T5W: Book Trends I Am Tired of


It’s time for Top 5 Wednesdays, a weekly meme created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to know more or join as well, just go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. This week is all about bookish trends we can do without. Let’s see what I can come up with!

What are some things you are tired of seeing that are trends in publishing? Maybe something that pops up on a lot of covers these days, or the popularity of certain tropes in a particular genre? Let it out!

Special Editions

You know that feeling when you are really excited about a book or a series and the next installment is coming out? You might even pre-order it, because you just NEED to have a copy and then you find a statement like this “Fans of XY, we have a special treat for you! There’s a special cover/additional chapter in the edition you can get EXCLUSIVELY at Target/Tesco/name-some-other-shop-that-doesn’t-exist-in-my-country”. And then I just sit there and weep in sadness, because I am a poor international bookworm and I will never own one of those special copies that I really wanted. Sometimes they have prettier covers or additional artwork and I just get so furious with the publishers. There are tons of people who also read those books abroad, but there is NO WAY for them to ever get those editions. Same goes for pre-order merch, as it is mostly for North America or the UK …


Cover Changes

There’s a lot to talk about here. Of course it is the absolute worst if there is a cover change mid-series! No argument there. But what I also hate is that whenever a series is finally completely out, the publishers decide to do a whole new design. I JUST bought the series. I am glad I finally have it all on my shelf and then BAM, the new covers are gorgeous. But who has the money to just go and buy the same books again? I sure don’t …


The Absent Parent(s)

I do get that responsible and caring parents can be a real hindrance in books, especially when their kids go off to save the world, but I do think it’s just weird that there are so few good examples. Contemporary books have started to better integrate them (The Unexpected Everything, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, My Life Next Door …), but I still feel like there is such a lack of them in Fantasy. I mean, if Joyce Byers from Stranger Things can go above and beyond for her boy, so should bookish parents!


Elongating Series

Standalones seem to be almost non-existent anyway these days, so if I start a series, I at least want to know how many books I am going to be in for. And therefore, no, I won’t accept a press release after two or more books saying that it will go from a trilogy to five or six books instead. Just nope! That’s not what I signed up for! (If I love the series I will still read it, but grumpily.) Most of the time it’s just really not necessary to add that much more to the story and it gets boring instead of adding to the world you are supposed to love.


Release Date Mayhem

Look, I get that hardcovers are released before the paperbacks. I really do! Authors have to make money too and they deserve it, but I don’t have the cash to buy everything as a hardcover. So, let’s say I get a book and it is a paperback – the US edition. Logically, I would want the subsequent installments in the same edition. Now it is release day for the new part in the series, but all I can find is the US hardcover and the UK paperback (which looks completely different). I try to find the US paperback and do you know when that release date is set? ONE YEAR LATER! I mean, seriously? If the release date for paperbacks is more than a month away from the hardcover, I am just over it. Because I never get arcs and I won’t just buy the hardcover if it doesn’t fit in my collection, I will now have to wait twice as long as many other people. Well done publishing world.

This all turned into a bit of a rant, but I hope you can see where I am coming from? What are some things you are tired of?

83 thoughts on “T5W: Book Trends I Am Tired of

    • I hear you. Sometimes I am glad to spend more time with the characters as well, but let’s take the Red Queen series as an example. I don’t know if you’ve read it, but I LOVED the first book. Then the second one came out around the same time they announced that it wouldn’t just be a trilogy but elongated to more books. And I read the second book and I could BARELY give it 3 stars, because it was really bad and bland and actually made me dislike most characters. That’s not supposed to happen in my book, it just makes me sad.

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  1. For some reason in the UK a lot of young adult books have paperbacks on release which isn’t the case in the US or for adult books, I don’t know how they’re doing it like that but I love it because I cant afford bloody £15 for a book

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  2. The absent parents thing is something I am tired of reading and SPECIAL editions omg,we never get them here and I just wanna sob when people show off theirs.International bookworm struggles are very real 😦

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    • There should be one branch of the publisher catering just to international bookworms and excluding all the usual countries. I want to see how everyone is feeling then. I mean, we review and blog in English. I buy all my books in English. My reach is not necessarily worse but it matters not at all. I do get the shipping cost issue, but that’s seriously their ONLY valid point.

