Trailers You Might Have Missed (Jan 9-15)


I’ve made myself quite rare this week, except for the, if I dare so so, quite awesome giveaway I launched yesterday. But fear not, I intend to be back in full force coming this week, but until then, enjoy the trailers I found this week:



In a very dumb way this looks hilarious. And to see Dax and Kristen play a couple on screen is kind of awesome.


“Strange set of superpowers” covers it pretty well.


I’ve shown this before, but in a shorter version. I like magic realism … this is like magic realism the movie.


Could do with a little lot less violence, but other than that I guess I’d watch it?

Their Finest

Sam Claflin and Gemma Arterton is veeeery promising.

Youth in Oregon

Truth be told, I just read Oregon and clicked, but that plot … not sure I am into it. Then again, I always want to see/be in Oregon.

My Name Is Emily

There Evanna goes again, playing a very opposite to ordinary kind of girl.


Mystery movie indeed! I have no idea what this is about.

Cars 3

So, this is the closest to a real trailer so far.

TV Shows

Girls (Season 6)

Honestly, I am GLAD this show is finally coming to an end. I loved it in the beginning, but I couldn’t watch the past 2 seasons.

The Blacklist: Redemption

I need to catch up on the regular Blacklist so bad! But I don’t want Tom off in another show. Like, why isn’t he with Liz? How many seasons will it take until they are together for realsies?

Mom (4×11)

Usually I don’t share promos for random episodes, but Chris Pratt will be on the show. How fun is that?


I mean … it’s Rollo from Vikings but other than that I see no appeal in that show.

24: Legacy

Another show I don’t think is necessary. Like the original show bored me to death after season 2.

What are you going to watch? What are you currently watching? (fyi: I am OBSESSED with Emerald City)