Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 3-9)


It’s Sunday, so as per usual, this means a ton of trailers. Finally, after a long while, I can also show you some more TV stuff again, mainly because of NYCC (which I am still bummed about missing another year of). Enjoy!


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Men Tell No Tales

I was kind of over the whole franchise after the third movie, but PIRATES! I can’t resist those …

Power Rangers

I did NOT expect to love the look of this as much as I did. I still remember when all the girls were fighting over which Power Ranger they got to be at school, so I have ‘fond’ memories, but this – it looks awesome!


Natalie Portman makes for a great Jackie!


Uuuuh, dirty cops!

Patriot’s Day

I can’t go one week without having at least one actor/actress in several trailers. Seems like Michelle Monaghan is the one this time around.

John Wick: Chapter 2

Honestly, I can’t remember when I last watched one of Keanu Reeves recent movies …

It Had to Be You

I mainly clicked on this because I saw the mom from How I Met Your Mother.

TV Shows

Class (Doctor Who Spin-off)

It looks amazing! It also weirdly helped that Ness wrote it.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016


Shadowhunters (Season 2)

It looks a fraction better than Season 1, maybe they really did get more budget. I am not sure it was necessary to bring in another random non-book-existent character, but it played out well with Lydia, so I am going to let it slide.

Black Sails (Final Season)

I am going to cry when this is over. Like, for real, I am sad this will end, but better on a high note than ruin it with a too long running time.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

I met Finn Jones while working at the Vienna Comic Con last year and he’s such a nice guy! I am so glad to see him get a lead role in a Marvel production, especially one on Netflix. That can totally make your career.

Gilmore Girls Featurette

Just in case you want to get nostalgic!

Chicago Fire (Season 5)

It’s back on Tuesday! YAY!

Beyond (Freeform)

Seriously, a nurse should not scream when a coma patient wakes up, even when it’s unlikely that they do. What kind of odd behaviour is that? Also, he sure doesn’t look 12 years older, but the concept is interesting.

New Girl & Brooklyn Nine Nine Crossover

It looks hilarious!

I quite like most of my findings this week. Anything you would like to watch? Let’s talk about that!

39 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 3-9)

  1. I’m noticing a lot of similarities between Class and other shows like Torchwood. Even The Sarah Jane Adventures (which featured a younger Finn Jones as Santiago Jones) was a similar premise: a group of people, on Earth, defending that particular location from aliens. They even namedrop Buffy the Vampire Slayer as if that makes it okay. But Buffy the Vampire Slayer never worked for me, this looks like it could. The characters are likeable. But inevitably, any Doctor Who spin-off will feel formulaic in comparison. Interesting how Coal Hill School has become Coal Hill Academy, which is a British state school that becomes run by a government-appointed sponsor. The sign at the beginning says that it’s sponsored by EverUpwardReach Ltd. Some research on this took me to a Twitter account of that name that follows other Class accounts. They joined in 2012, so I can only assume the BBC open social media accounts for new trademarks in case they decide to use them. Their slogan is “per ardua ad astra”, which roughly translates to “Through adversity to the stars”, the same slogan used by the Royal Air Force. Looking forward to some of its “adult themes” that wouldn’t be present in Doctor Who; if Patrick Ness can get me to like the characters, it will work. I’ve heard some criticism that those themes aren’t suited to Doctor Who, but isn’t that an advantage of a spin-off?

    As for Doctor Who – The Return of Doctor Mysterio, I’ve heard a lot of negative response to that title, even though we have no idea of the context. In the Forest of the Night is a great title, but a terrible episode. Whereas Robot is a terrible title, but a good serial. The ability to be so judgemental about a title before knowing the story is incredible. Then again, it sounds a lot like a supervillain, like that issue of Fantastic Four that was called “The Return of Doctor Doom”. Grant’s name is interesting, because of Grant Morrison, who’s written numerous Superman issues and is a lifelong Doctor Who. Steven Moffat said that’s there’s a big name writer for season 36, so maybe this is a foreshadowing of that? I expect that Grant is Doctor Mysterio, though. Since “Doctor Mysterio” is Doctor Who’s title in Latin America, maybe this is Moffat’s of hinting that missing episodes have been recovered in Latin America? Like how he reintroduced The Great Intelligence because he knew that The Web of Fear had been recovered. Not that Grant is The Great Intelligence; some fans seem to think so, because of the vertical line behind Doctor Mysterio’s G symbol, but that’s clearly supposed to be part of a symbol that resembles a skyline. In the preview, there’s a boy with glasses being lifted by a crane, with Peter Capaldi jumping up after him, so I assume that would be Grant as a child. The whole “flying boy” thing is very reminiscent of Peter Pan, which is exactly what Moffat would replicate, especially in a Christmas special. I hear Moffat’s said that he prefers the character of Clark Kent than Superman, and he’s right. The best Superman stories are about Clark.


    • I am always impressed by how detailed your comments are. I never do any research like that, which sometimes makes me miss out on references, but I am generally okay with that. I am all the happier when I DO find them on my own afterwards.
      Ness is a great writer, however, I haven’t seen any screenplays or scripts from him, only novel-type things. I am nonetheless excited about everything Who of course.

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  2. The Power Rangers trailer looks badass. It makes me think this is definitely not a movie to laugh at. Then again, the trailer had the same feel as the last Fantastic Four movie, and we all know how that turned out.
    Doctor Who and Class…be still my beating hearts.


  3. I had no idea they were making another Pirates of the Caribbean film. I don’t even remember watching the last one haha. Now I am excited for the Power Rangers film. They’re such a tease, I need to see the costumes!!!!

    Iron Fist is also a major win for me. FInn Jones will definitely own this role. 😀

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  4. i’m even more excited for Gilmore Girls after that featurette, and I didn’t even know that was possible. Can November 25th come any sooner?!

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  5. haha I do get the whole pirates things, but after that trailer… nah I’m over it! Too many of those movies and I only liked the first one. I gave up halfway through the third. And Power rangers does look good. You’re right Shadowhunters does look better in this trailer! Gonna have to watch it to see! And I like the look of Iron Fist!

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