Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Nov 21-27)


This week wasn’t very rich on trailers, but I hope you still had a great time with your family and friends, watching Gilmore Girls or whatever else you did! (Not ready to talk about GG in full yet, I am kind of disappointed, but I also enjoyed it … contradictory feelings all around) Let’s dive into it:


The Book of Love

I want to see this SO, SO bad!

Rogue One

I know that I should be more excited, but it’s still only low-key. It’s not that I don’t think it will be great, but I just really would have liked to the get the next movies in the new trilogy in less than 2-year-steps.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

I like the animation a little better than the one mixed with the live-action characters mixed in.

Cars 3

I haven’t even watched Cars 1 and 2, so I really don’t know what to say. It looks kind of adult though.

The Comedian

I can’t quite place this movie, because it has a really good cast … but it just looks so meh. The music also felt out of place. He’s a comedian, he’s not working in a jazz club …


That’s the movie Adam Driver lost like 50 pounds for …


This creeps me out …


Yeah, not for me …

TV Shows

Doctor Who Christmas Special

I am undecided about how I feel on this one … There are people from Shameless and Player on Doctor Who now … it’s weird.

Supergirl/Flash/Arrow/LoT – Crossover

This is gonna be epic and hilarious!


I am weirdly looking forward to this. I mean, I’ve always liked Obama, but I just never imagined myself watching a show or movie about his life.


I think it looks kind of cool, but it’s FOX. I don’t even trust them with my beloved Pitch now, so I don’t know if they’ll keep that around once it starts airing.

The Royals (Season 3)


What are you watching? What are you going to watch?

39 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Nov 21-27)

  1. You know what I’m doing after this? Going back to GG :p and bothering you, hahahaha!
    The only reason I’ll be watching Goon is Liev Schreiber. The Book of Love looks good though! It’s so sad that I’m not excited for DW anymore 😦

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    • My excitement for Doctor Who isn’t exactly on a high either. Season 9 was much better than Season 8 though .. I am just not really feeling Capaldi … which is a shame.
      I’ve asked before, but are you watching Class? Because YOU SHOULD! I adore the spin-off they created. The Doctor only shows up in the first episode. It’s funny and action-packed. Maybe a little bit too fast sometimes, but Patrick Ness wrote it, so it’s bound to be great.

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  2. Cars 3 does indeed look adult. The first Cars film was something special because it was more mature for a “kids” movie. When I was younger, an older cousin of mine took me and my cousins to the movies to see it. She fell asleep, but we loved it. The movie didn’t talk down to us and it didn’t throw immature jokes our way. The best way to describe it is genuine. Honest. I wouldn’t return to it as frequently as, say, Monsters Inc. or the Incredibles, two other Pixar films I would consider mature, honest animated movies, but it’s solid nonetheless.
    Cars 2, on the other hand, can be skipped. I don’t even remember it. This third one looks promising though. A return to the roots, perhaps. Thanks for sharing! You always features trailers I happen to miss.


  3. Oh no, I’m sad to hear you were a bit disappointed with Gilmore Girls! I haven’t watched it yet – waiting for my sis to be back to watch it together next weekend, hopefully avoiding spoilers until then haha. I can’t wait to see it. I was just wondering, and you probably know the answer ahah, how long is it ? 🙂
    THE ROYALS. I can’t scream my excitment for this loud enough ahah. It’s SO SOON.

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  4. Gotta admit that Stars Wars is coming out really fast… And everyone wants to be in it too. Cars 3 seems to be going through one hell of a depression era. Definitely looking forward to the 4-way superhero special. It’s going to be HECTIC! 😛

    – Lashaan

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  5. Ahh I saw the trailer for the Book of Love earlier today- I’m also desperate to see it- looks so good! And I get what you mean about Rogue One, although I am interested in seeing it. I need to see the Supergirl crossover already! (am I the only one in love with Mon-el?)

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  6. I always check out this series of yours but I just never have anything to say haha The Book of Love looks really good, and I’m super excited for Cars 3 though that teaser is very anxiety inducing. And I’m really interested in Barry, it looks really cool

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