Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater (Book Review)


Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Page Count
: 391

Blue Lily, Lily Blue is the third book in the Raven Cycle – you can find my reviews for The Raven Boys here and The Dream Thieves here. I generally wouldn’t consider my reviews spoilery, however, I don’t advise you to read this post if you haven’t read any of the other Raven Cycle books yet.

It took me forever to read BLLB, but it was in no way the fault of the book. Just like the previous parts in the series, it takes little more than the opening chapter to suck you in completely. What I love about these books, is that they can make the supernatural elements seem like such mundane and commonplace elements in life. It makes you wonder what you might miss in real life by not paying enough attention. As before, the books keep focusing on different people of the group. I feel like Noah keeps getting ignored, even though he’s not faring all too well. I know that all of our heroes have problems of their own and as a group, but I still wish he would get more attention. I am afraid one day they will just accidentally forget all about him.

Aside from that, the relationships are as strong and intricate as ever. I shared a quote at this point in my Dream Thieves review and I feel like it is only appropriate to do so again. Blue simply has the best way of putting it:


The bond between the raven boys, Blue but also all the other characters is special – you just feel so very connected with all of them. They are an entity and everyone matters to everyone. It’s really thing of beauty.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t talked about the plot yet again and I will stick to that rule for this series. I just don’t like people getting spoiled in any way, because I think it so much more fun to go into this completely unknowing of what might happen. However, the stakes are getting higher, no one is really safe and I am living in fear of how this will all end. My reading slump is hopefully over, but I am going to take a short break from this series, just to make sure. A light-hearted contemporary might help inbetween.

Fazit: 5/5 stars! This series is absolutely wonderful and I hope the finale can deliver as well!


Did you read Blue Lily, Lily Blue? Is this your favourite part of the series or do you prefer another one?

9 thoughts on “Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater (Book Review)

  1. I’m so, so happy to hear that the series just keeps on getting better, and that you love it so much. AS you know, I recently got The Dream Thieves and I can’t wait to get into it, though now I feel like I should have bought all of the books, so I could read them all back to back, haha. Can’t wait to know if you love the finale as well! 🙂

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    • There is a tiny bit of a cliffhanger in The Dream Thieves, but it isn’t resolved in BLLB right away anyway, so it wouldn’t help ALL that much to have the next book hahaha
      I am so curious about your thoughts on Dream Thieves. It’s one that splits opinions for sure.

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  2. I reviewed these books on my blog, too, and I felt like each sequel my review got vaguer and vaguer, because I didn’t want to spoil anything either! So by the time I got to the Raven King I was like, “Uhh…. it’s was super good… here’s reasons why you should read the entire Raven Cycle.” lol. I hope you love TRK!!

    Ali at the bandar blog 

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