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  3. The absent parents omg!!!! Thank you so much for mentioning this! This annoys the crap out of me! (and nice shout out to Joyce). I also hate series that change the cover mid-series. Like really? We already purchased these two books, and now you’re changing the third book? wtf

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  4. Three cheers for My Life Next Door!!! The absent parent trope is ridiculously annoying. Having parent feature in their child’s life is, to start, completely normal and it also brings about a lot of interesting dynamics.
    I am also with you on the release date mayhem. Typically I go for paperbacks cause it cheaper but the UK editions just aren’t that appealing tbh so I usually end up buying the ebook and wait for the US paperback which is such a pain. Like with the Thunder Road series. I love the US covers but the wait for the paperback release is ridiculous and I’m too impatient to wait.

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  5. Agree! Those covers–ga. I hate cover changes–especially when they re-release all the titles by an author in some cheesy “branded” look like it’s a corporate Annual Report. Agree esp on the parents thing. Parents aren’t all opposed to adventure or whatever. Parents matter.

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  6. YES YES YES TO ALL OF THESE, I couldn’t agree more. That whole release date in paperback sometimes take AGES, which makes me so, so mad and breaks my heart. No one thinks of us poor international bookworms, why 😦
    Also, it makes me so, so mad when they add unnecessary books to a series – perfect example in mind probably is Pretty Little Liars haha, from 8 books to, erm, more than 16. I hate when that happens, especially when it brings nothing more to the table :/


  7. If your looking for a YA book with parents that are relevant to the story, I would suggest The Cellar by Natasha Preston. Her book covers are yet to change too, but her books tend to always have a male lover and an older brother.


  8. I think there are some great examples of parents in fantasy. Even some of the assholes in the Game of Thrones books were good parents, or try to be.
    As for tropes I’m tired of, I think one I dislike is the way some families in horror stories, particularly movies, just come to the conclusion that there’s a haunting. I get it, you only have so much time to tell a story, but sometimes it only takes a little bit for someone, usually a housewife, to become convinced that the supernatural is afoot. In one hot mess of a movie I saw not too long ago, all was needed were some bad smells and a few noises, and the wife was like, “Our house is being haunted!” She didn’t even see anything unequivocally supernatural yet! The incident that makes her certain of it is her autistic son, who doesn’t seem to get any sort of therapy and whose parents seem to have very little idea how to deal with his condition, starts a fire in his room. And she basically shuts down her husband’s suggestion that they change their parenting strategy and is like, “No, it’s ghosts! We need an exorcist.” I was like, “Lady, you need a dose of reality.” For God’s sake, wait until you’ve actually eliminated the normal before calling the Ghostbusters. Occam’s razor, people!
    Speaking of husbands, BTW, whenever there’s a housewife who believes there’s ghosts about, there’s usually a husband that won’t believe it until he sees something too obvious to deny, and even then he’ll usually try to rationalize it until the climax. It’s a trope I will try to change up if I ever get around to writing a conventional haunted house story.


    • Well, as most of the time when I talk about books on my blog, I am talking about YA, which GoT does not fall into. And for books that are targeted at kids and teens, it’s a real shame not to show some healthy kid-parent relationships.
      There’s a lot of stuff in horror that I find unrealistic hahaha


      • Okay. The Hunger Games are totally unnecessary.
        Fact: Panem is a society where the Capital lives off what is very close to slave labor. They depend on this workforce for their comfort and survival.
        Fact: The Hunger Games is supposed to quell rebellious thoughts and movements. However, as seen in the books and movies, those thoughts don’t go away. They are just pushed underground. Even before Katniss became a tribute, Gale had a penchant for speaking against the Capital when he could get away with it. Therefore, the Hunger Games’ primary purpose has failed.
        Fact: Prior to the 75th Hunger Games and the start of the second rebellion, the Hunger Games took 1,700+ lives, robbing Panem of possibly millions of dollars (or whatever currency they use) in labor. Plus, the construction of each arena is probably very costly, and since there’s no apparent advertising revenue, it isn’t stated if the sponsor system involves money, and Panem has no trading partners, each Hunger Games probably places a huge economic strain on Panem in addition to failing to quell rebellion.
        Fact: Panem has highly advanced technology, including hover ships, genetic engineering, chemical weaponry, and force fields, just to name a few. All this has apparently existed since the first rebellion, as evidenced by the jabber jays. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that the Capitol could whip up a drug that reduces aggression without negative side effects and then introduce it into the water supply in the districts. It won’t get noticed, and a passive population is one that doesn’t fight back against oppression.
        Conclusion: Whoever came up with the Hunger Games as a long-term solution was an idiot. There are less costly ways of keeping the population from rebelling, and more effective too. Perhaps during the first couple of years after the first rebellion while the drug was being synthesized, tested, and introduced into the water supply, the Hunger Games made sense, but after that time period the Capitol should have found a new strategy for containing dissent.

