Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 29-Sep 4)


I wasn’t sure I would make it home on time and with enough energy to spare to actually post this on Sunday, but I did! That’s like success enough in my book, but I also found some decent movie trailers and really great promos for TV shows. Let’s get started!


Beauty and the Beast Featurette

I technically hate it when they do trailers for trailers, but gosh … I cannot wait and everything looks so real now and enchanting AND DID YOU HEAR EMMA AND DAN? THEY SOUND PERFECT!

Sister Cities

Who else is excited about all the movies Stana has planned now that she’s not busy with Castle anymore? And Troian too – yay!

Max Steel

It’s the guy from Finding Carter! But I am done … seriously, there is such a thing as too many superhero movies.

Kevin Hart: What Now?

Can someone explain to me what this is? It’s partially his program and then partially his completely fictional delusions?

Certain Women

Question Time: How would you feel about Kristen Stewart as your teacher? I think she would be the quiet one that all the students would just talk above, not paying any attention. I am not even sure she is a teacher in this movie though …

First Girl I Loved

Takeaway: relationships are complicated

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

This is not the movie I expected to see Nicholas Cage in next. I don’t know what I expected honestly, just not one of those weird war movies.


I like Netflix … and Robbie Amell but this seems tedious. I hate it when sequences are just repeated over and over and over and over and over again.

Summer of 8

I know basically all those young actors and actresses but I have no desire to really watch this. Maybe on a rainy Sunday when I am bored one day.

Cardboard Boxer

Watching this trailer broke my heart already.


And here is my documentary of the week!

TV Shows

Westworld (HBO)

I am in love already. It’s intense but it reminds me a little of The Dollhouse and I like Western settings with a twist.

Switched at Birth (Season 5)

YAAAS! Finally! I am very conflicted about so many of the relationships on this show, but I love it nonetheless.

Famous in Love (Freeform)

Okay … how do I say this? Ever since ABC Family changed to being Freeform, I simply cannot watch their new shows (except Shadowhunters, but we all know that it isn’t good exactly either, but there are other reasons we all watch). I tried Guilt and Dead of Summer and could barely stand sitting through an entire episode, just big no from me. Now, another confession, I really don’t like watching Bella Thorne. Sorry to everyone who loves her, it’s nothing personal, but I prefer other people on my screen. Nonetheless, this is like a teen version of E!’s upcoming The Arrangement (which I am MASSIVELY EXCITED for) and therefore I will most definitely check it out! I just like settings like that a lot.

Our Girl (Series 2)

SOON! I like that they changed the setting with the characters but still have Ben as the connecting element. Also, Luke Pasqualino on my screen is always good!

So, what are you going to watch? What are you going to give a pass this time around?

19 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 29-Sep 4)

  1. Beauty and the Beast is going to be great! Their voices are amazinggg!
    Westwolrd looks weird… don’t know if it’s for me, maybe I have to watch an episode and see…
    I actually liked Dead of Summer, though I won’t watch Guilt or Famous in Love

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  2. I am SO excited for Beauty and the Beast! I feel like Emma Watson suits that character to a T and I can’t wait to see the actual trailer (and the movie) once it comes out.

    And Stana! I loved her in Castle – I think she’s beautiful – and am excited to see what else she’s doing. Hope Sister Cities looks as interesting as the trailer.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sister cities and beauty and the beast, definitely. I’m so glad Katic is back with something good. She needs to stay. And I think I’d be happy with Stewart as anything. πŸ˜‚ she’s a little young to be a teacher right? Maybe she’s the teaching assistant? Have to check more.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I can’t wait for Beauty and The Beast, it sounds FANTASTIC. And I can’t talk about Switched at Birth, I’d rather SCREAM BECAUSE WHY so far away and WHY is it the last season? I am still mad about all of this 😦 😦
    I read Famous in Love and it was okay, I guess the tv show will be just like the book, kind of a guilty pleasure and that’s it πŸ™‚

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    • They didn’t even mention it in the trailer that it will be the last season of Switched at Birth, which I think is unfair. They should prepare us and not encourage any kind of hope that it might go on. I hate it when shows get cancelled that I liked. Did you watch Chasing Life? I am still not okay with how that ended.
      I KNEW that Famous in Love sounded familiar! They should promote it more that it’s based on the books.

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  5. I cannot wait for Beauty and the Beast! So exciting! I was just thinking, whilst reading this post, that someone should totally do a tv show based on Dangerous Girls… With the trial developing over the weeks etc. That would be so cool… as long as it was done right!

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