Writing Insights #5: Lacking Energy


Writing is great! It’s a way to express yourself, to tell your story. However, that doesn’t always mean we have the time or energy to actually write. What can one do in such a case? This question was asked by Chrissie @Bloggin’ and Writing and it’s such a good topic, so I am going to center this whole post around it. (Which is also a reminder that if you ever have questions or want me to talk about a certain topic, just say so in the comments or shoot me a mail! I am very open to ideas!)

I’d say there are two reasons of why we aren’t writing when we want to. One is that life is simply getting in the way and we actually don’t have one free minute to do what we would like to do. And the second is that there is something blocking our writing chi, and that’s always extremely difficult to pin down, and then we end up in an endless loop in procrastination station. Well, fear not! I have some tips for you (but without guarantee, because all writers are unique unicorns and the same methods don’t work for us all)!

  • If you are just hurrying from one appointment to the other, how about you take a little notebook with you? And I am not talking massive, heavy thing that will just weigh down your purse/backpack/whatever-you-use-to-carry-things. I am talking about something that’s maybe an A6-format notebook with about 30-40 pages. It’s thin and very easy to take with you. I have about a gazillion of them, because they cost approximately 1 Euro each at the art supply store. They are filled in no time, because unlike with super pretty notebooks, I am not afraid to write in them or to mess up and scratch things. Since I suggest you use them on public transport, lunch break or while you are waiting for an appointment, it’s not even meant to be filled with full sentences, but notes that you can get back to later on. As long as you can read the handwriting, you WILL be able to transcribe it later on.
    Side note: they are also super handy for sketches and observations!

So, that advice was obviously for people who don’t have much time, but what if you are like me and YouTube, Tumblr or Pinterest swallows all your free time? Deep down, you know that there’s a story just waiting to be written down, but … cute kittens can be so distracting! Well, here are some ways to channel that procrastination power:

  • YouTube and Spotify can be a hole that’s difficult to get out of. But if you hear a song that really speaks to you, start making a playlist for your story. Maybe one of the songs seems like the perfect theme song for your character or it inspires you to write a certain scene. It may seem unimportant in that moment, but it might just trigger a great writing session later on!
  • Not all of us are artistically inclined people, but some of you out there can draw and paint things that give me serious heart-eye-emoji! So, why not get inspired by your own work? Even if you aren’t a painting wiz or super tech savvy, there are a lot of things you can do. How about a map for your world? I once had a story set in the real world, but I printed out different Google maps images, rearranged them and added in parts with pencil. It was so much fun. Or how about character aesthetics? I just made one for a new character in the story called Findlay. Finding pictures that I thought would be fitting for him took a long time, but it also gave me a clearer picture of who I wanted him to be. Even if I changed my mind afterwards, it was a sort of character study.


Obviously nothing t I just said is fool proof! But it is a way to get to know yourself, the story and characters a little better, so that even when you aren’t writing actual chapters, you don’t forget about your WIP altogether. That’s already worth something in my book.

Finally, I have updated Arcadia on wattpad again! You can read the whole story as well as the new chapter here. Since I wasn’t able to post much last week, I might treat you to a second chapter and maybe even Writing Insights post this week!

How do you feel about my advice? Do you have helpful tips to add?

22 thoughts on “Writing Insights #5: Lacking Energy

  1. Great tips, Kat! I’ve recently gotten back into writing, and while I’ve been really enjoying it, energy is definitely something that I don’t have infinite amounts of, especially with work and stuff. Two weeks in and I’m already feeling as if I’m neglecting other parts of my life, haha.

    I like your idea with the aesthetics board! I’ve done it before on Pinterest, but I stopped for some reason and I really should start that again. It was fun. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am glad you liked the post!!! Aesthetic boards are just a great way of procrastinating without neglecting your WIP altogether in my opinion. Finding the balance between all the things we have to do and the things we want to do is never easy, but I am happy to hear you are back to writing!


  2. oh I love doing creative things to help me get in the writing frame of mind! Pinterest is LIFE for this eeep!! I love storyboards and like those character combos.😍 They’re so pretty an aesthetically pleasing and just YES. I also like to give myself deadlines, because this helps cut down on procrastination because I’m terribly competitive with myself and I don’t want to lose out on a deadline.😂

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    • I just turned the backwall of my closet into a real life character board. It was so much fun!! I think doing all the stuff around the writing itself is what’s keeping us sane somehow.


  3. You always find a way to write posts when I need them the most, and I really appreciate it. Also, you read my mind and that’s crazy, haha. As you know I cruelly lack time to write. I’m too tired to do so when I’m home, or maybe it’s just an excuse I use, or maybe it’s because I prioritize blog hopping before writing ? I don’t know, but well, I haven’t written a word in two weeks now and I miss it a lot. I guess it’ll come back, maybe. I really like your tips, hopefully they will be useful to me 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Finding time and energy is definitely my biggest problem haha. I’ve collected a lot of aesthetically pleasing pictures and created character aesthetics so that I don’t entirely get out of my world(s) and characters’ minds. That’s definitely a great tip 😀

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