T5W: Most Unlikable Characters


It’s time for Top 5 Wednesdays, a weekly meme created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to know more or join as well, just go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. This week is all about unlikable characters, but here’s the official prompt:

NOT VILLAINS! These are protagonists or side characters that are unlikable! (These should lean more towards characters who aren’t intentionally unlikable. Not villains, or mean girl/guys, etc.)

Eadlyn Schreave (The Heir)

I admit that Eadlyn got SO much better in The Crown, but I could not stand that girl in the first book she appeared. She was entitled and cruel and lacked empathy on every level. And when people pointed out why something she did wasn’t nice, she didn’t even understand it and sulked instead that no one understood her. I call bollocks on that one!

Lehna (You Know Me Well)

Lehna is supposed to be Katie’s best friend, but she is just terrible. She doubts her and makes her feel small and as if she weren’t good enough and that’s just sad. You are not supposed to treat anyone that way, but especially not your own bff.

Naomi (Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List)

Ugh … that book had so many issues, but Naomi was probably the main reason I didn’t like it. I am not condoning what Ely did either, because I can see why that hurt Naomi, but she was mean too. And she was shallow and superficial – not my kind of person.

Carson Phillips (Struck by Lightning)

I only remember this in a bit of a haze, so don’t hold me accountable too much, but I think we were supposed to really feel with Carson and instead I was just annoyed with him the entire book. In the end, I just didn’t feel anything for him … which just showed that he wasn’t the best of MCs to connect with. Although, maybe other people felt differently about that.

Crash (Zeroes)

That girl drove me nuts because she felt so righteous and as if she were better than the other Zeroes, but a lot of the time she was the one out of control and causing the most damage. I was really angry with her on several occasions.

Who are some non-villain characters you didn’t like? Tell me in the comment section!

15 thoughts on “T5W: Most Unlikable Characters

  1. Shinji Ikari from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. He is one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. He’s 14, he can pilot a giant robot that towers over most skyscrapers, he’s saved the world from destructive aliens several times, and he’s got at least two hot girls his own age who are interested in him romantically. And yet all he can do is whine! “My daddy abandoned me as a kid and only sees me as a tool for his global defense organization! I’m completely useless and unnecessary!” It’s irritating, to say the least. To quote another character, “Get in the damn Eva, Shinji!”

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  2. Yes to the first one! I hated her guts in the first novel she appeared in, but she got SO MUCH BETTER in The Crown! Talk about character development!

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    • Eadlyn is worse than her mother! She grew up with the knowledge that there is no woman more powerful than her, so all she ever thought she had to portray in that role is strength and determination. Her people obviously thought that she was just plain cold and I don’t flaunt them for that. She got her own Selection and was just plain cruel to the suitors. She dismissed them because of the way they looked or behaved. She didn’t want to get to know any of them and thought herself to be better always. She was selfish and spoiled, but miraculously she was caring and listening in The Crown. It was too much of a change for me.

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