TTT: Current TV Obsessions


So, it’s Top Ten Tuesday, which is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish and usually revolves around books, but NOT TODAY. Here’s the theme:

In honor of Fall Tv, do a tv-themed topic! Top ten favorite tv shows of all time, ten new shows coming out this Fall that are on my radar, tv shows I wish never got cancelled, tv shows I would recommend to book characters, books I wish would be tv shows, ten favorite shows from the late 90’s or early 2000’s, ten tv shows for every fantasy lover, etc.

Seen as I would never ever pass up an opportunity to talk about what I am watching at the moment, I am already into this topic, thinking how I can narrow it down to only 10. There are so many ways to interpret the theme this week, but I thought I’d just go the simple route and talk about my current obsessions. If you know me, which you really should by now, my interests in TV change pretty much on a daily basis, but some shows you simply can’t get out of your mind and here are my Top Ten of those!

Victoria (itv)

I am in love with (almost) everything and everyone in the show. The only thing I simply cannot get used to are Jenna’s blue contact lenses, but other than that it is brilliant. The struggle of a young woman to rule a country, the love story, the family drama. Argh, and I am just so happy to have Jenna back on my screen!

Wynonna Earp (Syfy)

I have a weird relationship with Syfy shows. At first, I think “Oh no, the production value is not the best and I barely know any of the actors … do I really want to watch it?” AND THEN I CANNOT STOP. It’s the same every time and I often wait until I can binge a season, because that’s when I enjoy Syfy shows the most. Wynonna Earp was no exception. I dreamt of deamons at some point … which was not so pleasant, but I cannot wait for season 2.

Roadies (Showtime)

There is some kind of innocence and idolization concerning show business about this series and I love that. The characters are quirky and funny and sweet and likable. I cannot believe that the first season is over and IT NEEDS TO GET RENEWED. The music is absolutely spectacular.

Poldark (BBC)

It is finally back and they said Ross wouldn’t be shirtless, yet he was TWICE in the first episode. I see that as a sign for a very good season, and of course the fact that they are already shooting season 3. I’ve missed Romelza so much, I can definitely see why this series skyrocketed ratings in the UK.

Hit the Floor (VH1)

Hit the Floor is nothing new, but yesterday evening they showed the summer special and it was basically a Zude-lovefest and therefore my favourite thing on the planet. Can those two just get their own show? No drama, just them being happy. I would watch that religiously.

Bildergebnis für zude gif

The Aliens (E4)

I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this show, but I saw Michael Socha and I knew I had to check it out. Somehow shows or movies that portray aliens in our society, always seem so relevant somehow. What I don’t get is why those shows (The Aliens and Cleverman) focus so much on hair …

Stranger Things (Netflix)

Who is NOT obsessed with Stranger Things? I never would have thought that it would turn out to be my thing, but it so was. I love it to bits, but there’s just something about Netflix. They are very, very capable in making successful and enjoyable shows.

Dark Matter (Syfy)

It’s currently in its second season and it has turned everything upside down. I never would have imagined that I would end up liking so many of the characters *cough* Three *cough*. Now if only there was more of a love story sometimes. I need my romance … that’s just me.

Chesapeake Shores (Hallmark)

This is absolutely and without a doubt my guilty pleasure. I was bored, found this and now I think it’s cute and want to continue watching it. Hallmark is known for its cheesiness and this show is not exempt from it. It’s calm and slow and sweet, sometimes that’s just what you need.

Lost Girl (Syfy)

Who says I am never late to the party? Obviously I knew about Lost Girl for ages, but I just started watching it now. As I said above, I just love binging my shows and now I am tackling this one and might just get through it before all the new shows start.

Bildergebnis für lost girl gif

But where is me honouring Fall TV if I don’t mention some new shows I am most excited for to come out and some old ones to come back:

  • Our Girl (BBC)
  • The Royals (E!)
  • The Crown (Netflix)
  • The Arrangement (E!)
  • Speechless (ABC)
  • The Good Place (NBC)
  • Frequency (CW)
  • Westworld (HBO)

What are you obsessed with right now in the realm of TV? Are you watching any of my current faves?

37 thoughts on “TTT: Current TV Obsessions

  1. I am also obsessed with Victoria and Stranger Things at the moment. I’m only up to episode 4 of ST but I’m so hooked! Also Pretty Little Liars is getting really intense right now.

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  2. That Zude-lovefest on the special was one of the best things ever… I’m not even mad that we had to wait so long now because it was just perfect. Now, when can we get the spin-off?? I would watch it too. I just need a lot more Zude on my life.
    Can the The Royals get here soon?? I need it. I miss Jasper and Len. I miss Liam. I even miss Queen Helena (let’s be honest, that will change as soon as season 3 comes back)

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  3. I actually.. haven’t seen any of those shows. Yikes, but I’m planning on starting Stranger things soon. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.

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