Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 25-Jan 1)


Happy New Year! If there is one feature on this blog you can count on, it’s the weekly trailers. Ever since I started it, I haven’t missed a single Sunday and I shall not miss one this new year either. Let’s check out the trailers I found this week, which are quite frankly not a lot because no one did anything in between the holidays apparently.


The Beauty and the Beast

Emma, as if she hadn’t been perfect before, can also sing like an angel. I want visuals for that!


I don’t know, but something about the voices is off. Like they don’t fit the characters somehow.

Dance Academy

I am a total sucker for dance movies, but there are very few ones that can come close to Central Stage of Step Up aka my faves.

TV Shows

Sherlock (Behind the Scenes)

Couldn’t watch it live, but shall watch Sherlock soon (obviously).

Chicago Justice

I still want to call it Chicago Law … but whatever, they don’t have to listen to me.

Switched at Birth (Season 5)

This month, this month, it’s going to be back this month!

The Royals

A belated Christmas treat from one of my favourite shows. Because you know … only 360 odd days until Christmas.

What are you watching these days? Let’s talk about that!