#CurrentlyWatching: No Tomorrow

So, I gave you almost 3 weeks to catch up on all your TV watching without me suggesting new stuff (let’s pretend that was the reason why I didn’t post anything on the #CurrentlyWatching feature). To start us off mellow, I chose a very non-challenging show – No Tomorrow.

It’s a romantic comedy show on the CW with one season out so far. It hasn’t been renewed yet, but I hope it will be. It’s one of of those shows that makes you want to seize the day but that can also make you laugh with it’s over the top and crazy plot.

Evie Covington has always made smart and safe choices for her life, but all that caution goes out the window once she meets Xavier, a man who believes the world is about to end in 8 months. Struggling to arrange her beliefs with his, she’s going to take risks and discover more about herself and her friends than she ever would have without meeting Xavier.

First of all, I just find the message of No Tomorrow incredibly uplifting. As crazy and as much of a downer as the premise might sound, watching this show made me genuinely happy and laugh out loud every week. I get that every person’s sense of humour is different, but I would generally recommend to go into this not taking it too seriously. It is sometimes over the top, while still staying rooted in things we can relate to e.g. us wanting more from our current job, feeling really attracted to someone but being afraid of taking the risk or simply finding out what we really want. The cast has amazing chemistry and an even better development over the season. They all are real characters with strange quirks and faults, but to me that is what makes it so fun.

I mainly started watching this because of Jesse Rath as Timothy Fingers (who got more awesome with each episode, because in the beginning I was like “Whaaaat even is that role?”) but I stayed for everyone. I even considered making my own “apocalist” (list of things to do before the world ends) and venturing out in the world, because it’s light but also so thought provoking. My experience with this show was complete when Elliot Knight suddenly appeared in the finale of the first season, which was sad and happy and hopeful all at once.

As I’ve mentioned countless times now, I don’t know what to put in this section. If you can’t dispense belief while watching, this is going to be difficult. The show kind of encourages irresponsible behaviour, whether that be intentional or not, but I can’t find a real fault with it. Much of it depends on whether it clicks with you or not, because what I might find delightful, you could find dreadful and unoriginal. One never knows.

Did you watch No Tomorrow? Would you like to?

20 thoughts on “#CurrentlyWatching: No Tomorrow

  1. hehe I actually really like the sound of this- I wasn’t sure about it, cos I worried that the concept would be too much of a downer, but if it’s as uplifting as you say it is then I’m game- I am always looking for more upbeat shows to watch!

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    • Awe, thanks! I wrote this before they finished their first season and unfortunately they didn’t get renewed. I liked watching it, but not having a real conclusion always sucked. So, be warned?


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