Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Sep 19-25)


It’s Sunday and I once again have scoured the depths of YouTube for some trailers. I don’t really have anything else to say today, so let’s get this started!



So, here’s the deal. I still don’t know how I feel about it. Can Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt carry a movie pretty much all on their own? Probably … but do I want them to? In space? Not so sure …

The Bounce Back

It’s Shemar! Somehow it’s super difficult to imagine him outside of Criminal Minds, but that movie looks like light fun.

Trespass Against Us

If Fassbender was for real and he wants to work behind the camera in the future, I have to savour every movie he’s starring in from now on.

The Whole Truth

I hope that trailer is supposed to be misleading, otherwise the movie will be boring because you can already guess who really did it.

Fist Fight

Uhm, yeah, I think I saw somewhere that this is a remake. Just saying …

The Beat Beneath My Feet

Seems like there is always some kind of music movie each week.

Mean Dreams

I see that girl and I think Book Thief! This looks extremely sad as well though, but not in a way I want to see. This might be too dark for me.

Bad Santa 2

I can’t remember ever watching the first one … so, I couldn’t care less about this movie. I just wonder why the Christmas stuff is already starting. We haven’t even had Halloween yet!

Ghost in the Shell

Don’t ask me what that movie is about. I don’t know, but here is a mix of all the teasers they’ve released so far.

Documentary of the week – Human

TV Shows

Chicago Fire (Season 5)

I am weirdly not in the mood for the Chicagos at the moment, because PD and Med fell a little flat in my opinion. But I love Gabby and I would probably watch a show just for her.

Easy (Netflix)

I think it came out this week already, but I didn’t have time to watch it.

Is there anything you might fancy to watch one day? Tell me about it!

13 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Sep 19-25)

  1. Regarding Passengers
    Well… I’m intrigued. It’s difficult to market a story in-which two people are alone on a ship together, so it’ll interesting to see where the jeopardy comes in. Intellectual science fiction is the best kind of science fiction, so I’m optimistic that this is being released in Oscar season. But I do get the impression that there’s more to it than we’re being told, because of the marketing strategy. If anything, it reminds me of Doctor Who – The ark in Space: Part One, where the Humans are in stasis sleep, with the few other characters exploring the ship. Not much else to say at this stage, but I’ll be keeping an eye on this one… the less-is-more approach interests me.


  2. As I understand it, Ghost in the Shell is about a cyborg woman in a futuristic version of Tokyo who is also an investigator for a special police unit specializing in cyber or cyborg crimes. But I’m not that familiar with the franchise, so I can’t really say much more about it. What I do know is that a lot of Western people got upset that a white woman is playing a Japanese character, but for the most part, the Japanese are fine with it, and even think Scarlett Johannsen looks like an anime character, so it all works out. Either way, i think I’ll see it.


    • Interesting! I honestly didn’t even look into it. I just wanted to get the post out before Poldark starts airing tonight. They also cast Matt Damon as the protagonist in an Asian film and that had a lot of backlash too. I don’t really get Hollywood in that regard.


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