(More) Songs That I Wish Were Books!


A while back I did a Top Ten Tuesday post with songs that I would like to see as short stories or entire books. Well, I revisited said post and somehow I just thought about all the new music I would add to that now. So, that’s what I am going to do!

Hozier – Cherry Wine

I can’t do any music list without Hozier in it. It’s impossible! (or at least highly unlikely) This would make a really emotional story about domestic abuse and considering the lyrics it would be from the man’s perspective. Not that I don’t appreciate the video, it’s great, but I think that men are often overlooked when it comes to that issue.

The Lumineers – Sleep on the Floor/Angela/Cleopatra

Okay, sorry about the three songs, but can you just watch the all three videos and then try to tell me this isn’t absolutely freaking amazing!? The Lumineers are a banging band as it is, but that is some music video ART! However, if I had to chose just one of the the songs to make into a story, it would be “Sleep on the Floor” – road trip stories are the best!

Leon Bridges – The River

As Bridges stated himself, the river is a symbol of change and redemption and that’s exactly what I would expect from the bookish version. It would also have a strong message on racial injustice, considering that the video is a take on the Baltimore Uprising. It would be just as raw and heartbreaking as the song.

MAGIC! – No Regrets

So, this would be a relationship drame – we all got issues, but we have to live in the now and we need to live without regrets. People usually tend to regret not having done things, rather than having done something and failed anyway.

Tom Odell – Magnetised

Unrequited love! No other explanation needed … maybe about rich boy who gets rejected? Tom seems so fancy in this video.

Gotye – Bronte

I would expect this to be a coming of age story, about loss and saying goodbye, having to move on eventually. To think he wrote that song about his dog, it breaks my heart.

The Killers – Shot at the Night

Adulting is horrendous, so when we get the chance to go on an adventure, we should take it without hesitation! I know it sounds dumb and dangerous, but sometimes random adventures with strangers are the most fun thing on the planet. This is definitely some kind of retro-yet-modern-day-Cinderella-story anyway, so the guy is super (Prince) charming.!

The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan – All We Know

I say, this book would be about a guy who doesn’t know how to handle that one of his loved ones is having a terminal illness. He goes through the stages, is angry all the time and doesn’t open up, until he realises that he can’t do this alone.

Again, I was super vague and short with my synopsis for each of the stories, but you are more than welcome to discuss with me in the comments! Also, this isn’t really a tag, but you should totally do this as well if you want to! It sparks the creativity!

42 thoughts on “(More) Songs That I Wish Were Books!

  1. You have aMAZINg music taste. I love Hozier and the lumineers and Phoebe Ryan! I would pick any Lana Del Rey song (especially Brooklyn Baby) to be a book because they’re so lovely and tragic honestly that book would hit me right in the feels. Also thank you so much for introducing me to that Gotye song!! ❤

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    • Thank you so much! I know that my taste in music isn’t for everyone, but I am always so glad when people can take something away from it 😀 And Lana Del Rey songs are awesome, there was a time when I was VERY obsessed with Blue Jeans.

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