Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 6-12)


Another week has gone by and despite the cold and nasty weather, I did some really fun stuff in the past couple of days. I hope you had a couple good days as well! Here are some trailers:


Avengers: Infinity Wars

I dare you to shout “Chris” on set and see what happens!


Gotta be honest, I haven’t seen an Orlando Bloom movie in a very long time, but this looks good.


This looks so very sad. It’s always weird to see Arnie in these more serious movies, just like Maggie.

The Circle

The new trailer makes me want to watch it even more and also freaked me out just the tiniest bit.

Various Super Bowl Teasers

The Great & The Small

It’s the guy from Sweet/Vicious!

The Beguiled

This is a remake from a Clint Eastwood movie I think. It has Colin Farrell, but I still wouldn’t watch it.

TV Shows

Marvel’s Iron Fist

I met Finn Jones and he’s such a nice guy! For that alone I would watch it, but since Netflix also has a great track record with Marvel adaptations, bring it on!!

Dear White People

If you feel threatened by this trailer, I do feel sorry for you.


So, this doesn’t tell us much of anything just yet.

The Catch (Season 2)

I can’t believe this got another season.

What are you watching? Anything that caught your eye? Let’s talk about that!