When I Am In a Reading Slump …


… I am apparently also in a blogging slump. I have no idea what to post, because I am not feeling like doing tags and I definitely have no clue what this post even is. Is it a rant? Ramblings? Discussion? In the end, there’s probably a bit of all of it in there. Currently, energy levels are very low and creativity at a null … well, actually that’s not entirely true. Because here’s what happens when I am not reading, when I am simply not able to concentrate on words, which makes me sad, because I want to read, but somehow it doesn’t work all the time. Forcing it doesn’t seem the right way to go, so:

When I am not reading …

  • I watch ALL the TV shows, or I at least really focus in on one. And when I get emerged in a show, I want to be part of it so bad, that my brain starts developing a character of my own and you have no idea what a creative spiral that turns into. I am surprised I’ve never written fanfiction, because my writing cells are definitely capable of coming up with tons of ways a situation can play out. The thing is, the character I come up with fits into the show perfectly, but the longer I play that imaginary game, the more everything changes. I borrow existing characters and then BAM – I get a super fun idea about what to write for my next WIP. Nothing is the same anymore, everything has suddenly it’s own spin. But then I get freaked out that it might still be similar to what I just spent hours watching and then I let the idea go … well, until something new comes up. Mad spiral …
  • I need pen and paper with me at all times, because if I don’t write down scenes from my head, they will continue to replay in there for eternity. This is also how I come up with the beginning of a story in 25 different versions that only vary in one or two sentences, but that make me feel like they change the tone entirely.
  • Music feels like the soundtrack to my life and everything is a potential story. Whatever I listen to sets the mood and I tend to be more observant concerning my surroundings. Not in a way that means I would pay more attention to traffic than usual, but imagine listening to a melancholic song while seeing a couple on the streets. Oh the stories you could spin around that! How do they look at each other? Do you see the love in her eyes more than in his?
  • I draw. Another way to spend all that excess energy. Maybe it’s just doodles, maybe it’s almost a painting. Whatever comes to mind really.
  • I do a lot of nonograms, because apparently my brain feels like it’s not being challenged enough.

Sorry for this random post. What do you do when you are in a reading/blogging slump?

26 thoughts on “When I Am In a Reading Slump …

  1. It sucks to be in a reading slump. If I’m in one I end up watching a lot of TV shows or even more youtube videos than I already watch. I normally do nonograms almost every day even if I’m not in a reading slump. Those things ar entertaining XD

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  2. KAAAAT, I missed you โค And I hope that nasty slumps passes quickly because I know how frustrating they can be. I watch A LOT of tvshows too but at the moment, I'm still waiting for the fall seasons to begin so there's not much to watch, and drawing is also a big part or my daily life, a mix between that a little bit of calligraphy.

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  3. I’m totally the opposite! When I’m in reading slump, I’m really in the mood for blogging, which is kinda weird because I have nothing new to talk about! :’) but when I’m slumping, I usually listen to a lot of music and play the sims all day ๐Ÿ˜› hope you pass that slump quickly and get back in the reading/blogging journey soon! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Hahaha interesting! But yeah, I didn’T have a clue what to write about in terms of books either, so that’s why I ended up not writing much of anything in the end. Playing the Sims is always a great past time! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. TV shows all the way! I need a distraction or I’m going crazy, thinking I SHOULD be reading or blogging. But I’ve had a hard time finding shows! I hope I have a few in stock when the slump comes around.
    Come back when you’re ready โค

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  5. I hope you’ll get out of your slump soon, Kat! โค I love watching tv shows as well, but I think you already know that, haha. I would love to read more of your stories, if you feel like sharing these on your blog, or just snippets! I really like writing as well, but lately I haven't had the time to focus on it, or the inspiration, or courage. I think I'm just scared that anything I write will suck, so I don't. I know, such a bad excuse ahah.

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  6. Ugh I’ve been in a blog funk lately too. I’ve read several books and posted nothing about them. I read “IT ENDS WITH US” last week and since that I can’t get into any book. It’s no fun. I try to push through them and keep reading, but it doesn’t always work… Hope you get out of your funk soon. Xo

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  7. When I’m not reading I’m generally writing, looking after my nieces of nephews, or, most likely I am working. I hate slumps, I generally get them every three months or so. I get the blogging slump all the time! Some weeks I can churn out 30 posts and be like BAM! blogging queen of the world, and then the next week I can be like ‘what is a post?’ Honestly it is terrible. But I have started carrying a small notepad just for blogging ideas, and honestly it is helping so much!

    Thank you for this post!

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    • I hate slumps too, but I am lucky that they barely come my way. I have them every two years or when work overtakes life a little too much only. I am glad you found a way that helps you ๐Ÿ™‚ and thanks for stopping by!

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