Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 2-8)


I hope you had a decent start into the year. For some of us it seems that 2016 still has an iron grip on us, not yet ready to let go of the misery it broguht upon people. However, always keep in mind, tomorrow will be kinder (hopefully). It’s currently quiet in the realm of trailers, but I still did my best to bring some of the newest findings to you. Enjoy folks!


Beauty and the Beast

If this ends up not being good … I am going to be so mad.

Cars 3

It looks so much edgier.

All Nighter

Maybe funny … maybe not. I am the only one who thinks Emile Hirsch is slowly morphing into Jack Black?

The Passing Sesaon

I see Brian J. Smith, I click … but this is nowhere near the level of Sense8 …

Take the 10

This looks kind of dumb … but who knows? Maybe if I am bored.

Between Us

Today is the day of indie movie trailers?

The Lovers

Kind of a weird concept, but I just saw Littlefinger and … I didn’t close the tab? It happens sometimes. I am very fixated on certain actors and actresses.

Y’all know I am not into horror, but I guess if some of you were, I would feel obliged to mention Rings, because it’s like well known and so on. You can watch the trailer here.

TV Shows

The Magicians (Season 2)

Now they are royalty, bitches!

The cast looks promising to make this seem like a fun show, however … I do not associate DC with sitcoms? It isn’t really stated anywhere here, but those folks are working for Bruce Wayne … does that seem off to you as well?


I still don’t know how I feel about this BUT it is part of the X-Men universe. So a try it shall get.


I guess I would try this for Jason Momoa …

What are you currently watching? (I shall try Emerald City soon!) What will you watch from this list? Let’s talk about that!