Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (Book Review)


Publisher: Orion Books
Page Count
: 536

Crooked Kingdom is yet another book back from December that I have neglected to review until today! It is the second and final part in the Six of Crows duology (my review for the first part can be read here!) and what a ride it has been. I did not technically read this Fadwa @Word Wonders, however, without her emotional support and me being able to ramble while I read, it would only have been half as much fun. So, many thanks for that!

I just really struggle with reviewing sequels, because I obviously don’t want to give away the plot, most of what I liked or disliked was already mentioned in my previous post and despite repeating myself a lot, I don’t actually enjoy doing that. So, what’s left to say? Because I still love the group-dynamic, their banter and how they are like some lovely, dysfunctional family. I still adore the twists and turns of the story, the adrenaline that rushes through my veins, even when I know (or at least think I know) how a situation ends.

While I was romantically frustrated with this book, all my ships sailed and there was just so much love all around. I am not going to lie, if a book has abso-freaking-lutely no one to ship, I will get bored, so this duology was like a shipping heaven. There’s so much potential all around, without any silly love triangles or other ridiculous jealousy plots. You just have all kinds of pairings and they are so cutesy with each other. I just really, really, really wanted some kind of making out session, which I didn’t get …

Unfortunately I was spoiled for one of the major plot twists (even if it wasn’t in detail) because of social media. I am obviously not going to repeat myself here, but let’s just say that the actual scene didn’t have much impact on me. I can’t even describe a feeling, because in that very moment, I felt absolutely nothing, which disconcerted me a little to be honest. HOWEVER, in a later scene it really hit me I guess. Somehow I am not sure though if I ever fully realised what happened there or if I am denying it.

Finally, even without having read the Grisha trilogy, this duology was a feast for my ever hungry reader soul. We had such an inclusive cast (including POC, m/m romance, a character suffering from PTSD and another one from dyslexia to name just a bit of what’s going on) and exciting plot! If you want something engaging, thrilling and emotional, this should be your next read!

I will finish this review with one of my favourite Kaz Brekker quotes and general favourite quotes from the series (be still my beating heart):


Fazit: 5/5 stars! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this duology!


Have you read Crooked Kingdom or the duology as a whole? Would you like to in the future?

31 thoughts on “Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (Book Review)

  1. Ahhhh I’m so glad you liked this!! :((((((((( I’m still really sad about the ending, but it was a little bit obvious. There was so much adorable banter and amazing action scenes and ahh WESPER!! ❤

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    • I liked the ending. It had a lot of possibility for the future and it would not have been credible if EVERYTHING had gone well. Also, as I’ve said in the review … I might be in denial. </3


      • I liked the world-building and the premise of the plot, but there was something about the criminals being…well, too criminal, I guess… For me the story would’ve worked better if they were able to get out of their life of villainry.


      • See, I don’t agree with that. And this may not be a popular view, but I really think that morality needs to be black and white, even in fiction. And yes, it’s more reasonable to expect even fictional people to do things they regret or that contradict their society’s/family’s rules. But I just can’t see the point of having characters who purposefully break the rules and enjoy it being the “good guys.”


    • Right? My other favourite quote by Kaz is the one where he says that he needn’t do all the monstrous things.
      I don’t have troubles with sequels in general, just reviewing them, because it seems pointless a lot of the time, especially when there’s nothing new to say.
      Somehow the Grisha trilogy is off the table for me. I am just past it at this point and would rather focus on new releases. There are so many after all!

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