The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (Book Review)


Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Page Count
: 408

I’ve wanted to pick up this series in what feels like forever, so when I FINALLY got all the books at once, I suddenly became scared. I have never read anything by Maggie Stiefvater before, but you know how you sometimes hype something so much for yourself that there is absolutely no way it can possibly hold up? Well, I hyped this book A LOT! But as soon as I actually started reading, I realised that I had no clue what the book was really about. Heck, I even thought Blue was a boy (which she’s not. She’s a cool and eccentric girl). It’s pretty difficult to be disappointed about something when you didn’t even have a picture in your mind as to what exactly to expect. So, long story short, I loved it and am SO happy about that!

When we jump into the story it actually starts off kind of sinister but even though there are a ton of creepy vibes, I never felt scared. Which is a good thing, because I don’t like to be scared and also don’t think that the story is supposed to do that. In fact, I laughed a lot, while also being completely pulled into this world. It was way more magical than I expected, while at the same time I thought “yes, that is totally how I would have loved to spend my time during High School”.

Which brings me to my favourite part of the book – the characters. They are always such an essential part of any book really and this one is no exception. Blue and the boys don’t meet on the best of turns and it’s simply hilarious to read, because you know their fates are intertwined. There is bantering and friendship and love (platonical, familiar and a tinsy bit the romantic kind). They are immediately the kind of people you’d identify as squad goals! However, I didn’t love everyone from the beginning. In fact, I thought some of them were just plain weird or mean, but in the end they definitely grow on you. They aren’t just one-dimensional, they do have problems, and not just the magical kind, but real-life-relatable-problems.

There really isn’t much more I can say without spoiling people who haven’t read it (*keeping my fingers crossed I am not the last person in the universe who hasn’t*), but there were some great twists. You knew that something was up, but I honestly doubt that I would ever have made the connection myself. Twists are great, I really love them, but I would have freaked out if I had read the book without a possibility to continue with the series. It’s such a small statement, yet it changes everything. I am so looking forward to binge-read the rest!

Fazit: 4.5/5 stars! I want more, more, more! (Good thing I have all the books right here on my shelf!)


Have you read the Raven Cycle? Which book was your favourite (without spoiling me please)? Is it only going to get better?

45 thoughts on “The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (Book Review)

  1. So glad you enjoyed it, Kat! I also jumped on the bandwagon quite late (earlier this year) and it turned out to be one of my favorite series ever!

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  2. It’s been so long since I read this and I so need to pick up the series again and finish it soon! Especially after reading your review, it made me want to binge reread. It’s such a great book! As is the second one. I can’t wait to see what you think of the rest of the series. Great review! 😊

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  3. I really enjoyed this book too! I don’t think I loved it as much as you did, because I actually don’t remember all the little twists. I do really want to read the rest of the series though, and I need to get around to that soon! 🙂

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    • I went into the series knowing absolutely nothing, which surprised me because everyone talks about the Raven Cycle. Maybe that’s why I was so surprised by many things. I hope you continue with the series someday.

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  4. I read this book a long time ago, but even now I cannot forget the lovely characters, as said. ❤ (Totes agree with squad goals.) I've heard so many good things about this series, and I still remember that REALLY MEAN but AWESOME cliffhanger!!
    I should pick up this series again… soon… when I'm not being crushed by my immediate TBR. X'D

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  5. I am so happy you enjoyed it!! I love this book series a lot and I have to agree with you, at first, I couldn’t like everyone. I found some characters to be too weird, but by the end of the second book, I was already in love with everyone! I hope you enjoy the second one as much as I do: it is my favorite, because it’s a bit darker and much more interesting.

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    • Right? My emotions and feelings towards some characters were turned completely upside down. I love it when a book can do that 😀
      Many people seem to like the second one best and I am sure enjoying it right now as well 😀


  6. I loooovee this too!! Like you, I recently got all the books and I’m binge reading ALL OF THEM. I’m about to start The Raven King soon hahaha and I totally agree with you, my favorite part of the book is the character! They’re just so complex and lovable and yes some of them are frustrating sometimes but SWOON ❤ the plot is also very character driven and I'm so happy to be able to connect with them. Aaaand also agree with you, it's more magical than I thought, especially in the 2nd and 3rd book. I think it IS getting better with each book so my favorite so far is Blue Lily, Lily Blue but they're also super complicated they make me THINK and I can't resist myself from reading the next book because I'm always curious of what would happen next. Great review Kat! 😀

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    • You’re almost done then :O I still have a ways to go and I am afraid I have to take a break from binge-reading because there are arcs that need my attention.
      I prefer character-driven books, so that is probably why I am really enjoying the series 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by!!<3

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      • I was just finished with them last night and I kinda need time to process though…. they were all so complicated! oh I guess it’s good to take a break from this series, they need time to really sink (for me though) so I thought binge reading them might not be the wisest choice :’)

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  7. Don’t feel bad. I still have not read any. I picked up TRB once and read like three chapters but I just couldn’t get into it. I do have plans on picking it back up though. Everyone gushes their love for it.

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    • I am joining the gushing mob right now and hope you get back to it someday 😀 hahaha no rush, but I really didn’t like Noah and Ronan all that much in the beginning and then BAM! They are my favourites in book 2.

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  8. Oh I’ve still not gotten my hands on these and I really wanted to. Instead I purchased Scorpio races and hopefully I’ll love that as much as you loved this. Squad goals is all I’m looking for in a book right now. Sigh.

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  9. I thought Blue was a boy as well. I’m glad you thought so too hahaha. Such a great review, i’s awesome you loved that book so much, I did as well, and I can’t WAIT to buy and read the second book in the series. Actually I would love to buddy read it with you, but since I don’t own it yet…well, I’m not going to make you wait ahah 🙂 Can’t wait to know how you like the rest of the series, and yay the characters were THE BEST ❤

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