        How’s your mind?


      • My mind isn’t blown at all. Sorry to disappoint, but I see the Hunger Games as twisted entertainment for the Capitol. Their life is dull and comfortable always, this is the only thrill they get. Also, it reinforces their belief that they are something better, while also being “benevolent” by sponsoring the volunteers and rewarding the winner with a lifestyle close to their own. They would be bored out of their mind without it. Did you SEE the media coverage of that spectacle? They were all over it. So, I don’t think they just kept that for nothing all those years.


      • Fair point. But I’m sure they could’ve come up with a different form of entertainment. Either that, or found a way to make the Hunger Games less of a burden on Panem’s economy. Maybe make it more like gladiatorial battles, with criminals or volunteers fighting, and paid admission to watch. Just a thought.


      • You are REALLY hung up on the economical aspect. It’s just entertainment, more than anything else. Think of the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s a huge thing every year, countries nearly go bankrupt to host that thing and it’s their honor to do so. But it barely MAKES any money, but it doesn’t matter. It’s tradition and people love it.


  9. You know how I feel about cover changes, but absentee parents drive me nuts! It’s just so disappointing, my mom is my best friend and I feel like most parents do their best to be good parents and it’s so important to have great parental relationships represented in YA specially.

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  10. YES TO ALL OF THESE. I’m so tired of special edition or giveaway or even e-ARC ONLY available for US/UK bloggers while the rest of us international bookworm could only pity ourselves hahaha and the absent parents…. I even made a post about it because I’m so tired of seeing the same trope over and over again hahaha I agree that contemporary does better with family dynamic, but I once read a contemporary where the parents are kind, present, but pretty much ignore their kids and it was weird! Also yes to release date of paperback! I want to preorder A Conjuring of Light but the US edition is only available in hardback for now & I’m seriously considering just buying the UK one hahaha

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    • I don’t even know how it happened, because I don’t think it was on purpose, but I have all the UK editions from the Shades of Magic series, therefore I am super lucky in that department.


  11. I wasn’t a huge fan of The Wrath and the Dawn, but WOW that new cover is just gorgeous! :O

    I own one special edition, it’s a signed copy of Derek Landy’s book Demon Road and it has a silver cover instead of a gold one. And honestly, now that I have it, I think the gold one looks prettier haha!

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    • Right? It’s SO beautiful. I don’t actively dislike the original cover, but I think I would have liked that one better.
      But you have a signed copy! So few of mine are signed, that’s something to cherish 😉

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    • That is such a good point! I once bought a book, thoroughly believing it was a standalone, just to find out it was the third book in a series. THEY DIDN’T MENTION THAT ANYWHERE! Seriously, print it SOMEWHERE on the cover.

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  12. Yes I agree with all of them! The new cover ones are so annoying like URGH I SHOULD OF WAITED but I definitely don’t go out and buy them for the new cover. I can’t afford to buy multiple copies of the same book, I envy those who can.

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  13. Aha such a great post Kat! I am so with you on all the points of this rant-list-whatever you want to call it. 😉 Cover changes though!!! THEY ARE THE DEATH OF ME. When they do it in the middle of a series too, it drives me nuts! They have no pity for our bookshelves (or our wallets) *sigh* Especially when they add unnecessary books to a series. Most of the time it’s dragged out and several of the books are just filler, which sucks. :/ Awesome post! ❤ ❤

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  14. I sooo agree on the special editions and pre-order merch! Especially for authors and series I love! (I’m looking at Leigh Bardugo and Crooked Kingdom.) It’s really unfair and I despair every time something like that is announced, as I know I’ll never be able to get it…That’s what I get for not living in a non-English speaking country. 😦
    I hate it when they elongate series as well. I miss having standalones, especially fantasy ones. (Those really seem to be non-existant.) That’s why I was exited when An Ember in the Ashes was announced as it was marketed as a standalone. Well, it didn’t stay that way and I don’t plan on reading that series, it just bothers me now.
    Great list! 😀

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