T5W: Fictional Jobs


It’s time for Top 5 Wednesdays, a weekly meme created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to know more or join as well, just go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. At first, I thought I could just make up the jobs, but I guess I have to take some from existing media. I CAN DO THAT! Fictional jobs are still better than real jobs?

Any fictional career you’d want to have? Remember, T5W is always open to movies, TV and video games as well.

The Doctor’s Companion

As low as my current motivation is for Doctor Who (and I know, Cátia, you had the same) there was no way I could resist this – all of space and time at your feet! Bring it on! I found a lot of my characteristics in Clara and Eleven was my most favourite Doctor, so I would like to travel with them, but basically any Doctor is fine. I always try to pay attention to whether I might here a TARDIS land nearby.

Bildergebnis für clara eleven gif

Con Artist

I am a complete wimp in real life, okay? My parents are way bolder than me, but maybe that’s why these con artists hold such a fascination with me. I could never do anything they do. I’d like to believe that my moral compass is way too strong for that. But the way they can read people and use that to their advantage is an amazing quality. Maybe I’d just use it to make people like me?


Let’s just pretend I could actually be this athletic and badass, shall we? I like so, so many characters from that world, I could have them all as friends that way! And no, no … I wouldn’t be awkward at all …

Bildergebnis für shadowhunters gif

Private Investigator

Veronica Mars was my ultimate role model (alongside Rory Gilmore) and I adored that girl. I want her to be my mentor and then I would become one of the best PIs there are!

Bildergebnis für veronica mars gif

Set Designer

I thought of this, because I always wanted to work on set and I love interior design … you see where I am going with this, right? At least when Emi does it in Everything Leads to You, it seems like a dream job!

Ähnliches Foto

What are some fictional jobs you would like to try? Let’s talk about that!

27 thoughts on “T5W: Fictional Jobs

  1. Is being a companion a job? Is so, then sign me up! Being a Shadowhunter would be so cool! But I’m so clumsy…. is there a rune for clumsiness?

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  2. Such an awesome list!! I would love to be the Doctor’s companion too!! And I feel like I’d want to be a spy (kind of similar to a con artist)- but I’d be totally useless at it cos I’d get way too overexcited and just blurt out what I was upto the second I got the chance! 😉

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  3. Ahhhh yes being a Shadowhunter would be so awesome! ❤ Sign me up for that, please. Ahem. I'd probably have to cover myself in a million runes though because a) I have no fighting skills whatsoever and b) Not athletic either so. Um. Haha being a con artist would be so interesting! Lovely list!

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  4. Haha, I totally would be a shadowhunter if I could! But then again if I saw a demon I would be so frightened and wouldn’t be able to face it. And I’m not exactly graceful so I would probably do more harm to myself in the process of “fighting” someone, lol. Anyhow, creative list, Kat!


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