Trailers You Might Have Missed … (July 25-31)


Hello there, you all know what day it is today – Trailer Sunday! I cannot top the glory of last week, but I tried to find some decent stuff again and I am not sure I succeeded. It’s all a little on the depressing or scary side, not that much fun, but here we go with my findings of this week!


The Great Wall

There has already been a lot of talk about this movie because WHY did they cast Matt Damon as the MC instead of a POC? And then his best friend is played by that guy from Game of Thrones? I am pretty sure there are enough Chinese actors out there, but then you wouldn’t have the star appeal and oh my – the studios can’t have that of course! Look, I like Matt Damon. I have nothing against him, but there better be a good explanation as to why he is in charge over there.


This is SUPER creepy, but hands down to James McAvoy for being so versatile. I might watch this one day … when I am not alone, so my thoughts won’t go crazy.

Hacksaw Ridge

I don’t like war movies and it’s so weird to have Andrew Garfield talk like a Southerner. I have no words for this right now.


I’ve seen some footage of that movie before, so maybe I just double posted it. It’s not really my kind of humour and it’s even weirder that this is supposed to be a true story … but Jason Sudeikis. I like Jason.

Blood in the Water

Now comes the Indie movie section I guess. Those are low budget movies, but they always have that one actor or actress you know from somewhere else (e.g. Willa Hollan) that sparks your interest. I don’t think I want to see the movie though.

Natural Selection

I really don’t know what to say about this one. I still don’t like Kat McNamara’s acting at all … but it’s like the guy from Teen Wolf and the girl from Shadowhunters … but the topic? Nooo …

Maximum Ride

Is it weird that I think this looks decent? I might check out the book (if I EVER have the time) to see if I want to watch it.

Emily & Tim

I just included this because it has Alexis Beldel and they stole the Gilmore Girls font with the blue background.

TV Shows

Gilmore Girls Revival

They are acting as if it hasn’t been years of waiting for us, which is cool but also maddening. I NEED MORE! But at least the air date is in the foreseeable future.

The Originals (Season 4)

I think I forgot this last week? Not even sure, but why was everyone so surprised about the time jump? They did that on TVD, so they sort of had to do it for this as well, because they are crossing over a lot of the time.

Van Helsing (Syfy)

I quite like Syfy. They attempt great things with limited budget and even though the lack of money sometimes shows, they have great stories nonetheless. To name just a few Syfy shows I like – Being Human, Dark Matter, Killjoys, Haven, …

American Horror Story (Season 6)

I don’t watch that show for copious reasons, foremost because I don’t like to be freaked out/scared. However, I know it’s popular … (the suggested videos should include the 5 or so other teasers)

As always, what are you going to watch?

33 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (July 25-31)

  1. i’m so excited for Gilmore Girls, I can’t wait to see who Rory’s love interest is in this one or if she ends up with anyone from the original cast at the end! So excited to see Jess and Logan again

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  2. I missed all of season 3 of the Originals because I lost interest. But that trailer makes it look like it was their best season yet. Maybe I’ll have to hop back over to watch it πŸ˜›

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  3. GILMORE GIRLS! Rha, I haven’t been able to watch for a few weeks, I need my fix. And I need to finish the seasons before the new one gets here! Thank you for the obsession :p

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  4. Love Matt Damon; don’t get why he’s in the movie. It’s not weird that Maximum Ride looks decent (okay I say that as a former fan of the book series) And it’s worth checking out the books- they started out well, but then they got… weird (hence the fact I am a former fan of the book series)

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