Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 23-29)


How was your week folks? Everything was kind of low-key in the movie and TV realm in terms of trailer releases, maybe they didn’t want to compete with the Oscar nominations. Who knows? Here’s what I found regardless.


Imperial Dreams

It’s John Boyega! And he’s filming with a little kid and it’s so cute and heartbreaking.

T2 Trainspotting

The trailer has enough words, so I don’t need to say anything…

My Cousin Rachel

Rachel Weisz playing Cousin Rachel – Rachelception. Not sure about the content of that movie at all, but that version of Wicked Games is EVERYTHING.


I really, really like the look of it. It’s going to be about family, but it also looks modern, I am definitely watching it.

In Dubious Battle

I am just so over James Franco…


What is this and why is Christina doing movies like that?

TV Shows

13 Reasons Why

Not gonna lie, I was not the biggest fan of the book. It felt kind of lacking in some aspects, but the vibe of the trailer is looking great so far.

Trial & Error

Uhm, yeah, I think I am going to pass.

Love (Season 2)

Really can’t comment since I haven’t watched Season 1.

What are you watching? What are you going to watch? Let’s talk about that!