😉

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  8. Ooh I’d LOVE to go on a road trip. It just sounds like so much fun. But like you I’d prefer to be a passenger since I can’t drive and I’m not planning on learning anytime soon haha. Also YES to archery! It has died down a bit in recent years, but especially after the first time I saw the first Narnia movie I really wanted to pick up archery haha

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  9. Such a fantastic blog post, I love it, and I agree with everything. I just LOVE road trips so, so much. I’d love to be able to live boldly as well, and hate that life and responsibilities get in the way. I wish I could go away and like, just go on a trip for years and everything ahah. 🙂

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