Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 13-19)


How was your week, folks? I did something daring and signed up for a camera acting workshop which starts in March. I am usually a very camera shy person, but I felt like going out of my comfort zone. This should be an adventure and little pre-school me would love the idea of getting a shot at being an actress. Speaking of films and such, here are the trailers I found!


Everything, Everything

I know there is problematic rep in the book, but I think the trailer looks really good. I want to watch it so bad. And no, the trailer does NOT show everything to it. *she says with confidence without having read the book*


I actually think that I liked the shorter teaser better, but I am still SO looking forward to this. It’s freaking hilarious and weird.

The House

This is such a big nonsense!

Song to Song

Look, I get that this is some sort of artistic thing the big hollywood stars are into, but I feel like that camera perspective might make me nauseous at some point.


I am not really one for those survival military kind of stories.


I like when drawings are incorporated in a story, let’s see how it works out here.

Sandy Wexler

Yeah … no.

TV Shows

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 3)


Making History

I will watch this just because I miss Leighton on my screen!

Silicon Valley (Season 4)

What are you watching? Tell me all about it!