The Character Dating Profile


The Orangutan Librarian was mighty creative during a procrastination streak and created this awesome tag called The Character Dating Profile. You get to choose any character you like and then create their dating profile. I LOVED the idea immediately, it’s just that the picking of a character wasn’t easy at all. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE ONE OF MY BABIES!? In the end I went with my darling August from This Savage Song. I just love the guy!


  1. Link back to the creator The Orangutan Librarian
  2. Answer as your/a character
  3. Have fun!

❤️ Name ❤️

August Flynn

❤️ Age ❤️


(Talking about his age is SUPER difficult. The guy just plopped into existence and was 7 or something!)

❤️ Interested in ❤️

Uhm … humans?

❤️ Looks ❤️

Black hair, tall-ish, DEFINITELY no coal black eyes. I have no idea where you could possibly have heard that from! Also, tattoos – but they aren’t permanent … unfortunately.


❤️ Religious views ❤️

If there is some higher power he/she has failed us big time …

❤️ Greatest ambition ❤️

Finding purpose in life.

❤️ Favourite Hobby ❤️

Playing the violin.
*is asked to give a little taste of his music*


❤️ Three BEST Skills ❤️

Judging people’s character, playing the violin, staying unnoticed.

❤️ Ideal Partner ❤️

Someone sharp and reliable. Someone who doesn’t judge preemptively.

❤️ Perfect Date ❤️

I wouldn’t take my date to a restaurant, but rather go somewhere quiet

So, that was it! I think I answered that more in my voice than August’s … but he’s gonna have to live with that now. Not sure it will ever get him a date though. Oh well, time for someone else to try their hand at this! I TAG EVERYONE who wants to do this, but also some specific people to keep the ball rolling!

33 thoughts on “The Character Dating Profile

    • Hahaha I didn’t know how else to answer that to be honest. I was looking at the questions and saying to myself “AND YOU CLAIM TO LOVE AUGUST!?” because I had no clue what to say for most of them.


  1. I LOVE THIS TAG SO INSANELY I MAY CRY. Really though, this tag seems like so much fun and I loved reading your answers to it! ALSO, the temptation to pick up this book and read it? INSANE. I want this book and I want to meet this darling August! Really love the posttttt!

    Liked by 1 person

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